30 thoughts on “2015 XST Roster

  1. That’s 55 guys plus the new draft to fill out 2 teams mostly. That means lots of guys will be released at some point. Sweeney is nowhere, was he released/retired?

    1. Big cut days for many youngsters is usually around end of June-beginning of July They gave the dream their best shot.

      1. 55 plus 30 drafts picks for maybe 50 spots or less?? lots of dreams will be ruined, shame

        1. The number of players permitted on the Active Lists for Short Season Class A Clubs and Rookie Clubs is greater. The number of players permitted is –

          30 for Williamsport (25 available for any given game), and
          35 for each Rookie team (30 available for any given game).

          The Phillies’ GCL, DSL, and VSL are all Rookie Clubs.

  2. Yep. Usually around draft time you see the cuts. I wonder how much longer they’ll wait on Gueller. Declining velocity and 3 rd yr in Extended Spring. I wonder if they have given any thought to changing him to a hitter. If i remember correctly he was a good hitting prospect too.

    1. I Just went back and did the 2011 thru 2014 draft , Gueller was a good hitting prospect. That was in the remarks about him, , if he didn’t make it as a pitcher, could be a good hitting prospect

      1. With their second pick in the Supplemental Round (#54), the Phils pick high school Mitch Gueller, who is committed to Washington State. A big guy, many are calling the Gueller the best pick from the Northwest in the draft. Keith Law ranked Gueller as the 39th best prospect in the draft as an OF, while Baseball America ranked Guellar #107 as a pitcher. As on the mound, Guellar throws his fastball in the low 90’s with a good change up and a breaking ball that is improving. While Guellar is considered more advanced as a pitcher, Guellar has also shown very good potential as a hitter

  3. Interesting Sam McWilliams picked up 3 mph in velo on his FB , but lost 3 inches in height from draft day! 🙂

  4. This is interesting since Franklyn Kilome has a DOB of 1998 and an age of 19 ( I just went back to the future) and the chart says he played in the DSL last year. He was really born in 1995 so 19 YO would be right. He played in the GCL last year and well enough to make #18 on our top 30 (50). He’s listed as 6’6″ so maybe he’ll be 6’2″ next year.

    1. Besides analytical guys, the Phillies truly need an editor or proof-readers for their data assembly.

      1. Yes we need a editor or proof reader, must be college grad, Phillies season ticket holder. like the diamond club. Wait give it to romus he meets all the requirements;

  5. Baseball America had the Phillies signing Richardo Baez for 100, 000 and Rodolfo Duran at 70 ,000 last yr . Does anyone know where there going to be playing this yr.

  6. Interesting that they signed Harold Guerrero. He last played in the Indians org with Mahoning Valley. He had an era of 7.89

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