Jesse Biddle #2 On BA Hot Sheet

Jesse Biddle coming off a pair of dominant starts was #2 on Baseball America’s Hot Sheet.  Over the two starts Biddle went 14 IP and gave up 4 hits, 1 earned run, 2 walks, to go with 21 strikeouts.  If Biddle puts up another start or two like this Biddle could be in Lehigh Valley soon.  Biddle was blocked from the #1 spot by Ranger’s masher Joey Gallo‘s .409/.500/1.091 line (yes that is a 1.091 SLG).  Gallo has been on fire this year so far.  Coming in at #4 on the list was Red Sox LHP Brian Johnson who went 6 IP 0 H 0 ER o BB 5 Ks for hi-A Salem.  Johnson was selected with the Phillies pick forfeited for signing Jonathan Papelbon, he is 23 and in hi-A though.

Full Hot Sheet is here –

Bonus: A scout’s take on Maikel Franco so far this year

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10 thoughts on “Jesse Biddle #2 On BA Hot Sheet

  1. Thanks for including the scouting comments on Franco. They are very interesting. This scout seems really high on Franco’s defensive potential at 3B. Nice to hear that.

  2. Encouraging comments on Franco.

    “He’s looking pretty good in the field. For a guy who can’t run, he’s got a really quick first step, he’s got good reactions, he’s quick coming in on balls and running through the ball and making plus throws, accurate throws. He profiles at the position, really, to me, as a future All-Star.”

  3. I know this is off topic, but could someone comment the list of the Phillies international signings and how much they signed for? I would like to see who we have and what money we still have left.

    1. Bonus Pool: $2,289,700
      Big Signings: Luis Encarnacion (3B) – $1,000,000, Bryan Martelo (OF) – $230,000, Edwin Rodriguez (OF) – $100,000
      After asking Ben Badler on Twitter, the impression is that with their other signings (remember they have 2 teams to fill), they probably have something in the $100,000 range or less left to spend. In other words don’t expect any more signings with name recognition.

      Also for those complaining last year, the Phillies had a late $300,000 (catcher – Jose Gonzalez), which looks like a bit of a favor to Encarnacion’s trainer that secured Encarnacion for a price below what was expected.

      1. Two other names from last year that were in minor league spring training in Florida were Angelo Almonte (5’11” LHP) and Franklyn Kilome (6’6″ RHP). Not sure if they got over $100K but they were thought of highly enough to bring to Florida. There was at least $500K in our pool unaccounted for, so they either have a few more $100K signings they did not announce or they have a little more to spend.

        1. Not necessarily. They have a DSL and VSL team, plus some more guy in the complexes, so lets call it 35 guys per team. They are signing probably 15 new guys per team per year. If they all got $10,000-$15,000 that it somewhere between $300,000 and $450,000 just to fill out the rosters is they paid what seems to be the going rate for “interesting” guys (both Sev and Mecias where in that range).

          1. Signing bonuses $10,000 or under do not count against a team’s bonus pool and a team is allowed 6 bonuses up to $50,000 which also do not count against the international bonus pool.

            Those 6 bonuses up to $50,000 are being removed from the system this year though(for the July 2nd, 2014 signing period and going forward)

            1. That 6 $50K loophole is why I think they might have some room left because I also figure that half the roster or more are under the $10,000 deals. MLB is getting a little limiting here with the bonus pools and if they ever did a draft I think they would have to go more than the 4 rounds that the current pool/slotting system is designed to emulate.

              All that being said, I did want to highlight Kilome as one to watch since he might be the best Latin American prospect we signed last year – not saying much as most of our dollars went on the hitting side – but something is a system devoid of pitching prospects at most levels.

            2. The teams owners and commissioner want a International Draft…apparently no one else does.
              The Latin American MLB players two years ago placed pressure on the MLBPA to nix any ideas of a draft, and cpllectively voted against any draft. They make up almost 30% of the total MLB player pool, so they have a lot of influence.
              The agents…buscones …in the Caribbean, mostly DR, also are not in favor of a draft.
              Thus some factors in why there is a delay in having a draft incorporated.

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