Phils Sign Zach Miner

2013’s version of Scott Elarton is….Zach Miner.  The Phillies signed Miner today to a minor league contract where he is expected to land in the Lehigh Valley after two likely IronPigs candidates Trevor May and Lisalverto Bonilla were traded away over the last week.

Miner, 30, was originally a 4th round draft pick of the Braves and last pitched in the majors during the 2009 season when he went 7-5 with a 4.29 ERA in 51 games for the Tigers.  Miner threw in 23 games for Toledo, the Tigers AAA affiliate last season going 2-0 with a 2.50 ERA in 36 innings of work.

Miner, a big righty, underwent Tommy John surgery during the 2010 season and has struggled to regain his pre-injury form.

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  1. It’s a can’t lose sort of signing. If he continues to progress from his arm surgery, he might be a capable injury replacement for the Phillies.

    1. With Worley gone, Phils should sign Rich Harden and Brandon Webb on make good contracts. Harden pitched too long before getting treatment for an elbow and Webb has had 2 Tommy John’s. if the Phils are taking a ride on the “way back” machine, Harden at 31 and Webb at 33 were actually excellent pitchers.

      1. Such moves would be good, but I don’t see either taking such a deal in the early going.
        They can hold out hope for a better deal, knowing that SOMEONE will give them some sort of shot on a cheap deal. But I think both are decent targets on the right contract. We just need to make sure the communications are open now.

  2. I expected the Phils to sign a guy like this even before they dealt away a couple prospects, so no surprise. Hope he has a steady season for the Pigs.

  3. True story: I checked this guys stats on B-Ref after I saw the signing and thought “he looks like a candidate for the Kyle Kendrick swingman role,” not realizing that what I took to be a solid (if weak peripherally) 2012 was actually his *2009* season.

    Anyway, enjoy Allentown, Zach. Have some Yocco’s.

  4. I am curious to know who the team is pursuing to fill Worley’s spot in the rotation. Given how cautious they have been so far with $$$ this off season, I wonder is that a paradigm shift or are they saving up for something (someone) big(ish)? I doubt that they go after Lohse or Sanchez or even an Edwin Jackson. Apparently, 11 teams are interested in John Lannan. Are the Phillies in that mix?

    1. The Dodgers will also be trading some starters (Harang for $6M?), expect the Phils to be in on that too if Lannan (and Marcum) becomes too expensive (he was the guy I was suggesting last week).

      1. I like Marcum. Keep in mind, the only starts under contract for next year are Hamels and Lee. If they add a solid pitcher this year, that gives you a solid 3 for next year (figure one of the rookies will be the 5th starter and then you can fill the last spot by resigning Halladay or another pitcher. I just feel whoever they sign for this year should be more than a one year player.

        In 2014, who wins the 5th starter roll? Morgan, Martin? Pettibone? Biddle?

        1. Halladay has a club option for next yr…Utley and Ruiz should may get qualifying offers..Phil’s need an upgrade from Worley which will keep Kendrick as 5th instead of 4th and deepen farm from top down…this afford more risk/reward guys also

          1. Don’t think he has a club option , I think it is vesting option. He has to get something like 252 Innings pitched and then it vests, if not he is free (up for grabs)

  5. How does it come to be that this guy was signed today? had that Z. Miner was signed at least a couple of days back on the transactions, and also Cesar Jimenez a LHP.

    As far as the 5th starter in MLB goes, (not that it strictly applies to this thread vis-a-vis Miner, I say) they should get a RHP and another that have experience as a set-up man also, let them compete for starter and the other goes to the bullpen. I suggest Brett Myers and Carlos Villenueva. As far as Lannan- Forget Lannan. They already have 2 LHP starters, and that is just right. any more than that is too much. So, Forget all LHP 5th or 4th starter Candidates.

    1. P…ston – Brett Myers!!!! Now that would be something to witness. Charlie’s patience would surely be tested.

      1. Well, I always liked Myers. More of a “tell it like it is type”. I recall when he got hit square in the face with a line-drive, The ball went out to Left Field, and it was still kind of a hard grounder when the LF’er picked it up, and he went on as if nothing happened. And I don’t believe all of that off-the-field stuff either. That incident in Boston- the people up there ain’t above embellishing an incident if it suits their cause of promoting some political agenda.

        As far as Charles Fuqua Manuel goes, I don’t think he’s quite the bonehead, some factions make him out to be.

        1. Ah yes, those crazy Massachusetts LIEBRALs, with their dislike of violence against women!!

          And of course, let’s not forget Myers’ mysterious eye injury. Those crazy Bostonians must’ve used their mind control powers to make Myers give vague and contradictory answers about what happened to him.

    2. Silly, if a guy wants to start then he’ll only sign somewhere that’s he’s assured of a starting spot. Only kids and very old veterans “compete” for a spot now a days. I also think there’s no chance that Myers wil be back, he burned too many bridges. I think the Dodgers will trade Harang (one year remaining and $6M contract) fairly cheaply. I’d take a shot on him as our 4th starter for a year.

      1. There’s still alot of pitchers available and not many openings on teams to be filled. Some of them will be left with competing for a starting position and if a half way decent salary is provided as well, that will motivate them more. And if they had Kendrick also in position to compete for the starter/bullpen spot, there is a chance both could be starters.
        Don’t think teams have to knuckle under to the demands of everyone, as there will be many left over players when the season starts.

        Harang – last couple of times I seen him- not that impressive. The Dodgers will not give away- they will take the best they can get. So, if he is brought in, they likely might have to kiss off a couple more pitching prospects.

        1. IMO, risky but maybe ready to recover, Jon Sanchez or even John Lannan….lefties in our division are critical since Nats (Harper/LaRoche) and Braves(Heyward/Freeman/McCann) have a fair share of key lefthanded hitters.

  6. Ex-Phil starting pitchers who were/are free agents this off-season:
    Seems like a lot of names, which is the reason I made this list. I doubt that any would sign a minor league contract, except 50-year-old Moyer. Most will command a major league contract. Blanton’s signed, Oswalt may retire. I’d prefer Myers as the 8th inning guy than as a starter, but I’d like him either way. Lohse is the best of the bunch now, obviously, but he’ll likely be overpriced. Milwood may be affordable with upside with Garcia and Wolf further behind. I am in no way suggesting that any of these ex-Phils are any better options than the other free agent pitchers. I’m just making a list.

  7. Especially since we will be facing Gio Gonzalez in our own division I will be happy if I never see Freddie Garcia in a Phillies’ uniform. On the other hand, I am quite looking forward to finally seeing Ryne Sandberg back in a Phillies’ uniform

  8. I don’t think you bank on Halladay so you might want to consider spending money on a starter such as Lohse or Jackson.

  9. back in a phillies uniform> did he ever play for them in majors. i thought he got traded while in the minors/

  10. Looking at what the Phillies did in the off season, I would have sent Worley, May, Bonilla, Lindblom to the gullible Royals for Wil Myers and Odorizzi.

    1. That trade did make me wonder what kind of package Cliff Lee to the Royals would have brought back. Could they have pried Moustakas away? I’m guessing he’s untouchable, but I hope RAJ at least asked. That would have been a sight . . .

    2. Wade Davis alone would exceed that load. And they get James Shields also. What they gave up is a big deal to draftniks, they ought to win some games sometimes, instead of stockpiling prospects to impress draftniks.

  11. damm angels are loaded now. who is this closer Frieri, never heard of him, his numbers are unreal.they are loaded at every positon, but you still have to win it on the field, but a really great move by there front office, they gave there fans, something to get excited about. and if they win a pennant with hamilton, and he stinks after three years, its still worth it,aggressive move.

  12. tom they would have laugh at that package.not one of those guys we are giving up is on a par with myers.

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