Hot or Not

A look back at the time period of 4/11/13 through 4/17/13). A few quick points: First, Who the heck is Jose Mojica.  Second, Anthony Hewitt appears on the hot list again to keep his hot start going. Third, Adam Morgan was simply dominant in his start this week.  Morgan is pitching again today. Does he get the call if Lannan is out for an extended period? Fourth, great to see Nick Hernandez back on the Hot List after a long rehab from a significant injury. Finally, Maikel Franco is really worth watching.

Hot Hitters: Albert Cartwright (.500, 4R, HR, 2RBI, SB); Jose Mojica (.500, 6r); Josh Fields (.444, 7R 2HR 8RBI, SB);  Maikel Franco (.414, 4R 1HR 6RBI); Carlos Alonso (.364, 5R 1HR 5RBI); Art Charles (.346, 6R 2HR 7RBI); Aaron Altherr (.346, 5R 1HR 4RBI); Cameron Perkins (.346, 4R 1HR 7RBI); Jon Roof (.348); Anthony Hewitt (.333, 4SB); Honorable Mention: Duran

Not Hot Hitters:Cameron Rupp (.057); Leandro Castro (.130); Roman Quinn(.136); Carlos Tocci(.143); William Carmona (.150); Angelo Mora (.158); Cody Asche (.167); Chace Numata (.167); Harold Martinez (.182)

Hot Starters:Adam Morgan (8IP 3H 0ER 1BB 4K); Kevin Brady(2 starts, 12IP 7H 2ER 5BB 11K) Ethan Martin (5IP 3H 1ER 2BB 8K); Seth Rosin (6IP 3H 0ER 1BB 5K); Nick Hernandez (6IP 4H 1ER 1BB 6K); Jesse Biddle (6IP 4H 1ER 4BB 8K); Josh Warner (W, 6IP 3H 1ER); BJ Rosenberg (6IP 5H 1ER 1BB 4K). Honorable Mention: Colvin, Cloyd, Guth

Not Hot Starters: Colin Klevan (2.2IP 7H 9ER 3BB 6K); Hoby Milner (1.2IP 6H 4ER 1BB 2K); Ethan Stewart (2 starts, 5.2IP 7H 6ER 12BB 2K); Yoel Mecias (3.1IP 8H 6ER 3BB 4K); Austin Wright (1IP 0H 4ER 5BB 1K); Jon Pettibone (4IP 7H 4ER).

Hot Relievers:Gabrial Arias (7IP 5H 0ER 3BB 6K); Mauricio Robles (3IP 1H 0ER 0BB 5K); Ryan O’Sullivan (3IP 1H 0ER 0BB 2K); JC Ramirez (3IP 2H 0ER 0BB 4K); Brandon Erbe (3IP 2H 0ER 0BB 3K); Justin DeFratus (2.2IP 1H 0ER 1BB 1K); Honorable Mention: Knigge, Francisco, Inch, Savery

Not Hot Relievers: Jay Johnson (1.2IP 6H 3ER 2BB 0K); Felix Santos (2IP 3H 5ER 1BB 3K); Juan Sosa (2.1IP 4H 4ER 4BB); Zach Miner (3.1IP 5H 4ER 4BB);  Colton Murray (4IP 6H 6ER 3BB); Luis Paulino (6IP 9H 7ER); Jeb Stefan (2IP 5H 3ER);  Kyle Simon (2.1IP 2H 2ER 2BB); Colby Shreve (4IP 5H 4ER 3BB);

34 thoughts on “Hot or Not

  1. If Dom has to go on the DL, who would the Phils bring up? Gillies and Collier are on the 40 man but neither has hit a lick. I guess it would have to be Ruf who just hit his first dinger of the year. Wouldn’t it be funny if he got called up and got hot and played adequate defense because there was little time to think about it this time? You never know… If Lannan goes on the DL? Morgan?

    1. Lannan to the DL but not Morgan who threw 100 pitches today and would have to be on short rest. Has to be Ruf if Brown goes down, unless you want to make room for Mitchell.

  2. Anthony Hewitt, 4 SB … TOOLS!

    It’s great seeing Franco and Altherr starting off so well. It looks like they’ve demoted Hudson and given Altherr the starting CF gig, so he’s definitely one to watch.

    1. Hewitt has 6 stolen bases, and was leading the eastern league as of last night.

  3. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will just say that Carman is leading the BlueClaws in average at .444, which as of yesterday was 160 points higher than the next guy. He’s hit safely in every game and his OBP is .500. Numbers tell the tale.

    1. He is doing what a 23 year old 4-year college player should do against 19-21 year olds. Really let it go, he is a good org catcher, he is not a prospect. He is a full 6 years older than Tocci. But the best sign that he is not a prospect is that he is hitting for almost no power, .111 ISO for a guy as advanced as hitter as him is not impressive.

      1. If he’s doing what a 23 year old catcher is supposed to be be doing, or exceeding that, then he needs to be at a higher level. My point all along is not particularly about where Carman should or shouldn’t be. My point is that neither Numata or Logan Moore are performing at the level they should be. They’ve both been with the organization long enough to determine if they have any future, and, based on their numbers throughout their careers, and especially this year, the answer is a big fat NO. Get rid of them and let people who produce play.

    2. For perspective: Chad Carman is playing in Lakewood, and is a full 2 years older than Tommy Joseph, who is at AAA. Sebastian Valle, who has been around forever, is a full year younger than Chad Carman.

      1. For perspective, Numata spent a year in rookie ball, started another year in rookie ball before getting hurt, and spent last season in short A. This is his 4the year and he is still not performing. He needs to go. For perspective, Logan Moore spent a year in rookie ball, a year in short A, and is getting most starts in high A and he’s stinking it up. He needs to go too. They are both taking up roster space.

    1. I don’t regard Numata as a serious prospect and doubt anyone else does. However, Numata is over 3 years younger than Carman. The difference between age 20 and age 23 in terms of baseball development is huge. That age gap is far more significant than how long it has been since they were drafted. Seriously, I don’t think the Phillies organization thinks of Carman as more than an organizational backup catcher. It’s possible they’re wrong, but their behavior says that is what they think of him. When a college senior starts his career in the GCL that is a very strong indication of what the team thinks of him. Even college juniors, who are thought of as legit prospects, begin their Phillies pro careers in Williamsport. Carman may yet turn out to be more than just an org guy, but SSS good results playing as a man among boys does not impress.

        1. What does that say about the rest of the team? He leads in OBP, SLG, AVG, and OPS. So, if his hitting is so atrocious, then maybe they should just cancel the Lakewood season and send them all packing. It’s not always about hitting the ball over the fence. I will say for the last time…..numbers don’t lie. Lets see what they look like a month from now, two months, at the end.

          1. Dude……… HE HAS 18 AB’S!!!!!!!!!!! Are you seriously calling for Carman to be moved up and/or starting after 18 ab’s?????? Come on man

            1. Dude! I’m saying Numata has been in the organization for 4 years now and hasn’t done squat. Yes, he’s 3 years younger than Carman, but if it takes the organization the 4 years he’s already been there, plus another 3 or 4 to get where they hope he could be, then they have wasted a lot of time and effort. Because he’s not going to be the next Joseph, Valle, or Rupp! It’s not about Carman and where he should be. It’s about Numata and where he shouldn’t be!

          2. Actually, the basic disconnect here seems to be the notion that “numbers don’t lie.” when of course they lie, routinely, in many ways.

  4. Not to nitpick, but this Numata/Carman debate is keeping the board from the conversation we all should be having: whether Albert Cartwright or Miguel Abreu should be getting the majority of reps at 2B for Reading.


    1. I have to respectfully disagree with you Honcho. The Numata/Carman debate is really not a debate at all. It is simple – Numata is not producing to the level so far during this early season to justify the amount of playing time he is getting, and his past history with the organization leads me to believe this isn’t going to change anytime soon. He is blocking the opportunity for others who aren’t getting reasonable opportunities to show what they can do. That’s not to say that he shouldn’t get a chance to contribute at another position, but I don’t see his future at the catching position.

      Having said that, could someone tell me why Moore continues to get virtually all the reps in Clearwater and why he was even placed in High A. 0 for 3 last night and now hitting .171. Who does this kid (or his father) have pictures of in the Phillies organization????

      1. Well said again, and I totally agree with everything you said. I’m dumfounded regarding Moore as well. It shouldn’t be about age… should be about performance, and neither one is performing.

      2. Numata and Moore are the prospects. Thus they get more playing time. It is pretty simple. Guys like Carman and Stumpo and most likely Ludy are experienced, older catchers that are there mostly as roster filler. Curious if Ludy is hurt because he probably should have played a little more.

        Moore has frankly been unlucky in his small sample of offense. K rate is way down. His low batting average is solely due to a BABIP below .200. That will normalize over the course of the season. Numata and Moore are not great prospects, but they have more of a chance to develop than anyone else on their teams. Surprised Lino is not there for some reason as he is also a prospect.

        1. Exactly right andyb. The only question i have regards Lino as well. Carman and Stumpo are not prospects and due to the fact they are in the minors i don’t care if they play. If this was the ML club, then yes production matters. In the minors, player development and getting reps for guys you think can develop matters. W/L record does not.

          1. Four years for Numatta in the organization and three years for Moore. These two guys have gotten an inordinate amount of opportunity for what their production warrants. Furthermore, I’m sure that they have also gotten more attention from the coordinators and their coaching staffs than their peers with no tangible return on the time investment. Let’s get real Andyb… it’s time for the organization to move on from these two.

            1. As a 2010 draftee making a position change and losing a year to injury (played through it before getting shut down), Numata is actually age appropriate for the SAL. This isn’t some stubborness on the organization unwilling to let go of a useless player, this is the org that cut Duffy, Hyatt, and others this spring because they didn’t have room for them. These guys are professionals and they obviously see some potential in Numata that you don’t. That is fine, you aren’t in play development for the Phillies, nor are you professional scout. You can argue this all you want but the fact remains that the Phillies believe Numata is a better pro-prospect.

              If Chad Carmen is a great minor league backup catcher, there is a career in that. He will always look out for his level, but that is a guy who is a coach on the field and an integral part of the developmental process.

            2. You keep bringing up how long Numata and Moore have been with the organization, but Carman wasn’t in college not developing at all. The fact is, as a player who’s 3 years older than Numata, he’s had more development time. He should be more advanced than Numata at this point. What he’s not is as advanced as the catchers in AAA, AA or Hi-A. If he were, he’d be up there instead.

            3. Carman is going to be ‘blocked’ repeatedly by ‘upside’ guys.
              However, the Phillies would be dumb if Carman continued to show capability to start in the majors and did not try to give him a small chance. The Phillies will have control of Carman for the next two years to make that decision. I kind of compare him to Ruf who was org filler worth promoting but only since another prospect was not blocking his rise. Then is his ‘final’ shot (last year of team control) he hits 40 HRs.

              Carman will have to take advantage of every opportunity including his 18 at bats. So Carman backs up LWD this year then CLW next year and REA the following to determine what to do for his future. The lifetime on a major league catcher is brief anyway and Ruiz was a surprising find.

            4. He’s sure as heck more advanced than Moore and so is Ludy. Ludy went straight to Lakewood last year while Moore was in short A. Once again…..look athe numbers. In a game that is all about stats, are you going to tell me they don’t mean anything?

            5. Stats in the minors need to be interpreted differently. The age of the player is such a huge factor that better on field performance doesn’t necessarily mean one guy is a better major league prospect than the other.

  5. Probably a dumb question, but what does SSS mean? Couldnt find it in scounting lingo section. Is it the triple slash line?

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