General Discussion – Week of 8-14-14 – Aaron Brown Promotion Edition

Per a couple different sources on Twitter, notably Steven Falk (@smfalk) who detailed them all, WIL’s Aaron Brown has been promoted to Lakewood, along with Jesen Therrien and Nick Rodesky (from GCL). Dan Child has been sent from LKW to GCL, reliever Aaron Baker was sent from LKW to CLR, and Sam Hiciano was put on the DL.

The big club is off today. Sounds like Ruben Amaro did the Ice Bucket Thing for ALS but it’s only on Facebook. Not enough reason to get me to sign into my Facebook. Someone let me know if he falls on the ice. That would do it.


37 thoughts on “General Discussion – Week of 8-14-14 – Aaron Brown Promotion Edition

    1. Lakewood is already running a 6 man rotation, given that Leibrandt will be pitching full games in Florida Instructional League, no point in unbalancing everything for 3 starts

  1. Just my take, but I believe it may have been suggested by the writer in jest and not anything intentionally injurious.

  2. I don’t know if it was brought up in another thread but I just saw that Nic Hanson is back on the DL as of the 12th, that sucks to hear. But Ethan Stewart is back from the DL.

    Also I was looking at Reading’s roster on milb and they had Adam Morgan on the 7 day DL, was wondering if that was always there or if that’s new.

      1. And JPC at SS, Franco at 1B, maybe Quinn in CF and Nola in rotation…2016 is the year to look forward to!

        1. Why do people really seem to want to rush Franco’s move to 1B? By all accounts he is currently a better fielder than Asche.

          1. Not sure, but he hasn’t hit the DL as of today’s transactions, so hopefully he’s either just banged up a little and needing a couple days off.

            1. I definitely would NOT have JPC play in the AFL or winter leagues. I’d let him rest and get him the best trainers possible to build his body while retaining his flexbility and agility. He needs to rest after his first full season and then he needs to recover and build. Ultimately, it would be nice if he had a build like Derek Jeter – svelte but with some strength.

    1. Child has had an ugly year but he may have been added to the GCL to help them get into the playoffs. They are 1.5 games back with 12 or so games to play.

  3. For those scoring at home – the Phillies now have the 6th worst record in baseball, which would put them in line for the 7th pick in the 2015 draft (Houston gets the #2 due to their fiasco this year). The Cubs and Arizona are just ‘ahead’ of them, so a top 5 is not unrealistic.

    I will admit. When I watch the team on TV, I root for them. When I am not watching, if I see the next day that they lost, I am not upset (although I do root for a win when Hamels pitches).

    1. I have to assume Astudillo will be playing Ven Winter ball this year, not sure he did it last year since he may have been still rehabbing..

  4. Sexism in Williamsport: Little girl on Canada’s LL team called out on three none-strikes. Cost them a run in a tight game.

  5. For all of us who think Amaro has no plan. He has not thrown in towel for 2014 wild card. Need to go 33-8 to finish, but Rueben’s plan is to win as many games as possible.

    1. I read that Tony. Does anyone else here feel embarrassed every time RAJ is quoted? I know I do. He just doesn’t sound like an intelligent guy. Difficult to be surprised by his decision making anymore

  6. What are the chances of the Phillies signing the Cuban player Castillo? It would not surprise me if they made a very good offer and possibly sign him as there is no draft compensation loss.

    1. NY paper has the Yankees, Tigers and Red Sox as making huge offers.
      Phillies, Cubs and Mariners are also in the mix.
      To play in the playoffs he needs to be signed by Aug 31st.
      Playing for a contender, with a large money catchet, may be an attraction for him.

      1. I just don’t get the tigers. How much money do they have, I Never thought that was a large market.

        1. rocco….ever eat a Little Ceasar’s pizza?
          If so, then you helped contribute to billionaire Michael Iilitch’s wealth as the owner of the Detoirt Tigers.

  7. I was driving my son to his football scrimmage Saturday listening to wip and Howard Eskin. A question was asked on radio to Howard. the man asked if amaro could turn this team around, Howard said it wouldn’t be easy but first. Dave Montgomery must stop putting in his two cents, trying to keep players past there peak and signing bad contracts, second something has to be wrong with the minors league instruction, the players just don’t get better, and third the scouts and player development people must be replaced, He said the last good first round pick was hamels. Interesting to me a lot of what he stated was said on here by a lot of guys. He talked about Biddle being a nice kid, who just isn’t a top of The line pitcher who was drafted in the first round. Had a lot to say about our scouting director. mostly who the hell is he is what I got out of it, found his comments really interesting.

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