Box Score Recap – 4/17/2013

Darin Ruf goes deep for the first time in 2013, Cam Perkins so far hitting like a 2nd year college guy at A+ should hit if we’re to believe he can make it to the show, (though a couple walks would be nice), and a fine outing from Kevin Brady – 4H, 3BB, and 8K over 6IP.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB. Reading was off.

4-17-13 boxscores

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  1. Went to the Threshers game and it was not pretty. Offensively there’s not much to add that you can’t get from the box score and most of the outs weren’t hard hit balls. As for Stewart he was actually worse than his line, if that’s possible. He threw 82 pitches, only 41 strikes, which you would expect when you have 8 Ws, and just 3 swing and misses(Shreve came in and got 4 swing and misses against 3 batters in the 5th inning alone). But what you can’t read in the box score is that every ball put into play, the hits and the outs, were hit really hard, either line drives or hard ground balls. A couple of good defensive plays, Stassi and Franco, a runner thrown out at the plate and a base running error kept his run total down.

  2. I just noticed that Cameron Rupp has struck out more times, and walked fewer times, than Anthony Hewitt this year. Rupp has 11 Ks and zero (0) Walks so far. He is one of only 3 players in the Eastern League to K 10 or more times, without drawing a walk, so far.

  3. Man, I would like to see Asche and Joseph improve at AAA. If they fail, the Big Club will be in deeper you know what as I am sure they are hoping/counting on some cheap influx of talent at the ML level. The entire ML club cannot be made up of free agents or over the hill past stars. Please give me a star level farm hand….

    1. Joseph has low probability of being a star, Asche has basically no chance. We should hope that they both start hitting well enough and Joseph does a better job blocking balls, so that they can become average major league regulars. I really like Asche and liked Ruf and have hopes for Joseph, Biddle, Martin, Pettibone, Hernandez, but I think minor league boards like this one tend to romanticize far too many of our farmhands into future stars, when major league regular is really what should be hoped for.

      1. I agree with your assessment of these guys. If you are getting major league regulars and the occasional above average regular you are doing pretty good. If you are looking for a star you have to pin hopes on guys who have so much risk it isn’t worth it (you are essentially hoping that someone like Pujols, Vargas, Gueller, Quinn, or Cozens puts it all together plus some). Even someone like Franco is just a plus major leaguer, and that is really awesome.

        1. Love him or hate him, but I remember three years ago that infamous Philly sportswriter Bill Conlin pegged Maikel Franco, when he was in the GCL, as one of the best he has seen at that age in pinstripes. And Bill Conlin had seen plenty of prospects over the last 40/50 years.

          1. Don’t get me wrong I think the offense for Franco will be very good. I have heard the Adrian Beltre comp on the offensive ability multiple times (plus power, plus hit, good contact rate, relatively low walk rate, average strikeout rate). The biggest thing holding Franco back will be the defense, he is going to be average to slightly above at third, plenty good enough to stick, but he is not going to add enough value to make him a star.

      2. Well, I agree that projections are often overstated by those following the minor league system, but I do think there are a small group of players in the Phillies’ organization that have star potential: Franco, Quinn, and maybe Morgan and Biddle.

        Other guys like Joseph, Petitbone, Asche, can all be major league regulars, IMO.

    2. asche was 4-6 today, raising his average to the .230s. i hope he’s getting the hang of AAA.

      1. Asche is going to be fine. It took him a while to hit at AA too. The guy is just flat out a ball player. It’s hard to tell exactly how good he will be but I think he’ll be a solid ml regular at worst and he could be quite a bit better than that. And he’ll be fun to root for.

        By the way, my Freddy Galvis predictions are coming true. Freddy is a pretty significant asset.

  4. I wonder how long the Ethan Stewart experiment is going to last for. He wasn’t very successful in Lakewood last year either, and there are a couple guys in the bullpen who could probably be starting.

    1. And he might be better in the pen and rise more quickly if he adds some velocity and doesn’t have to rely on a broad pitch selection. As a lefty with a FB that sits 89-91 as a starter and touches 94 with “sink and tail” and an average curve, (all according to BA), I wonder if he might be something of a straight bullpen guy, (less a LOOGY without a change or something to beat lefties consistently). Of course I am left wanting 2012 MiLB splits. Anyone know a good place to find them?

      1. I use According to his splits, he was actually better against righties. Better walk rate and much better K rate.

    1. It is down to Cloyd, Pettibone, or Martin. All of those options aren’t going to realistically give you more than 5 good innings. In that case I would call up Martin because he can miss major league bats and gives you the best chance to win.

        1. Adam Morgan pitched 100 pitches today (as in like an hour ago from this post), if he takes Lannan’s spot he would pitch on Monday on 3-days rest. There is no way you would put a prospect on the 40-man roster to pitch on three days rest.

          1. Phillies are idiots then, why not pull him after 50 pitches? Nobody else has been consistant enough to call up except Biddle, now that would be interesting.

            1. Ethan Martin just got 8 Ks to only 2 BBs over 5 IP in his last start. There is no easy cut from the 40 man right now, Diekman, Stutes, and De Fratus have struggled at times and Robles and Savery have been good. Is Adam Morgan right now a serviceable reliever better than Ethan Martin or Jonathan Pettibone over 2-3 starts? Morgan has been good but he threw 100 pitches over 5 innings today with 3 BB and only 4 K, he isn’t truly major league ready and being held back in AAA.

            2. I think they will recall Cloyd because they are big on the “he’s got experience” factor (leaving alone for a moment that his experiences were, with minor execeptions, all uniformly bad). Martin has a great arm and good movement but he’s not ready and I fear he would implode. Pettibone is also not ready. Frankly, I think Morgan IS ready to pitch effectively in the majors and is the best option by quite a bit. I’ve watched him pitch several times and he’s a bona fide major league pitchers. That’s not to say he’s done developing, but I’m pretty sure he could more than hold his own and might even spark the team. Morgan can flat out deal.

              On another subject, we now need to start taking Joe Savery seriously. No runs allowed, no hits since opening day, and more important, a ton of strikeouts without walks. I would tell Valdes to catch the nearest bus to Lehigh Valley and put Savery on the roster tomorrow.

  5. For my money I would go Martin but only because Morgan threw so many pitches today. Has anyone seen a line-up for tonight and is Brown in it?

  6. Not sure if anyone else saw this but Travis D’Arnaud(former Phils catcher) broke his foot in a AAA game yesterday. The guy just can’t stay healthy enough to stay on the field. Hope he has a complete recovery from his injury.

  7. OMG please. oh lord not cloyd. this team is bad enough without him, but on the bright side we can get the first pick in the draft next year. so let have cloyd, as our ace then miner as our second ace,put hamels on dl with a injury, trade lee. call up jc too.

  8. Selfishly, I’m hoping they call up Ethan Martin since I got tickets to that game and would love to see him live.

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