Reader Top 30 #11 – Phillipe Aumont

On to the next ten, Cesar Hernandez has been added to the poll.

Top 10 so far:

  1. Biddle
  2. Quinn
  3. Morgan
  4. Joseph
  5. Franco
  6. Ruf
  7. Asche
  8. Pettibone
  9. Martin
  10. Tocci

Here is the compiled spreadsheet of all rankings out so far

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25 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #11 – Phillipe Aumont

  1. Went with Greene. Williamsport is a huge park, even much larger than Lakewood. Expect the power numbers to increase this year.

  2. Aumont.

    Struggled here with this pick as I have Aumont and Greene Jr as the next two. The potential for a power hitting LF who plays every day vs a good closer that pitches 1 inning maybe 4 days a week usually puts me in favor of the LF. Additionally, I love the patience Mr Greene showed for such a young man, but Aumont’s proximity and upside as an elite closer made me go Aumont. I believe big Phil will start and finish the season in Philadelphia, and likely move from a middle innings role to start into higher leverage situations as the season progresses.

    1. I agree with this and will go Greene and Watson next. Aumont’s proximity and backend potential (nearly realized) gives him the advantage here IMO.

  3. Sticking with Gillies for the reasons mentioned earlier. He has both proximity and a high ceiling. I see this as his breakout year. I think with Aumont, a relief pitcher, what you have is what you get. He will always have blow-ups because of lack of command, but the stuff is terrific. He’ll be on the Phillies this year. Mitch II. Bring on the Schilling towels.

  4. It’s kind of surprising that many votes for Tyson Gillies. While he is a favorite of mine, and I root for him, I can’t see him ranked this high. I voted Shane Watson, but even if I leaned proximity, I can’t see Gillies over Aumont. If the Phillies offered a team their choice of Aumont or Gillies, to complete a trade, there is no team that would choose Gillies.

  5. I feel like after #10 you start getting into prospects to dream about. Tyson Gillies fits that mold to a T.

  6. If I were ranking Watson something other than incomplete for this year, this is where I’d put him. I see another step down in quality going from #10 to this pick. Aumont didn’t have that good a season last year with way too many walks. Greene to many Ks and not enough doubles for me to put him quite this high. I considered Wright, but his peripherals aren’t good enough to put him here. I went with Gillies. Health a huge issue, but I think the talent is still there.

  7. I voted for Phillippe Aumont, but I almost voted for Greene Jr. I voted for Aumont due to the proximity and best stuff in the system.

  8. I like Wright here. Could live with Greene, Jr. or Gillies. Could even make a case for DeFratus. But Aumont is one of those guys, I think, who will always look like he’s going to break out, but doesn’t have enough control or command to do so. Aumont (currently leading) would be among my last choices off of this list.

    Ah, well. That’s why they make so many flavors of ice cream…

    1. However, if Phillipe Aumont ever gets his act together he will be a strong and cheap addition to the Phillies bullpen.

  9. Went with Watson, I think he could develop nicely down the line. Aumont imo kind of a dissappointment that he went from “possible frontline starter” to a bullpen role. He could have been better. Maybe they’ll stretch him out at some point.

  10. Current List


    1. We’re you trying to screenshot the ranking in case of tampering later? Right now it is Aumont with 116, Wright with 104, Gllies and Pullin with 72.

  11. Went Gillies. Huge injury risk, but they may be recoverable. I assume he is/will be healthy so I rank him as an upside of Victorino with a floor of an excellent 4th OF. I expect him to still have about 70 on speed/defense and 60 arm. I think he will have some walks and a notch below average power. I have trouble estimating his hit tool but I expect at least him to be average.

    It is not quite the upside potential of Greene and Watson, but the floor for these guys is pretty low. Aumont due to proximity has higher floor, major league middle reliever, but I doubt he reaches his elite closer upside due to lack of control. I think all these guys are around the 10-15 spots but I like Gillies the best since I think there is still some significant upside but injuries and attitude could knocked him out completely so I understand ranking him much lower.

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