Phillies Call Ups

It went pretty much as expected with 3B Maikel Franco, INF Cesar Hernandez, OF Tony Gwynn Jr., C Cameron Rupp, P Miguel Gonzalez, and P Luis Garcia all going up to Philly to spend the next 30 days with the big club.  Notably absent is Phillippe Aumont, whose Phillies career has likely come to a close.

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  1. Good group. Rupp is the mandatory 3rd catcher. Hernandez will give Utley a rest. Gwynn Jr will give Revere a rest ( I think Revere gets shut down the minute he’s out of the batting title race).Also, what other OF could they call up? Adams is a see-what-you-got…which is smart. Franco was a no-brainer after the last couple of weeks. Garcia was LV Pitcher of the year and has a chance to make a statement. Excited to see M A Gonzalez.

      1. Because he is playing in pain. Will have surgery to correct the screws in his foot. Haven’t you been watching him? The broadcast crew made reference to Mickey Rivers last week.

  2. I’m more shocked of Martin not getting a call more than anything. The rest of the group was no surprise, just hoping Franco doesn’t take too many ABs away from Asche.

    1. are you serious? Ashe at best is a fringe starter on 2nd division team. Franco has up-side to be an all-star. My biggest fear is that Franco will not get enough at bats to properly analyze his ability to hit ML pitching as we have seen for 3 years in row that he needs volume at bats to get going. If I am coach…he is starting every day either at 3B, 1B or DH.

    2. I don’t understand why everybody is so worried about Asche’s AB’s. 50 AB’s in September is not going to destroy his development. Franco won’t get called up permanently until July next year at the earliest. Asche will get every opportunity to see if he can hit, and then he should be dealt for a young pitching. He can’t play in the outfield, and he can’t play 2B. Franco has dynamic upside. There’s no reason to string Asche along. If he can show value next spring into July, than extract that value in the form of some 3B desperate team’s minor league starting pitching depth. I can barely understand the fan loyalty to Rollins and Utley, and all of the “they deserve to finish their careers in Philly” stuff, but don’t tell me that Asche is already getting all that love. Thome blocking Howard was understandable, Polanco blocking Utley was the wrong call, but I could see the logic in it. Asche shouldn’t get the chance to take anymore MLB AB’s from Franco than necessary. Franco probably won’t make them a division contender next year, so it makes financial sense to keep him in AAA until July, but after that, it’s time to get all you can for Asche. 3B is thin all over MLB. This is finally a good spot for the Phils to be in.

      1. How do you not see the loyalty to Rollins and Utley ? They’re the absolute best SS and 2B in team history and brought a period of success to the team never seen before in team history. Is it really necessary to see Galvis and Cesar Hernandez for a year? They earned the right to not be traded. Possibly the first career players since Schmidt.

        1. He didn’t say he didn’t see it, he said he barely understands it.

          As with asche, I feel he can still be a solid major leaguer. Whether or not it’s for us, we’ll have to see. Not everybody can come up and be david wright at 23 or 24. It’s a good problem to have really.

          And I agree with letting Franco get some good at bats, whether at third or first, just to get his feet wet. Let’s see if asche can be something more and at the very least build trade value. Franco is the long term solution to third, but what are we rushing in for?

        2. I don’t think that good feelings from the past should inform future decisions. If trading a player, or not resigning them can make the team more competitive faster, the team should do it. I never said that Galvis or Hernandez needed a shot to replace anyone. I have loved watching Utley and Rollins for all these years, but I’d rather watch a Phillies team without them win. Being sentimental gets you years like they’ve had the last two years. Rollins definitely isn’t going to retire as a Phillie, so why does it matter if he got traded last year or he walks to a team with no type of SS at all after next season. Jimmy has a valuable commodity in his defense, being a switch hitter, and his wealth of postseason experience. Should the Phillies just keep giving him new deals until he decides that he’s done? Do you really think that Jimmy Rollins is going to take contracts from the Phillies to be Crawford’s backup, or does the sentimentality only go one way? There’s a very reasonable chance that Utley’s contract will be the contract he retires on, but what if he ends the year on the DL next year with his knees and the Phillies don’t pick up the first of three options because of it? If Utley rehabs for a few months and signs with a contender down the stretch, are we all supposed to start hating him because he didn’t make sure that he played his entire career with the Phillies? Either way, if either of them make it into the HOF, they’ll do it as Phillies. Who cares where they spend their twilight years, or how they got to that other team? Players don’t retire when there’s money to be made, and I’d rather spend my money watching young players that have a chance to get better than to watch my favorite players get worse and worse.

        3. Just speculating, but I don’t think you around in the 70s when the Phils won a string of division titles, a world series win, and a world series loss (stretching in to the early 80s).

          No doubt that ’07 and on was a great run but it wasn’t a “period of success to the team never seen before in team history. “

      2. I know this was not exactly your point, but Utley has been worth 4 WAR this year and Rollins worth 3. Utley leads all NL 2B and Rollins is third among NL SS. They have had great careers and remain among the best, so I am happy to see them on the Phils and to see them play every day.

        1. I understand their individual statistics, but at anytime over the last two years they could have moved them for multiple players who might actually be on the next team that competes. A couple of pitchers and outfielders that might have actually been able to improve over time, rather than just get harder to get any value out of. And Jimmy being 3rd among NL SS just goes to prove the point that he won’t be spending his entire career in Philly. Someone will want him after next season. I could easily see Jimmy making opening day rosters until he’s 40. His drive to ensure that his career ends in the HOF will probably make him keep it up too. As long as he’s healthy, and he can be the SS on any team that has a reasonable chance of competing, I think he’ll keep chasing numbers. And he should. He’s a damn fine ballplayer, but if he isn’t committed to retiring as a Phillie, what would it have mattered if they traded him last year? Or right after he passed Schmidt? When it’s all said and done, we will all remember the 2007-2011 versions of all of these players. We’ll forget all about the down years at the end, and any bonehead plays or comments. They’ll come back for their Alumni Day bust, and hopefully a jersey retirement or two, and fans will flock to CBP to be a part of it. No one will grumble about how it ended, everyone will just celebrate how great the best times were. There’s no need for sentimentality in the present. Save it for when it matters.

          1. They both have 10-5 rights. I believe Jimmy would waive his no trade at some point mid season (maybe earlier) but who plays shortstop? Galvis isn’t an everyday major league shortstop and JP is probably 1 year and two months away from being a MLB starter. Why not just ride it out with Jimmy? Besides nobody is going to give up a top pitching or outfield prospect for him.

            Chase is the face of the franchise and is on a team friendly deal. I don’t think he goes anywhere unless he has full say.

            1. You play Galvis or Hernandez for the rest of the season and then sign someone on a one or two year deal until Crawford is ready.

              A comparable is the Reds signing Shin-Soo Choo for a year until Hamilton was ready.

              Low risk, low cost, and the player is playing for a larger, long-term contract elsewhere (which he got from the Rangers.)

              Saying that you do not trade someone because you do not have someone ready to take their place is a silly argument on a rebuilding club.

          2. I don’t think the interest in Utley or Rollins is as high as you think. Teams are afraid they will be holding the bag when they really decline. I think they stay phillies by default not by necessity or for fan fare.

          3. Rollins signed his deal in 2012, and I believe his 10-5 rights pretty much kicked in 2012 also. So all this talk about trading Rollins is a waste of time and breath without his consent.

            As for Utley, yes, he could have been traded. But back in 2012, he only played 83 games so I’m sure teams were wary about trading for him. Then in 2013, he was relatively healthy and he signed a team friendly deal. So I guess the Phillies could have trade him in 2013, but that’s about it. And now he has 10-5 rights.

            1. Neither one should have gotten the contracts. They both should’ve been given QO’s and nothing else. They both, most likely, would have been handed multi-year deals that would’ve netted the Phillies extra picks. Or, they may have accepted the offers, which would have maybe paid them a little more in the one year, but would have offered flexibility to the front office. Chooch should’ve been given a QO this year too. Catching is thin across baseball. They may have taken a gamble and ended up overpaying him this year, but he could easily have gotten the same deal the Phillies signed him to somewhere else, and the Phillies would’ve gotten another pick. The idea of sentimentality should be last on the list of reasons to extend a player.

      3. 50 abs won’t destroy ashes development and franco won’t be up permanently til july. then why give franco the abs. and if you are why not in howards place instead of ashe. you wanna trade asche but lower his value by not playing him. you’re right ,franco won’t make this team a contender next year or in the next 5 years with this front office.

        1. I think it’s more important right now to see how Franco handles major league pitching. None of this is going to hurt Asche’s development or value. Franco’s future isn’t at 1B, so playing him there doesn’t make sense. Howard is stuck here. If they won’t cede his playing time to Ruf, they shouldn’t do it for Franco either. Come July next year, no team is going to remember that Asche got extra time on the bench to see Franco play. They’ll just see the numbers he put up to start 2015. Franco goes back to LV next year knowing what he has to work on, and Asche hopefully progresses enough to increase his value to a few pitching prospects. I don’t understand all of the doom and gloom surrounding the future of this team. They still have a lot of money. A couple of core position players come up through the ranks like Franco, Crawford, and at least one of the Quinn/Dugan/Cozens/Altherr/Pointer type guys making real major league contributions, they can spend money to be a contender again much sooner. Everybody romanticizes this idea that all of these teams are making the playoffs with all of this homegrown talent. It just isn’t true. The most successful teams mix it up. The Pirates and Royals lean very heavily on their farm system, and the Rays do it almost exclusively. Other than that, teams spend money to win. Even the Athletics do it. They just go for quantity (a bunch of reclamation projects) over quality. The difference between the other teams that spend money and the Phillies is that those other teams cut bait when the value of the player doesn’t fit in with the team going forward. No sentimental contracts.

    3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Martin is up shortly. Aumont too. No real reason not to and doesn’t hurt having extra bodies even if they never get into a game.

  3. the two guys here to watch are obviously Franco & MAG. I am not sure what Phillies are trying to accomplish by bringing Gwynn Jr up as he is not ML player. Rupp had disappointing year but we can’t discount his playing style being well received in philly.

    1. It’s called depth. When you’re in an extra-innings game and you need to make moves, Tony Gywnn Jr. is there.

    1. Why in the world would Castro be called up? He’s a marginal AAA player which means he shouldn’t be in the majors.

      1. I would have no problem with Castro getting called up. Andy tracy got a cup of coffee, as did Steve susdorf. I think a lot of people kinda rooted for Castro over the years, so an at bat or two in an extra inning game wouldn’t kill anybody.

        Don’t forget, Ruben had to fight the Astros not to take him as the PTBNL in the pence deal. That’s why we sent Domingo Santana instead.

        1. I did forget Ruben fought to keep Castro in 2011. Makes the deal seem even worse. More to the point, this is part of the logic to bring him up now? His numbers since that time don’t show MLB player. Giving guys that have been in the system a long time a cup of coffee at the MLB player is a luxury at best and more likely stupid if you have to create a spot on the 40 man roster for them-which you do for Castro. Baseball is a meritocracy (at least strives to be) and guys shouldn’t be rewarded for seniority like some union shop or civil service job.

          1. Oh I absolutely get it… It was more of a joke that hey! Rube thought he was on the same level as a 17-year old in Lakewood who had great on base skills, and hit for decent power out of the 6-hole.

            I don’t actually believe Leandro Castro is a major leaguer, but at this point of the season, with 40 available lockers, who cares if Leandro is in the Philly uniform or playing golf at Disney? Having seen the guy come up through the system for a few years, I’d rather him suit up.

  4. I think one of the players I wanted traded was byrd, and now I ask why? He is older but has given us a good season, at 8 million. I believe its cheap for his performance, the reason he is here imo is to fill in until one of the kids like Dugan proves they are ready. So unless given a good deal.. no problem with him coming back.

    1. You asked why because he won’t be a part of the next contending team. Who cares about getting a good performance at a reasonable price on a losing team? He is just a placeholder as you stated so does it matter who or the performance of the placeholder really? I agree his season was a pleasant surprise but getting just about any possible future piece for him would be nice. I would love a package similar to Hernandez, though conceivably it could be better. This assumes the Phils paying a ton of his future salary of course which doesn’t appear to be an issue from their statements.

      1. KHT until someone is ready he will do. I believe if there was any offer out there that made any sense we would have done it. Most likely what we were offered was not guys who had a chance to be as good as byrd. so why do it? I don’t want more Aumonts, martin. joseph, and so on types. I want a legit prospect.

        1. Unfortunately, that is what Amaro held out for at the deadline and made no trades.

          He was trying to rebuild the club with one or two big trades where he got guys that were <2 years from being MLB ready.

          Hamels will get you that; maybe Brown as a change of scenery type guy. The others will get you A level guys and then it is on the coaches to help develop them.

          1. I just think your arguments makes no sense. why trade a guy who is doing well, for a triple a type prospects, guys who don’t projects as major league players, Amaro in this case did the right thing by keeping byrd, no value was offered so he stays. Wait and see who blinks first Isnt a bad way to do things, when you team is going nowhere. And I don’t care who the coach is if a guy doesn’t have ability he isn’t going to get better. by coaching.

            1. Because he misread the market and ranked his players too high. When you look around the league the Phillies made no deals while other teams were very active.

              If nobody was making deals then you are correct, wait for someone to blink.

              When you are the one out in the cold you have valued your players too high.

  5. Woulda liked to see Neris a bit but other than that, this is about what is expected. Glad Amaro wasnt serious about not calling Franco up.

  6. Castro can’ be brought up unless someone is dropped off the 40 man roster or someone is put on the 60 day DL.

    1. He could have come back instead of Gwynn but I guess the Phillies like having Gwynn’s defense around. Castro didn’t have the greatest year but he did improve his K and BB numbers and is just 25 years old. A future as a bench guy may still be within reach.

      1. Castro’s defense is his trademark. He has always been a good outfielder since he came into the organization. Must be another reason. I too think they should have given him and Neris a look. The nclusion of Garcia is to look hard before releasing a pitcher with great velocity after he did fairly well last year.

  7. In all these tirades and venting about your personal guys. Fretting about someone being bumped (Asche) and allocating Franco playing time at 1B. Why doesn’t Ruf get the same consideration? Did he run into one of the coaches BMW’s or Porsche’s? There is no continuity in their use of Ruf. They have never given him a chance, plain and simple. Yeah, yeah, I know the contract (Howard’s). I hope Amaro deals him to someone who will use him, I think he deserves that.

    1. Ruf did play enough last year to form a decent opinion on his value and got chances. Combined with with his age and playing experience, it’s pretty hard to predict any further upside right? The Phils are convinced his development is complete (or nearly complete) and it’s hard to argue against that. He hasn’t been given many chances this year true. Though he didn’t really deserve it until recently given his crappy play and injuries for the first few months this year. It can be argued, which many do, that his current and future ability is that of a ML regular. I agree mostly but the Phils clearly think he is a backup. I get the frustration over watching Howard, Brown perform poorly.

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