Reader Top 30 #17 – Zach Collier

Justin De Fratus comes in at #16.  Only Aaron Altherr has been added for now, I will add a whole big group when we get to 20.

List so far:

  1. Biddle
  2. Quinn
  3. Morgan
  4. Joseph
  5. Franco
  6. Ruf
  7. Asche
  8. Pettibone
  9. Martin
  10. Tocci
  11. Aumont
  12. Gillies
  13. Watson
  14. Greene
  15. Valle
  16. De Fratus

Here is the compiled spreadsheet of all rankings out so far

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46 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #17 – Zach Collier

  1. Wright again for me. I like Gueller by all accounts he has tremendous upside. The thing that concerns me with dual talents is their mental adjustment to either leave dreams of positional play behind or the mound behind.

    I imagine its really difficult for a kid with his plate ability to only immerse himself in pitching. I have him mid 20’s but he could easily sky rocket up the board if he seems to make the adjustment this season.

  2. Wright. He’s performed at every level, and would appear to be on track for the bigs more than anyone else on that list. A lefty starter who can give you innings is no joke.

    Once Wright goes, I’ll be going Walding, then Cozens, based purely on potential. If one of the two turns it on this season and shows something special, I’ll be a happy man.

    1. The concern I have with him is he may not stick as a starter. Scouting suggests the possibility because of his lack of a full arsenal of big-league level pitches. He’s got time to work on that, so I think the middle of the teens is a fair place for him.

    2. His numbers are not that impressive for a 22-year-old in A+. And a pitchers’ league. His K/9 was good but not elite, his BB/9 was high, and he has a meaningful platoon split. I like Wright but I like Colvin more and other guys more than both.

  3. Gueller here, just ahead of Cozens and Greene and Valle and Wright on my list. Wright is 17 on my list – I just have Ruf and Gillies way lower than the voting here is forcing him.

  4. Gueller here as well, his prospect status is upside, upside, upside. Wright can wait a few more rounds for me.

  5. I have Wright a lot lower than most but for those of you up in arms about how good he was lets reevaluate him.
    ERA – 3.47 (FIP – 3.73) – This is good but not dominant
    K/9 – 8.11 – Again good but not dominant for a college guy
    BB/9 – 3.66 – This is kind of just average if a bit high
    Also he had 7 HBP and 17 WP
    There are some definite control issues as well as the reports that the changeup is lacking, that just isn’t a dominant pitcher for someone finishing their age 22 season in hi-A.

      1. Absolutely, the stuff reminds of Bastardo out of the pen (might even better once he his moved to the pen). Definitely has the build to be a multi-inning reliever, but it could be borderline closer stuff. By no means a bad prospect, I just think of him differently than the consensus here.

        1. I hear ya. I haven’t voted for him yet. I love Cozens’ potential, even if it is really really far away.

      2. This seems likely, and if you are choosing between him and Diekman as future lefty relievers, I choose Diekman right now.

  6. looks like the voting is screwy again since the last I checked Wright had a large lead and now losing..not one person has posted for Collier. At least make it believable.

    1. I voted for Collier. Upside still intact, good tools, had a nice year with the stick in a pitchers’ league. The only concern for me is if he cannot play CF. If he cannot, he had better develop more power than a .131 ISO.

    2. Yes the vote has jumped again. Guy jumped the vote for Collier last night, before the poll was closed. Seems to have done it again this afternoon.

  7. I took Gueller one spot ahead of Wright based on his draft spot plus the write ups pre draft. If he hadn’t pitched, poorly, in his few innings in the GCL, we would have chosen him already and its tough for me to go on that. This guy is a sick athlete and I think it will translate.

  8. btw – I think they might have signed Betancourt because JRoll will be away for 3 weeks with WBC and not to battle with Galvis, who Charlie loves and continues to talk about. It will be interesting to see if Bettancourt accepts an assignment to LHV because I think his days of being a major leaguer are over. Its always interesting to see the team sign 4A guys for LHV but this year’s batch (Fields, Quintero, Jermaine Mitchell, Bass, Mather, Bettancourt) doesn’t really seem very good.

      1. For what it’s worth, Hector Luna did some damage in spring training and made a decent Iron Pig. I wouldn’t count on either from Betancourt.

    1. Jermaine Mitchell could be a good pick-up. He was starting to do well for the A’s and got caught in a numbers crunch. I saw Betancourt play in Baltimore in his first year with the Mariners. He can’t hit.

  9. Outside of the popular do any of you have these names coming up on your personal rankings: Simon, Delvi Francisco, Felix Santos, Seth Rosin, Willians Astudillo…

    1. I don’t, but I have seen Simon on some lists. Francisco seems a long way from a prospect right now, but clearly an interesting story, (as are most guys who go from position to pitcher or vice versa), and his numbers were good last year, but he’s so far away from the bigs it’s hard to get excited about him.

      1. Simon has real value. Astudillo is simply intriguing. Doesn’t K, but also doesn’t walk. If he weren’t old for his league, he would be seriously interesting.

    1. He was removed from the 40 man roster, that’s different. He could return to the Phils if no one else adds him to their 40 man roster.

  10. Austin Wright for me. Scouting reports say he has two good pitches, and he’s got a couple years to work on a third. Everybody on the list at this point has big questions, but Wright is the farthest along and still has a pretty good ceiling.

      1. Fair enough. I semi-forgot about Collier. Still, I think Wright has a better chance at being a #3 or 4 starter than Collier does a starting OF. I wouldn’t have a problem if Collier won this round though- he’s on my list soon.

  11. I voted for Wright here.If and only If he developes a good change-up,that will raise his ceiling.Personally,why didn’t he develope one by now?To me that should have been priority for him before this!

    On Collier,i realize he did fairly good in winter ball,but if he doesn’t stick in center field,he needs to show a good bit more power for me to get excited.

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