26 thoughts on “It’s Official, from the Threshers Twitter Account, Biddle Starts Tonight

  1. If he pitches well in Clearwater, is their any chance he finishes up in Reading? Maybe make his final two starts for reading?

    1. At the other end of the glass, he has as much chance to pitch well as he does to pitch badly. Let’s see what he does.

      1. I look at it as a quasi-rehab assignment, typically what major leaguers do when they come off their DL status before returning to the major leagues.
        Of course, in Biddle’s case there was no physical injury to come back from.

    2. Sure, why not? And, yeah, if he does well in Clearwater, I can definitely see him making a few starts for Reading. The kid was burnt out and, frankly, I think he had classic concussion symptoms – unexplained depression is common. But you have to admit, a concussion injury from falling hail while pitching has to be one of the most obscure injuries ever recorded in baseball history.

      1. It’s the curse of current/former Phils pitching prospects: Adam Eaton cut his hand opening a CD, and Carlton Loewer broke his leg falling from a deer blind.

  2. It’s funny … there were zero prospects in Clearwater at the beginning of the season. Now four of my top five (Crawford, Nola, Biddle, Quinn) are wearing Threshers unis tonight. Minor league baseball!

    I have a good feeling Biddle will be bringing the hammer tonight against those High A hitters.

    1. Well, Daytona will present more of a challange than some of the other second half squads down here. Was considering bagging the game to watch Nola on MiLB. Not now. Can’t wait for the gates to open! WooHoo!

        1. Tell Jesse that everyone is pulling for him to keep healthy and we want him to succeed if you can.

    2. if Cliff Lee struggled in his first few games back, why do you expect Biddle to “bring the hammer”?

      Lower your expectations. the rest of this year is just about getting back into the game and getting confidence back. and frankly, learning how to deal with adversity.

      1. Well Biddle did not have an arm/elbow/shoulder or any other physical ailment affecting him prior to the deactivation.
        And he has not stopped throwing bullpens and GCL activities, so he should be close to full strength.

        1. All I am saying is lower your expectations for a guy who hasn’t played a game in 2 months and was shut down because he was lost and getting hammered. But if you don’t want to do that, then feel free to expect a gem.

          1. Dude, you need to lighten up. I apologize if rooting for our guy to succeed is too optimistic for you.

  3. Not sure where to add this, and I could write a more complete report if anyone wanted but I went to see Nola tonight in Reading. The results quite good. I had 73 pitches, 48 strikes, milb has one less of each. Note: I looked at the scouts guns, and took my radar gun (though it proved unreliable). Though when mine worked, it read 1-2 mph less than the gun at the stadium. Below I’ll give you the stadium gun numbers.

    1st inning: Nola gives up a single on the second pitch on a 93 mph FB (Ramsey went 4 for 4). Sanchez flies out to right field. Nola picks off Ramsey between the first and second pitch of the Dykstra AB. Cutter struck out during this AB. Nola hit 97 on strike 2 and struck him out with a downward moving 95 mph FB. 1 Hit, 1 PO, 1 K – 12 pitches

    Shorter summaries for the next 4 innings (cause its getting late)

    2nd inning: Ground out to first, fly out to right, first pitch double (95 mph fb right down the middle), 6-3 ground out. 1 hit – 8 pitches, 7 fastballs, and one offspeed pitch

    3rd inning: Double (off fastball), SAC, Single (off 84 mph slider), then finished the inning off with 2 Ks. Began to break off some really nice curveballs this inning. 2 hits, 2 K’s – 19 pitches

    Reading scores 7 runs. Felt like the inning was an hour long.

    4th inning: Nola looks rusty. 5 pitch walk, then a 3 and 1 count, which ended up being a fielders choice (could have been a DP with a slower runner). Long AB again, running took off for second, batter hit where the SS would have been playing. Base hit. Finally three great off speed pitches and Nola got the DP. 20 pitches to make it through the inning, fastest pitch was 93, 9 offspeed pitches, 6 strikes from them.

    5th inning: Comebacker to Nola 1-3, K on 4 pitches, Double on a hanging curve, and a 6-3 ground out to end his night.

    As mentioned, I counted 73 pitches, 48 for strikes. Only during the 4th inning did Nola look rusty and not in control. As mentioned, a couple of his mistakes did get hit pretty hard, but all in all it was a very good night. FB velocity sat between 92-94 according to the Reading gun, with 97 peak in the first, and still routinely hit 94 during the 5th.

    Some other observations: Cartwright stole a base, then got a CS in the 4th when the Phils were up a ton. If I was Harrisburg, I would have plunked him the next time up. However, they didn’t. I believed it was just trying to pad his stats.

    Kelly Dugan is not ready for crafty left handers at the major league level. Looked lost against the starter that Reading abused. Had a sweet swing against the righties though.

    Valle will play in the majors at some point in his career. He runs a good game behind the plate and knew when to settle Nola down in the 4th.

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