Box Score Recap – 4/15/2013

Josh Fields with 4 hits including a double and 2 HR. That’s one base better than a cycle. It should have a name. Maybe the “Doublehomercycle”. Nah, never fit on a marquee. Wait, I’ve got it. How about “The Big Wheel”? That’s it. Josh Fields hit for The Big Wheel Monday night.

Also OF/1B Brock Stassi struck out 2 in a mop-up inning for Clearwater. And so begins the “Brock Stassi Pitching Experiment”, close relative of the “Tim Kennelly Pitching Experiment”, and arch-nemesis of the “Joe Savery Hitting Experiment”.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

4-15-13 boxscores


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  1. Woof what a bad night for the minors. Joe Savery probably had the 2nd best performance after Fields.

  2. Is there a point where we start to question the coaching and instruction in the phillies organization. Players just seem to take steps backwards by in large. Could an upgrade to the coaching staffs at all of the minor league levels improve prospect development. I’m just losing it looking through these box scores, I’m trying to stay positive but it’s difficult the system is pretty barren. I’m keeping my eye in Franco every night he is the ray of hope for the system.

    1. I dont know what the hell is going on in Lakewood. 4 starters under mendoza, noone above .270.

    2. I’m not sure it’s coaching. Our system is bottom 5 in baseball. We just don’t have as much talent as most teams.

      1. This. It really is a very poor system SSS or not, we knew this going in and the results so far really are not unexpected in anyway. The organization had it’s 3-4 year run, but mediocrity in Philly with little to get excited about in the minors is unfortuately going to be par for the course for a few years. Again, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    3. Players take steps backwards because that is the developmental process (the minors weeds out players). The coaching only helps so much, you need to have talent in the system. Don’t worry about the slow starts to top prospects like Asche and Joseph, they are fine, it is an extremely small sample size in unfavorable conditions (same thing for Pettibone as well). The Tocci to Lakewood experiment looks poor right now, but even if he goes back to Extended Spring and on to Williamsport he is still ahead developmentally. There have been promising starts by Morgan and Martin, and Colvin actually does not look terrible. But if you are counting on guys who were low on the prospect list, you are going to be disappointed.

      On a whole the struggles the Phillies have had developing talent tend to focus around one thing, and that is bringing in players with huge flaws to their games, but no team to this point has turned the Anthony Hewitts of the world into stars. Additionally it is so hard to judge minor league coaching staffs without being in the organization because you don’t know what they are being asked to do. The goal is not to win or even the stats, the goal is to make the players better for the long term.

    4. meh, there are a number of lower ranked prospects hot out of the gate as well (Altherr, C. Hernandez, even Hewitt). Every single player having a slow start is still one or two 3-4 days away from having numbers we’d feel good about. That’s the nature of having 30-40 at bats. Gillies has a BABIP of .083. Tocci is at a robust .206.

      We are still at a stage when literally no conclusions can be drawn and to start pointing fingers at the Phillies development staff is premature (to put it lightly).

    5. Biddle has yet to take to take a step backwards. Morgan hasn’t taken a step backwards. Pettibone has never taken a step backwards. Franco and Quinn have progessed steadily. How many prospects do you think are supposed to breeze smoothly, year to year, through the minors to the Majors?

      1. Most contending big league clubs don’t even have room for more than 2-3 rookies/second year types per year, even in reserve roles, (though bullpen shuffling probably means that’s more like 4-5 spots, often, if the arms are there in AAA like with the 2012 Phillies). There are 8-10 guys in AAA right now who could shortly fill big league roles, though most of them, (aside from 2 or 3 starters and maybe Asche), will be role players/low-leverage relievers. If you can save a couple million dollars on bench roles while you produce high-quality, young starting pitching, then all that’s left is the lineup. And therein lies the rub for the Phillies, even into the medium-range future. Aside from Asche and Joseph, (and maybe Darin Ruf), there’s not much help coming for a big league lineup, especially if the individuals in question can’t field their positions. It’s why Ruf shouldn’t be left to play LF unless he develops into a closer to average fielder than many think he’ll ever be, or he just completely mashes at the plate in the bigs. Like 875-900 OPS mashes.

        That kinda rambled. Oh well.

      2. ‘How many prospects do you think are supposed to breeze smoothly, year to year, through the minors to the Majors?’…rough guess, I say 92%, ok, a little too high, maybe 86%….(tic). Actually read somewhere at some time, that for every draft, if you get 3 or 4 MLB players it was somewhat a success.

  3. It seems like poor pitching performances are an occurance every other day. Sunday was good (Colvin, Hernandez) Yesterday had (Cloyd, and Milner)… hope this trend stops

    1. That’s because Cloyd and Milner just aren’t very good. I only get concerned when its top 30 guys that get whacked around.

      1. I beg to differ–Cloyd and Milner are EXCELLENT. Having a slow start to the year right now, but they will get there. Also, where do you think they bring the top pitchers from nik? They come through the farm system and develop-theya re young and good.

        1. Cloyd is done and Milner is a bullpen arm. Top pitchers look like top pitchers for the most part because the raw stuff is there or they flat out dominate their way with fringy stuff. Once teams figured out Cloyd it is over, Milner just doesn’t have the frame or arsenal (that just makes him a good reliever prospect).

            1. I actually have a hunch that Cloyd is dealing with the lingering effects of too many innings last year and too large an increase over the prior year. He looks more like he has a dead arm than the other teams have figured him out. As for Milner, he looked really good to me so these poor performances are very surprising. He may turn out to be hurt as well. As for the other way, Colvin looks pretty good and Nick Hernandez has risen from the dead. If he can get his speed to back over 90, we’d have something with him.

        2. When you say EXCELLENT do you mean in the sense that they can hold their own in the upper minors and that’s something that very few ballplayers can say?

          Neither pitcher really profiles as a major leaguer of any sort. It wouldn’t surprise me if one or both made it and stuck – that’s the nature of baseball – but capital excellent is something you reserve to describe someone like Gerrit Cole.

          1. And even he’s been in deep trouble this year. I’ll choose to wait out some of the pitching prospects until they have at least 5 or 6 starts on the books.

  4. All three starting OF’s in Reading had an assist and two of them were at first base. Neither of the players caught at 1B were the pitcher. Anyone at the game? Can you tell us what happened?

    1. Was at Reading game. One assist the runner forgot the outs, Mitchell made a nice catch and threw a lazer to first base from left field (one of the best throws I have ever seen) and I think the other was a throw that was cut off and got the runner at second who made to wide of a turn.Collier did not look good in center getting turned around on one and another mistake. The Nats Anthony Rendon is a stud, hitting one off the center field fence and next at bat hitting one over the center field fence. It was cold there and the ball didn’t seem to be carrying well. I was really only impressed with Murphy at the plate but his speed is some where between Rissotti and Ruf. Duran did crush one off the right field fence.

  5. Good to see Asche and Ruf get on base a few times in LHV. And it appears Josh Fields is the latest 1B prospect to borrow Tommy Joseph’s bats …

    It appears that Quinn has settled in at SS after that very rough patch to start the season.

  6. Brock Stassi just jumped to our #3 prospect. But seriously folks, what would have happened if he didn’t get 2 Ks and have a 1-2-3 inning? The game could have been lost. What were the coaches thinking? Oh wait… never mind…. it was 8-0 in the top of the 9th. but CLW got a run in the bottom of the 9th. Rally hats were on. The comeback started…

  7. I think folks have a ridiculously distorted view of how many players a good farm system is supposed to graduate and how good those players need to be for the team to succeed. Atlanta is an outlier. Their system over the last 3-5 years has been ridiculously, insanely good and Washington isn’t far behind (although, to me, you don’t get drafting credit for getting two generational talents in back-to-back draft years – that’s just gold old fashioned luck and being bad at the right time).

    If the Phils get a few good regulars and some valuable role players from the current crop and one or two moderate stars (i..e, occasional all-star), with the team’s financial might, it should be able to fill in the holes. Agreed there is no ascendant talent in the system right now, but I can only think of one time (perhaps two) in the last 30 years that the team had a player who, while in the minors, was thought of as an ascendant talent and that’s Cole Hamels and maybe Domonic Brown. Howard was thought to be valuable but flawed (well, he is) and Utley was supposed to be a very good player but not necessarily a star due to lack of elite power and fielding problems.

    This can all still work out pretty well, but it’s not a slam dunk either way.

    1. I’d add Scott Rolen to the ascendant prospect list, although I agree with your point.

      1. Yup – you got me. Rolen was an ascendant talent. We knew he was a potential perennial all-star when he came up and proved his value right away. Thanks for remembering.

        1. Maybe add Burrell to that list, too. He was all people could talk about when he was on the way up.

          1. Yeah, he’s close if he’s not there already. Not sure he is quite at the same level (because he was always one-dimensional), but it’s certaintly worth a mention.

  8. I disagree with a lot of the comments being made here. #1 too early in the season to tell #2 they are young players still developing #3. Everyone has a bad outing or two-this doesn’t mean they are injured. If you recall they made some of these same comments about Hamels a few years back. Sit back, relax and let’s see after some more outings.

  9. I disagree with your idea Brad. I think that because Fields had 2 homers it should be called the Bicycle. “Josh Fields hit a bicycle”. See, that makes total sense.

        1. Ok, lets get this copyrighted before our idea gets stolen. Also, i am going to call the chucklehut and see if we can get a headline gig. I see big things for us

  10. Weak night on the farm. I checked the LHV box score last because it seemed like they did the best, and before I clicked it I was thinking “man I hope they didn’t just score a bunch of runs because Josh Fields went off or something.” Welp…

    1. It’s a very weak farm. Those saying bottom third of baseball and likely bottom sixth of MLB farms seem to be dead on.

  11. Then in Lakewood you have Quinn who doesn’t impress me at all. I’ve seen it firsthand. Double his E to 12. Needs to learn how to field a ball. Not impressed with Quinn/Tocci/Mora. Think it’s going to be a looong season in Lakewood.

  12. My man Delvi Francisco has some electric stuff plus I just like saying Delvi. I’ll wait til the weather gets a little warmer and the AB’s are up around 100 for the northern squad.

    How can you not like what Franco, Serritella and Perkins are doing?

  13. ESPN New York is saying that the Mets are trying to get Stanton from the Marlins. They are offering Zack wheeler and Travis D’naurad. should the Phillies jump in and offer Biddle Morgan and Joseph

    1. They could try but that isn’t in the same league. Wheeler is a Top 10-15 prospect and could be a #1-2 starter, D’Arnaud can’t stay healthy but he is the 2nd best catching prospect in the minors because he doesn’t have a true weakness to his game (which makes him a borderline all-star). On the other hand the best case scenario for Biddle and Morgan is #2/#3 starter, before you say that it isn’t that big a difference, ask yourself whether you would trade (ignoring salary) Cole Hamels for Jonathan Niese and Ryan Dempster (if Biddle and Morgan turn into Niese and Dempster we should celebrate), sure you get two players but they take up two spots and you would rather have your better player. Joseph has huge issues to his game (contact ability and block pitches) that make him a major league regular.

      Just give up, there is no package the Phillies could offer that wouldn’t involve a free Hamels (we pay Hamels to pitch for them) or a trade so lopsided it destroys the team for the next decade.

      1. I did not follow Stanton through the minors and have rarely seen him in the majors. I know he was much younger on his breakthrough to the majors but I see some resemblence to Howard when he first came up.
        Stanton has huge power but does he also have huge holes in his swing which will continue to be exploited? Will Stanton be major superstar for the next 10 years or just a big time power hitter who can hit mistakes?


    1. That is a good package for the Marlins. But… kills the Phillies future and even with the addition of Stanton, we are not good enough this year. Of course, the same is true of the Mets. So… that leaves us having to extend Ruiz for too many years/$, having no SP to come up from the minors, and probably also not being good enough next year.

  15. Shane Watson has a thing that should not be mentioned going through 4 innings so far.

  16. I don’t know what’s more impressive. 27 hits for Clearwater or 27 hits and just 3 xtra base hits for Clearwater.

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