Clearwater Threshers 2015 Roster

Really no surprises here.  This is pretty much what we guessed last week.

Catchers: Willians Astudillo, Andrew Knapp, Jose Mayorga

Infield: Zach Green, Devin Lohman, Angelo Mora, Drew Stankiewicz, Jesmuel Valentin, Mitch Walding

Outfield: Aaron Brown, Dylan Cozens, Chase Harris, Andrew Pullin

Pitchers: Matt Imhof, Colin Kleven, Brandon Leibrandt, Michael Nunez, David Whitehead, Cody Forsythe, Ulises Joaquin, Mark Leiter, Lino Martinez, Edubray Ramos, Lee Ridenhour, Kevin Walter

DL: Chace Numata, J.P. Crawford, Victor Arano, Alejandro Arteaga, Steven Inch, Yoel Mecias, Yacksel Rios, Reinier Roibal

31 thoughts on “Clearwater Threshers 2015 Roster

  1. Great to see Brandon Leibrandt making a two level jump to Clearwater – a true challenge for him to determine if he is a legit prospect.

  2. I like the name “Hoby.” But IMO he is going nowhere unless he develops a Super Pitch that is unhittable and travels 110 MPH and can be located at each edge of the strike zone. Sid Finch, anybody? I suspect he may be or has been released. Not much there.

  3. Why is Victor Arano starting the year on the DL? I don’t remember seeing any information about an injury for him.

    1. relatively minor – 6-8 weeks total – he should be back sometime in late April/early May. Basically, he’ll miss around a month of the season. Not good, but not a big deal in the scheme of things.

      1. True. Dugan missed his first few weeks in Clearwater in 2013 with an oblique and was still in Reading by July. Since Crawford has already done Clearwater, he should be able to meet or better that same time table.

        1. I am not a superstitious man but, please, never mention Dugan, Crawford, and any type of injury in the same sentence.

    2. He says it’s coming along fine. He told a friend that he injured it fielding. Makes sense when you consider how much time they spent coaching him to backhand balls in the hole instead of getting in front of them. That would overwork his left oblique.

    1. Wow, you must be really bored. Walding hit less than. 240 every year and strikes out 30% of his at bats. Now that’s a top 50 prospect if I ever saw one.

      1. LOL good one. I can’t wish anything bad on Mitch. Hopefully he invested that $750K signing bonus wisely. He is not likely to see that kind of money again playing baseball.

      2. Basically a right-handed hitting Travis Mattair.
        Wish him well….mid-June may be day of reckoning when the new class comes in after the draft.

  4. The Threshers played a game against the GCL squad last night. All active pitchers except SP Imhof, Leibrandt, and Whitehead got into the game. Kleven started for CLW, Nunez for GCL. DL pitchers Arano and Roibal also pitched.

    All active players got into the game except Jessie Valentin. Don’t know why, that’s a bit of a concern. Numata (DL) DH-ed for GCL. Dom Brown played RF. He double in his first AB and was running MUCH better than he was last week.

    Knapp was HBP then homered his second AB. Chace Harris hustles his butt off. If he hits, he’ll soon be on everyone’s radar. Guys from both squads had trouble with balls in the outfield and some had trouble with ground balls in the infield. But that was the purpose of the game, to get used to the bounces, the lights, and the changing sky from late afternoon to evening.

    1. I’m very excited for the minors to start tomorrow. Yay!
      I agree that Chase Harris just jumps out at you but as a corner guy, I’m not sure if there’s a big league future there. He’s like a Pullin who isn’t really a prospect to me as a LF. However, as things get started, there are lots of guys who would excite me if they get off to good starts. Obviously, lots of pitchers – Morgan, Seve, Joeley, the entire Reading rotation, Mecias and Arano when they’re back, Whitehead, Imhof, Pinto plus some relievers too; then you have position players – Franco, Joseph, Quinn, Altherr, Perkins, Lino, Charles, Knapp, Cozens, Green, Brown, Sandberg, Tromp, Tocci, Hoskins, Grullon.
      How many future major leaguers will we have from this group of prospects??

      1. Reports on Pinto are very impressive. May be the best of the Latin assembly of pitchers in the system…and that is saying a lot with F. Kilome, Mecias, Sev Gonzalez, Arano, Garcia, Ramos and Joely Rodriguez.

        1. Jim, Thanks for all your hard work and effort. I don’t quite understand the Clearwater roster.There are 18 pitchers, 12 of whom are on 7 day DL. Per you, some of the DL pitchers pitched yesterday. Are they really on DL or is that just a way of classifying them so they can be on the roster?

    1. The Threshers announced their roster at the season ticket holder function tonight. at Bright House Field. Jesmuel Valentin was not announced and recent addition Brodie Greene (?) was. I asked around and found out that the roster moves were made sometime Wednesday afternoon. I hope to find out more tomorrow before the game.

        1. He could have tested positive for one thing or another…there are so many banned substances anymore….how is one going to go to a GNC/Vitamin Shoppe and be able to know!

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