Reader Top 30 #28 – Gabriel Lino

Rupp takes the #26 spot and Dugan #27, after review it appears that BA does not have Jake Diekman as rookie eligible so I have removed from the list.  Only three more spots to go.

List so far:

  1. Biddle
  2. Quinn
  3. Morgan
  4. Joseph
  5. Franco
  6. Ruf
  7. Asche
  8. Pettibone
  9. Martin
  10. Tocci
  11. Aumont
  12. Gillies
  13. Watson
  14. Greene
  15. Valle
  16. De Fratus
  17. Collier
  18. Wright
  19. Cozens
  20. Hernandez
  21. Gueller
  22. Walding
  23. Pullin
  24. Giles
  25. Colvin
  26. Rupp
  27. Dugan

Here is the compiled spreadsheet of all rankings out so far

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30 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #28 – Gabriel Lino

      1. It’s hard for me to see Julio Rodriguez as a top 30 prospect. He was left unprotected in the rule 5 draft, and no teams selected him (or Hyatt). That is a big mark against him, being that he is in the high minors. Nobody in MLB thought enough of him to place him on their 25 man roster. Any good pitcher exposed in rule 5 usually gets selected.

        1. Interesting on JuRod….when was the last time a Futures Game participant was left unprotected five months after he pitched in the game for the Rule 5?

  1. Serritella should definitely be on the list….Went Simon here. Our best talent right now unfortunately is still in BP arms.

  2. Kevin Brady. Slipped as far as he did in the draft due to injuries, but he’s a real talent if healthy. Dominated the NYPL in his short time there in 2012. Would not be surprised if he had an Austin Wright kind of year at Clearwater.

  3. I hereby begin my campaign to secure Aaron Altherr a place in the the Top 30. I love the speed, there’s some pop in the bat, good athlete by all accounts. Slow to develop, obviously, after a fast start in rookie ball, but there’s still something there worthy of a place at the back of this list. Much moreso than a fungible middle innings bullpen arm like Kyle Simon (no offense, Simon fans).

    1. I like Altherr too, but I had to leave him off my top 30, for the same reason that I left Kelly Dugan off my top 30. It’s taken Altherr 4 years to go 3 levels. A future major leaguer should have the ability to get through low A faster than that.
      That said, I believe Altherr has the better shot at making the major leagues, because he can play all 3 OF spots, steals bases and doesn’t strike out as much as Dugan.

  4. Thanks for update on DIekman, he was my next highest choice.

    I must be brainwashed by information on this site because thus far I have all 27 in my Top30.
    I am going to make my case for players I still like and would want to see listed. I agree that neither has much upside and my argument is based on their proximity.

    Tyler Cloyd – When the only above average tool is control and few pitches are even average, there is a long road to the majors. He made it. A 4th starter is his best possible upside and it is doubtful he gets there, but he is the type of guy I love to root for. His dominance in AAA at least proves he can be effective.

    Jiwan James – I was down on James (compared to others) years ago because his production was not great and the tool were dreamy. Now his approach has not improved, his power has not come, but he has advanced a level a year with similar dissapointing performance and has elite defensive skills. I think his injury reduced his production last year but playing though it indicates he might have the mental toughness to make it. I doubt his approach changes any, I still hope he might develop more power, but I think his major improvement could come from applying his speed. With elite defense how much does James have to hit to be a major leaguer?

    Having plead my case for these guys…
    The last 3 guys should likely by young guys to dream about so I figure:
    Lino, Vargas, Altherr, Pointer, Green

    1. Your points on James are good, and if you’re valuing proximity more than what we might call the “average” prospect evaluator/fan, than I could see making the case for him. I tend to evaluate proximity slightly below the average, I think, so for me James fell off badly last year. His K rate went up a ton – if that’s the injury affecting his balance or swing mechanics, then maybe he’s still got a shot if he’s healthy.

      I was thinking about Castro, too. He didn’t quite pass James in my book – you could see he wasn’t totally baffled by AA pitching as his LD% went up and he maintained a good K Rate – he’s a contact hitter hitting for contact in a league with big league caliber breaking stuff – but if he can’t be a decent backup CF, he’s a long way from a good option in the Phils’ near future. I have James at 40 and Castro at 46, FWIW.

  5. I’m going Lino, based solely on the high praise he’s received from scouts and positional value. Also considering Grullon, Pujols and Z. Green here.

  6. You mean to say I have been voting for diekman for a week in vain? I find this highly disappointing. Be that as it may, I would rather have him than anyone else on this list.

    I am on the Kevin Brady train. This guy is a legit prospect whose college season was messed up due to injury. He throws in the low 90s and can get it up to 94. He has at least one solid secondary pitch. I think of him in the same mold as Wright, though Brady is a righty. He’s a big guy who can handle a starting workload. If he can throw strikes, he should end the year in CLW.

    1. Sorry about that I held off until I felt sure of it, I agree that he should be in the back end of the top 30 discussion. If you were doing a list of pure 2013 impact (which I will do as part of my Top 30 next week) he is probably 5 or 6 depending on whether you think he or De Fratus will get more work.

      I like Brady quite a bit, a year ago he would have been right around 20 (where I had Morgan last year) but the system’s depth pushes him down for me. If nothing else he seems a fast-track bullpen piece. He had top 3 round talent pre-injury and will be interesting to see if the Phillies push him or just let him worry about pitching a full year in Clearwater.

      1. I meant my comment about Diekman to come out more as a joke than it actually did. I am not really disappointed that Diekman was removed from the list.

        If Brady had top 3 round talent and pitched well in a short stint, shouldn’t he be ahead of Pullin? He is for me.

  7. Shame we’re not going to get Franklyn Vargas much love in the Top 30. He had a pretty impressive season in the GCL, improving K and BB % as the year went on, and was only 17 yrs old until the end of August.

    1. He deserves consideration for the final 3. He walks way too many, but the K-rate for a kid is impressive. He’s also got good size.

  8. I think Castro is a legitimate #28. He should be in the top 30. A good hitter he played all the outfield positions on his way up the ladder. He is a fine candidate for this list.

  9. Went with Green over Lino and Simon. 3rd Round pick, one of youngest in GCL last year. Put up some good debut numbers. Projects very good with high ceiling.

    1. Interesting slip of a letter. I think you meant “sour”… but maybe not. In the words of Dr. Seuss, “I meant what I said and i said what I meant.”

    2. Hmmm. You can make the case for Pointer, based on some others that made the list. Pointer doesn’t have the correct stats to make him interesting to either side. The advance stat guys don’t like his 29% K rate. Batting average is king for the old timers, so nothing there.

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