Florida Instructional League Game #9; 10/2/2014

The Phillies lost 5-2 to the Pirates on Thursday. The line up, box score, and write up –

  • 2B; Grenny Cumana: 0-3, BB, R.
  • LF; Andrew Pullin: 0-4.
  • DH; Willians Astudillo: 0-4.
  • 1B; Rhys Hoskins: 2-3, single, double.
  • C; Andrew Knapp: 1-2, double.
  •           C; Joel Fisher: 1-2, double, RBI.
  • RF; Aaron Brown: 1-2, triple, R.
  •           RF; Bryan Martelo: 0-2.
  • 3B; Jan Hernandez: 0-2, K.
  •           3B; Drew Stankiewicz: 0-1, BB, K
  • CF; Carlos Duran: 1-3, single, 2 K
  • DH; Jesus Alastre: 0-2, K.
  •           DH; Daniel Brito: 0-1, HBP
  • SS; Jonathan Arauz: 0-2. BB.


  • Brandon Leibrandt: 86-88 mph fastball, 2.0 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 0 K, HBP.
  • David Whitehead: 88-90 mph fastball, 2.0 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 2 K.
  • Chris Oliver: 89-91 mph fastball (spiked to 92 and 93), 2.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 K, HBP.
  • Josh Taylor: 91-92 mph fastball (spiked to 93), 2.0 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 1 K.
  • Nick Rodesky: 89-91 mph fastball, 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 0 K.

The Phillies collected 6 hits, 4 for extra bases. They added additional base runners on 3 walks, a hit batter, and a fielding error by the Pirates.  They had at least one base runner in every inning but the first.

  • They wasted a one-out double to deep center by Andrew Knapp in the second inning
  • They stranded Rhys Hoskins after a two-out, line drive double into the right field corner in the fourth inning.
  • Jonathan Arauz reached on an error, but with two outs nothing came of it.
  • Aaron Brown led off the fifth inning with a triple into the right centerfield gap. He scored two outs later on a wild pitch.
  • When Arauz and Drew Stankewicz opened the sixth inning with back-to-back walks. It was the first time that the Phillies had two runners on base in the same inning. A double play ball by Grenny Cumana quickly defused the rally.
  • In the eighth inning, Carlos Duran reached on an infield single with two outs. Daniel Brito was hit by a pitch, but once again the key hit eluded the offense.
  • They mounted one last attempt in the ninth inning when Cumana led off with a walk. One out later, Joel Fisher drove him in with an RBI double before the final two outs were recorded on infield ground balls.

The Phillies pitchers only threw one 1-2-3 inning.

  • Brandon Leibrandt had an interesting two innings. He hit the first batter with an 88 mph fastball on the second pitch of the game. Then he picked him off first base. He gave up a bloop single to right field to the second batter. Then he picked him off first base, too. He retired the third out on a fly ball to center.
  • Leibrandt opened the second inning with a ground single to center and a line drive single to center. The next batter sacrificed them over with a bunt at the third baseman. A sacrifice fly scored the first run. An infield single brought in the second run from second base. The third out was recorded on a caught stealing by Knapp. The 6 outs were recorded on 2 sacrifices, 2 pick offs, a caught stealing and a fly ball. You don’t see that very often.
  • David Whitehead threw the only clean inning for a Phillies pitcher in the third inning with a strike out and 2 weakly hit infield ground outs.
  • The fourth inning was less clean. He gave up a lead off double and a walk. A wild pitch moved the both runners into scoring position. A sacrifice fly and a single plated both runners. Knapp threw out another would be base stealer and Whitehead recorded his final out on a 3-pitch strike out, his last pitch was a 75 mph curve that the batter just waved at.
  • Chris Oliver came into the game in the fifth inning and gave up a home run to left on an 89 mph fastball that he left up in the strike zone. He allowed 3 more base runners on a double, hit batter, and a single; but the Pirates couldn’t score again. Oliver recorded 2 strike outs in the inning.
  • Oliver got into a little trouble in the sixth inning with a walk and a one-out single, but was able to pitch out of trouble without allowing a run and recording 2 more strike outs.
  • Josh Taylor came on in the seventh inning and consistently threw 92 mph fastballs. He struck out his first batter. A single to center was erased on a 5-4-3 double play on a 93 mph fastball, his sixth pitch of the inning.
  • Taylor mixed in some off speed pitches in the eighth inning. He allowed a bloop single with one out. The runner broke for second on the first pitch and was easily doubled up on a line drive to the first baseman.
  • Nick Rodesky started the ninth inning with a bloop single just out of Cumana’s reach. He finished the day with ground ball outs on a 4-6-3 double play and a grounder to third.

The Pirates had 17 base runners. If they hadn’t lost 4 runners on the base paths, the outcome could have been a lot worse. The had 13 hits, 10 singles. I didn’t get the feeling they were squaring up a lot of pitches. The home run was hit well as was one of the doubles. The other double was grounded between the bag and the third baseman by a left handed hitter. A bad break for Whitehead to lead off his second inning.  But, I wrote infield or bloop 5 times on my score sheet on the Pirates side.

Not much to report defensively, Liebrandt did pick off 2 runners and Knapp threw out the only 2 base stealers.

Blue Jays tomorrow in Dunedin.  I’ll post a report if I’m able to attend the game.


11 thoughts on “Florida Instructional League Game #9; 10/2/2014

  1. Pullin in LF is really starting to look like a real thing. I guess the combination of Valentin plus Pullin’s 26 errors has moved Pullin back to LF. I’m not sure if his bat will play as well there but its interesting to think of Pullin and Quinn both in the OF now after failed infield experiments. More system development mistakes??
    Good to see Knapp’s throwing coming on strong.

    1. I was also going to mention Knapp. I’ve been downplaying him because I didn’t think he could stick at catcher. Maybe he can. His bat could play there very well. If it’s 1B or LF then not so much. I’ll have to consider that he can catch when I do my top 30. I’ll keep my eye on him for the next year to see if he’s a catcher will-be or will-never-be.

      1. The Phillies have shown that if you can hit you can play LF at CBP(Burrell, Ibanez, Ruf, Brown) regularly. Lets see how the young man progresses first and then decide his future.

  2. Very interesting on Josh Taylor. Undrafted free agent who had a nice little debut in the Gulf Coast League. Could be an interesting pick up. I always wonder how guys like that with good arms go undrafted. Perhaps they made a mechanical change and he experienced a spike in velocity. In any event, I’ll take it.

    1. And it’s not like he doesn’t have the right size – he’s 6’5″ 225 according to BR.

    2. Both him and Jason Zgardowski had spikes in velocity and stuff this summer in the Northwoods League (also both are small school guys who transferred from JuCo before Junior year). The Phillies signed both of them after the league showcase here in Madison (I wasn’t able to make the game).

        1. Good job in finding young talent and lets hope that both young men do well for the Phillies. However, the credit for the signings should go to the area scout who found them and convinced the Phillies into signing the two players.

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