Box Score Recap – 5/31/2015

Lehigh Valley (20-32) was shutout by the Charlotte Knights, 2-0.  Our AAAA guys managed 1 hit in 5.0 innings off the Knights AAAA journeyman starting pitcher and 2 hits off their bullpen.  Chris Leroux emerged as the IronPigs TBD pitcher and was charged with an unearned run.  That was enough to earn the loss.  Seth Rosin pitched himself into a little trouble in the sixth, and Nick Hill obliged by allowing 1 of 2 inherited runners to score.   Off Monday, Joely Rodriguez (2-4, 5.27) pitches Tuesday.

Reading (27-22) came from behind to beat the Richmond Flying Squirrels, 6-3.  Jesse Biddle lasted 5.2 innings and by all reports pitched well for the first 5.0 innings.  Roman Quinn had 3 hits, his 24th stolen base, and the go-ahead RBI.  Gabriel Lino had 2 hits.  J.P.Crawford and Brian Pointer went hitless but each worked 3 walks.  Cam Perkins entered as a pinch hitter and contributed a game-tying, 2-run double in the 6-run eighth.  Aaron Altherr and Brock Stassi added 2-out RBIs to pad the lead.  Zach Eflin (4-3, 3.48) pitches tomorrow.

Clearwater (25-25) came from behind to beat the Daytona Tortugas, 18-5.  They put up 3 crooked numbers – 4 in the fourth, 8 in the sixth, and 6 in the eighth.  Yacksel Rios gave up 2 runs in 4.0 innings before giving way to Yoel Mecias who didn’t last a complete inning.  Harold Guerrero came on and benifitted from the offensive outburst.  Every starter got at least one of the Threshers’ 22 hits.  Dylan Cozens went 4-5 with a triple and 4 RBI.  Angelo Mora also had 4 hits.  Aaron Brown, Mitchell Walding, and Drew Stankiewicz each had 3 hits.  Stank also added 3 RBI.  Chase Harris was again used as the leadoff hitter.  Devin Lohman played first base (explains why he was playing there in XST on rehab).  Mora played short again and commited 2 throwing errors.  Hope he’s just holding down the position until they bring Malquin Canelo up from Lakewood.  Victor Arano (0-5, 6.03) pitches tomorrow.

Lakewood (24-25) led 7-0 going into the bottom of the 7th and lost to the Greensboro Grasshoppers, 8-7.  Josh Taylor allowed 3 runs over 7.0 innings on 5 hits, a walk, and 9 strike outs.  Scott Harris only got one out and that was a sacrifice.  He left clinging to a one-run lead and 2 runners in scoring position.  A sac fly and a single later, and Joey Denato allows both inherited runners to score and blows the save.  Tyler Viza (3-1, 3.45) pitches tomorrow.

Williamsport (0-0) starts their season on the road against the State College Spikes on June 19th, home opener on June 20th.

GCL Phillies (0-0) starts their season across the bay against the GCL Yankees1 on June 22nd, second game at the Carpenter Complex on June 23rd.

DSL Phillies (0-0) Off Sunday, at DSL Royals on Monday.

VSL Phillies (6-5) Off Sunday, at VSL Cubs on Monday.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • No transactions.
  • There are two things relievers do that annoy me.  The first is walking the first batter  faced.  The fewer pitches in the at bat, the more annoying.  The second is converting inherited runners into runs for the other team.  A reliever’s job is to put out the flames of a rally, not pour fuel on the fire.
  • I wish the team stat pages would show Strand Rates rather than that useless Hold stat.

37 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/31/2015

  1. With Crawford up to reading I think its time to google travel distance to Reading from Mount Laurel.

  2. Pretty good day on the farm. That’s always nice to see.

    Jim, do you have any insights about Stankiewicz’ defense? If Mora’s is so bad and he’s the one paying SS, I would think that’s not a great sign. I know none of them are particularly great prospects, but I would like to see how the middle IF situation shakes out with Mora, Stank and Marrero all competing. I wouldn’t be against promoting Canelo necessarily, but I don’t think he’s quite forcing it yet. His numbers are good but not great, although he’s definitely surpassed expectations so far.

    1. Once Crawford came off the DL, he played most of the games at short with the occasional day off. Before he came off the DL, Devin Lohman was the starter in about 17 games. With Valentin on the restricted list, the best middle infield pairing was Lohman and Brodie Greene. Greene has since moved up to Reading after Carlos Alonso’s injury.

      Without Crawford, the Threshers’ infield defense is pretty much unwatchable. Since Zach Green’s injury, they’ve been playing without a legitimate first baseman. Mitch Walding commits too many errors for a third baseman hitting .200. Stankiewicz is an average second baseman, Mora is not. Marrero is probably the best they have there now, but he is light-hitting. Lohman might be their best current option at short. Mora is even less of a shortstop than he is a second baseman.

      The future arrival of Canelo and Rhys Hoskins would certainly shore up the defense.

      1. Thanks Jim. I would be all for Hoskins getting to Clearwater soon.

        Stankiewicz might be just another guy in the Carlos Alonso mold (no power) but since he’s only 21 and was just drafted last year I like to keep tabs on him. Same goes for Marrero who, iirc, was drafted largely because he may have a major league caliber glove at SS.

  3. Jim, I’m with you on relievers giving up the runs on base when they come in. I saw an interview with Sparky Lyle a few years back. He said exactly that. Your best relieve pitcher should come in and get guys out. Quell the rally. Stick a stake in the heart of the comeback. He said, it could be in the 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th innings. You bring them in the stem the tide. Sparky Lyle pitched many multi-inning saves because of that. A closer was used to close the door on a rally anytime it occurred. Today’s closers come in to place a period at the end of the game.

    In the minors, you see a lot of well pitched games by the starters where wins disappear into the vapor when relievers come in. A lot of times, starters go a little further than they should and leave with a couple of guys on base. The reliever clears the bases by allowing them to score. The starters ERA goes up and the reliever’s box score stats look like he did the job nicely. I agree that coming in with 3 men on base and no outs is tough for a reliever to shut down but one run let in would be fine. It’s when all 3 come home then the job wasn’t done. You could pick anyone randomly out of the crowd to allow the 3 runs to score. Hell, I can name that tune in 1 hit.

    1. I thought I was the only one who notices that the bullpen guys in minors, have been really bad holding leads. I am not sure but drafting so many college kids last year, you would think they could do at least bullpen work, being a college pitchers, imo most probably cant be starters but with two good pitches are bullpen prospects, but so far haven’t seen many who have done a good job. Does anyone have any info on kleven, is he a good prospects, he seems this year to be doing a lot better, never thought from previous years he was a prospect but maybe now he is?

      1. Kleven’s stats last year didn’t reflect how well he pitched. He threw strikes, walked few batters, and had a weak defense behind him. I don’t know that I would label him a prospect. His future will likely lead to the bullpen given the prospects ahead of him in Reading.

    2. I understand that the minors is where you learn which pitchers can come into a hot situation and excel. But it is frustrating to watch when they can’t.

  4. Dylan Cozens may have turned the corner on what had become a disappointing season so far. Lately his bat has come alive.

    1. Let’s hope so Romus I’ve always believed true MLB players don’t struggle at the lower levels they just kind of breeze on through. Sure they may have a down half at one of the stops but nothing like what Dylan has experienced.

      1. IMO, I think he should be given a ticket on the slow train of progression. he just turned 21 yesterday and unless he really explodes ……more HRs and increased ISO, then I have him repeat A+ next season to start…then a Reading promo in June.
        And repeat the process there. He looks like a guy who may need age24 season to get his cup of coffee at the MLB level.

  5. Aaron Brown: very good May slashwise. Obviously not walking enough. If he continues to put up decent numbers does he get promoted? This would also make room for Tocci on the CLW roster.
    Do we know if pitchers in A ball pitch around guys or do they challenge everyone to see how their stuff plays? The reason I ask is that when you look at a guy like Brown, is his low walk rate due to a “bad” eye or do to not seeing enough balls. Can’t fault a guy for not walking if he’s always seeing good pitches to hit. Maybe a promotion would challenge him to develop his eye more?

    1. One of the things I learned from LarryM is how crucial walk rate can be. It is a solid predictor of success at higher levels. JP Crawford is what a solid MLB prospect looks like I think we all agree on that. His BB% is 13.

      Brown’s on the other hand is 3%. That’s not good and indicative of 1 of 2 things

      A. Too aggressive I’m not going to walk attitude
      B. No pitch recognition skills he just doesn’t see balls and strikes out of the hand

      To me the latter is worse. (A) can be corrected with just a change in thinking attitude and approach.

      If B is the problem then uh oh!

      1. one thing larry taught me was he knew nothing about prospects. Doubt he ever saw a game. Stats in minors are very hard to translate to majors, so many different factors. First your walks, in minors the umpires are inconsistent, with there strike and ball calls. which affects at bats more in minors. Guys in minors are told to work on things like hitting the other way, and can affect there approach. That’s why I believe you must watch these guys in person to get a fair value of them. maybe brown is a hacker like you said. But just looking at his minor league stats doesn’t mean he wont walk more or be more selective in majors.

        1. Out of curiosity Rocco who do you think is among the best hitters in the game today and then who is the best hitter you think you ever saw live?

            1. Excellent choices Rocco Goldy walked at a rate of near 13% in the minors and Carew near 12%.

              I’m trying to find some stars in the MLB that walked at a rate of only 3%4% in the minors. I’ll let you know when I do.

            2. DMAR….slight modification on your request, but here is a short list of DR players:
              BB Rates for DR Power Hitters:
              Vladimir Guerrero –8%
              Robinson Cano – 7%
              Manny Ramirez – 13%
              David Ortiz – 10%
              Sammy Sosa – 6%
              Adrian Beltre – 12%
              Julio Franco –9%
              Pedro Guerrero – 10%
              Aramis Ramirez –12%
              Hanley Ramirez –7%
              Ruben Sierra –9%
              Jose Bautista – 11%
              ….Sammy Sosa was the lowest.

    2. Brown is one of a handful of Threshers who are notorious first-pitch hackers. He is aggressive at the plate, and seems to attack any pitch he thinks he can handle.

      1. All but JP have been that way all season. Its funny though because RAJ preached in spring training how the entire system was going to be working on taking pitches and hitting strikes. I always refer back to Ted Williams’ book from years ago that showed his personal hit chart based on where the pitch was. Nowadays I’m sure all the players get that kind of data. The point is very few players can do well swinging at balls out of the strike zone. That’s a defining skill because as you go up the ladder the pitchers are more capable of throwing the ball where they want. If a batter routinely swings at balls out of the strike zone, that’s all they’ll see and they’ll go 0-4 quickly.

        1. I think some batter dnt get walked because of who they r I looked at 1 Quinn and some if the pitches he get r strikes I think pitchers wants to make him hit the ball in order to keep him off the base I job sometimes there at some pitches that he chases low

    1. There’s no rush with him but I hope he’ll get moved up late in the season at the least.

  6. I’m at the Reading Phillies game today. Zach is pitching a great game. He has a one hitter going through six innings. Crawford has a single and two strikeouts. reading is not producing much offense either. They only have 5 hits through six innings.

    1. I jinxed them. the second hit by the flying squirrels was a two run home run by a guy hitting .160 and no home runs. 2-0 now, hopefully we can get the offense going.

      1. Its all your fault! haha Eflin really is good, I mean really good. He and Nola are better than the others by a lot and should both be in Philly by July next year.

      2. Looks like Eflin pitched another ‘quality’ game. Bullpen has issues holding down the fort….in the minors and at CBP.

      3. Bedrock – how hard was he throwing? Reports are that he intentionally alters velocity to keep hitters off balance – smart beyond his years.

  7. I wonder why Arano looks like hell .I know Mecias just came back so give him some time.

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