‘Pigs Hog Tied; Callups

Looking at the glass half full, Lehigh Valley had a fantastic season, a season in which they completely turned around a team that had been perennially a last place team in their first three years in existence. Now the glass half empty part. Lehigh Valley may have played their worst two games of the season in the seasons final two games, which just so happened to be in the International League CHampionship series, a series they lost 3-1 with their 4-1 loss on Friday evening at Coca Cola Park.

The beginning of the end came in the second inning for Lehigh Valley when Chad Huffman came all the way around to score from first base when a Juan Diaz single went through the legs of Brandon Moss.  Paul Phillips followed Diaz with an RBI double to give Columbus a 2-0 lead.  Columbus tacked on yet another in the 3rd inning on a long solo homer by Jared Goedart. Moss attempted to make the game interesting with a leadoff homer in the 7th, his 4th of the post season, however the rest of the IronPigs continued to be unable to solve Columbus pitching, failing to get a runner in scoring position the remainder of the game. well under .200 for the series and were an abysmal 2-23 with RISP.

Notes:  Justin DeFratus, Joe Savery, Dom Brown, Erik Kratz and Brandon Moss are all joining the Phillies tomorrow.  Mike Zagurski and Juan Perez will be deginated for assignment to make room on the 40 man roster.

A huge shout out/thank you must go to the IronPigs front office who continue to give Phuture Phillies the access to make this website what it is.  General Manager Kurt Landes, Director of Communications Matt Provence, and Media Relations Assistant Nick Parson provide an environment that makes it easy to work, learn and laugh and treat this website as they do the “mainstream media” in the access allowed to the team and the front office.  We appreciate the level of trust given to us.

–Incredibly, Lehigh Valley did not have a hit with a RISP since the 2nd inning of Game 1 and were 0 for their last 20.

–The attendance Friday evening was a sell out (9,354) with just lawn seats remaining.

Ryan Edell’s line tonight: 5IP 6H 3ER 0BB 5K.


124 thoughts on “‘Pigs Hog Tied; Callups

    1. Gave up a 3-run jack to the Nats to spoil Kendrick’s strong start as well…

      Can’t say that the Phillies have not given the guy a shot…hopefully the guy gets another chance to impress them in 2012.

  1. I’m excited for the call-ups. I’m glad they called up Moss. He had a good season and great playoffs. Savery definately had a remarkable year. Started as a 1B/DH in high A and gets called up as a reliever to the bigs a few months later. Good job by the Phils brass to call up Kratz instead of Sardinha. DeFratus could challenge for a spot next yr against Schwimer and Herndon. I think Dom needs to thank Charlie for his call-up. Did not sound like Rueben wanted to call him up.

  2. I was at the Pigs game tonight, and Aumont was the pitcher they should be calling up, his stuff was electric tonight. DeFratus was in and out of trouble in the 9th, along with Savery in the 8th. However, Savery looked to stay in control throughout, and DeFratus uncorked two wild pitches.

    Moss was the lone brightspot, in which he hit a HR out of the park in Allentown. Freddy G looked great too, with one amazing place, and a couple other good ones. I feel like he should have gotten a call up with how the middle infield situation is currently. The only Dom Brown sighting was him “playing” as the first base coach tonight for 2 innings.

    1. No more minor league baseball, what am I going to do? When do the winter leagues start?

      Galvis is a big surprise that he wasn’t called up. I thought it was a no brainer to bring him up. The only reason I can think of is they want him to rest a little bit and then get back to his off-season training program. Get bigger and stronger so they can see what they have in ST.

      1. Isn’t the number of called third strikes amazing. I have seen some great, great pitchers but nothing close to 55% even against superior pitcher. Maybe he puts them in a trance with that shakey thing he does in his glove 🙂

  3. Congrates to Sandberg and the Iron Pigs on a great season! I honestly didn’t expect anything close to this.
    Secondly, Congrates as well to these guys on making it to The Show! I hope it only makes them hungrier to improve more this off season.

    1. I believe that “Matty’s” time with the Phils is finished. He should be DFA’d and given a chance to be signed by another MLB team. Good luck to him.

    2. Why would you be surprised Mathieson didn t get called up?

      What has he done to deserve to get called up?

      And what makes you think that he is in anyway part of the Phillies plans?

  4. I’m diapointed that Aumont didn’t get called up, but it will be interesting to see what Savery and DeFratus look like against major league hitters.
    With Zagurski being DFA’d could be looks like Savery has a spot and will be protected from the rule 5, this time.

    1. I think, with Aumont, he sometimes struggles with command, so they didn’t want to do anything to shake his confidence. Given his past history, I think that’s a good call.

      Overall, the call-up group is almost what I would have expected. I am a little disappointed that Galvis was not called up, but I think that was a strategic decision designed not to piss off Jimmy Rollins (I am dead serious). Savery is apparently now throwing in the mid-90s. That is fantastic news. If he is, he has a bright future and I wonder if the velocity can stay there only if he pitches in short bursts or if, perhaps, he can do that again as a starter. In any event, it’s irrelevant right now as he is a reliever for the balance of the year. If he comes in and kicks some tail, it wouldn’t surprise me if he ended up on the postseason roster because they really need another lefty for the postseason where match-ups rule the day.

      1. Agree that not calling Galvis up WAS to not PO Jimmie with the season still on. Hope Galvis continues on his workout, strength-inducing plan during the off-season. Spring training should be the realization of Galvis’ dreams…if they are unable or unwilling to re-sign J-Roll.

        Savery should be a lefty pen candidate even though he was drafted to be a starter. Relief is and should be his role, especially since the big club is “desperate” for a pen lefty…even if Bastsardo recovers his “aim” for the srtrike zone…and that is where Savery has come together as a pitcher.

        1. I think that, unless Rollins signs a Werth-like deal to stay, they sign a stop-gap guy at SS for a year, give Galvis a LONG look in ST and perhaps have him be a midyear callup.

  5. Assuming that was Worley’s last start of the season, I’m surprised they didn’t bring up Mathieson but guessing they’ll throw a bullpen game or two in there to get a longer look at Savery, JDF, and others.

  6. Best thing about these call ups is no more time being wasted on known mediocrities like Zagurski and Mathieson.

    1. Say what you will about Mathieson, but it’s not like the Phillies gave him a ton of innings. 6 2/3 IP since his first TJ surgery in 2006.

      1. He doesn’t have a major league out pitch or the command to pitch in short bursts. Every time he had come into the bigs to pitch, he looked underwhelming.

      2. 6 2/3 innings is all Mathieson earned. He looked terrible every time he was put in the game. He wasn’t great BEFORE TJ surgery. That is something that is never discussed.

        1. My point is that there are not many innings for other pitchers to get. The Phillies have used the fewest relief innings in the NL, by far.

          Oddly the Braves have used the most. Given their starting rotation going into the season, that really surprises me.

      3. He did nothing to deserve any more innings. He looked awful every time he’s come up. He has no off speed pitch (I don’t want to hear I’ve been to the games… it’s nasty… they’re triple A hitters people… they can’t hit a 99mph fastball.)

  7. Congrats to the callups.

    Moss is having a tremendous season, DeFratus showed he can shake a slump, Savery finally breaks on through to the other side, Kratz is deserving and Brown has a chance to finish on a high note.

    Way to go guys.

    1. Brown should not be called up, he is not deserving. He’s been there and done that and he was very bad. Why not give D Young or Rich Thompson a chance or any other player. Why not see what they can do.

        1. Larry – I don’t always agree with you, but you could not have articulated my sentiments any better. I think folks believe that all good players come to the major leagues fully formed and never struggle. When you’ve had guys like Utley, Hamels, and Howard come through the system and you acquire players like Halladay, Lee, Oswalt and Pence, you get can develop the notion that everyone should be really good the moment they hit the big leagues. Well, it doesn’t always work like that. Look how long it too Gordon in KC to break through and look how future star Jason Heyward is struggling this year. It sometimes takes a while. People are just morons for burying Dom Brown. He may not make it, but he has an awful lot of ability and he could still turn into a special player.

          1. And even of the players you cited, 3 had struggles comperable to Brown’s at some point early in their major league careers – and that’s NOT including Hamels, who was abused unmercifully by fans for a slightly subpar 2009 – even after his 2008 heroics!

            I really am trying to be nicer to the garden variety poster around here, but stuff like this really steams me and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. I’m not saying that he should be beyond criticism, and even there reasonable minds can differ to some extent, but this kind of stuff is just unacceptable.

            1. Hamels is different. People just hate him in this city because of how he talks and the fact that he’s better looking than they are. If he has another bad season they’ll attack him just like they did in 2009.

              I don’t understand the Domonic Brown hate. Just a bunch of unintelligent baseball fans. I wanted him sent down too but what people don’t realize: He was out performing Ibanez.

        2. Not a Brown hater but its completely true. Brown is all sorts of out of whack right now and he has been since the Pence trade. There’s no reason to call him back up right now.

          Also, calm down dude, its a baseball blog, not life and death.

          1. If the Phillies applied that logic consistently, Mayberry would not have been called back up after his time in AAA this year.

            1. So many of the good moves that have been made were caused by injury replacement.
              Looking back at some of the not so good moves e.g. Baez, removing Worley from the rotation. etc ,this team could of even done much better.

            2. Re Worley’s removals from the rotation. His firsts start was in game 25. He was “removed” after 2 starts, for 3 starts, which went to Blanton. In retrospect, of course, Worley probably should have gotten those starts, but given what the team knew at the time, it was absolutely the right call. And the team won 2 of those 3 games; Blanton pitched well in the loss, 2 runs in 7 IP; the team lost in the 12th.

              The second “removal” from the rotation was arguably a tad more questionable, as Kendrick got the starts. But keep in mind that Worley’s immdiately preceeding starts were … not good. At that point, he had had only 4 starts, 2 well pitched wins, one poorly pitched no decision, and one ugly loss. In any event, it was again only 3 starts. The Phillies won only one of those, but Kendrick pitched well in one of the losses (though he was taken out early); it ended up being a rare blown save by Madson.

              After that he was in the rotation to stay. Yes, he was sent down over the all star break, but that was absolutely the right call, as he stayed sharp with minor league starts as opposed to sitting on the bench, as the Phillies didn’t need a 5th starter for almost 2 weeks.

              So … 6 “missed” starts, all long before it was apparent just what they had in Worley, 3 of which the Phillies won, two lost by the bullpen … one game where maybe Worley might have made a difference. Meh.

              Baez … he mainly pitched in low leverage situations, and his results were for the most part pretty good early in the season (not so much as the season wore on). Given the rash of injuries, just having him around as a warm body, soaking up low leverage innings, had some value. Now, hindsight is 20-20, and in retrospect getting rid of him sooner might have made the difference in a game or two, but … who ultimately would you have put in his role? A premature call ups for Schwimmer? Matheison? It’s not like the options were that good.

            3. I do think Rick’s post is a picture perfect example of why reliance just on subjective observations can be so deceptive. It’s human nature to subconsiously construct coherent narratives to make sense of a world that often doesn’t seem to make sense. Mayberry gets sent down, performs horribly, and gets called up. Despite his horrid AAA performance, he plays very well for the Phillies. That contradicts our expectations by itself, but it is also an inconvenient fact for those constructing a different narrative now about Brown. So instead of taking a minute to actually look at the numbers – which were unambiguous, there is no way to spin Mayberry’s AAA numbers – we have a knee jerk reaction from Rick, completely contrary to the facts. Constructed narritive beats the facts every time.

              And if you look at the kind of errors that are made every day on this site by commenters, I’d say that more than half, probably a lot more than half, are of that type. A player has a torrid month? Must be a real improvement – our minds recoil from the real explanation, which is likely randomness. But then we need to construct stories to explain the improvement. A nice example was … what, 5 games after the Pence trade, people were serious ascribing some good games by Howard to Pence’s presence behind him in the batting order. We haven’t heard much about that lately. (This is seperate and apart from the question of how good Pence has been. I haven’t changed my thoughts one bit about the trade, but obviously he has played quite well. But his effect on Howard has been zero.)

            4. And for those too lazy to click through, it’s not simply a case of both players being bad; Brown’s AAA numbers are signficantly BETTER than Mayberry’s this year. Brown was really fine overall as a hitter, except for his power being off a bit. The issue was his fielding.

            5. Mayberry: .265/ .287/ .442
              Brown: .261/ .391/ .370

              Where exactly are Brown’s #’s “significantly better” than Mayberry’s? Seriously, point out where he was performing at a higher level and deserved to be recalled. Or was it his sterling defense instead of the keystone kops performance(s) put forward by Mayberry that made Brown worthy? Oh wait, reverse that.

              Look, don’t waste your time calling me a Brown hater b/c that’s not the case. I’ve traveled to see him at both Reading and LHV (not to mention his2 HR game in Philly). But calling this season anything other than a step back isn’t intellectually honest.

              Let’s hope he gets straight this winter and comes back strong in March ’12. He’s going to need to perform to win the LF job, it’s no longer being handed to him.

            6. Rick,

              Regarding Mayberry’s hitting, you were wrong, admit it.

              Regarding the comparison, did you notice the 104 point difference in OBP? Even if OBP and SLG% had equal value, Brown would be “signficantly” better as a hitter. If we place an accurate value on OBP, the gap is even greater. Yes, Mayberry was better in the field. But we were talking about hitting. Mayberry went to AAA and hit like crap. Not only do the numbers show it beyond all dispute, I recall a lot of people on this site talking about how he was “sulking” in AAA after being sent down. Not that I bought that narrative at the time, just as I don’t buy that narrative about Brown.

              One rule of thumb: when you are in a hole, stop digging.

              My point remains. If we followed your logic regarding AAA performance, Mayberry would never have been called up.

            7. And here’s the thing Rick, if you don’t want to be called a hater, than at least adopt a rational position vis a vis his hitting. Fielding I’ll grant you even if I think you are overstating it. But as for hitting, I won’t repeat points made earler, but even if you’re going to ignore the positives of his hitting performance, over value small samples, and ignore the fact that many, many very good players had a rough major league adjustment period, to just simply ignore the injury is … incomprehensible to me. It’s an injury that takes a long time to recover from, and that has the specific effect of sapping power – exactly what we saw with Brown. Compared to some others with the same injury, his recovery was actually pretty good.

              The fact is, and I’ll say this as kindly as possible, calling people who are as down on him as you are “haters” is the charitable conclusion.

            8. Larry, could it have something to do with the fact that Mayberry was abysmal his first few weeks in AAA then seemed to really bear down and raise his stats in all areas? Not to mention play above a handicapped level OF? Brown seemed to do the opposite, or at least start off mediocre and never really right the ship in AAA.

            9. When you speak of the positives of his hitting this season, are we concentrating on BB%, K% and OBP? If so, then I’d totally agree he has continued to improve in those areas. I’d also say that I hope his dismal SLG is a direct result of his injury and therefore will be corrected in 2012.
              I’m not down on him in any way other than being realistic about a disappointing season.
              Try not to be so pretentious, its kind of annoying.

            10. Mayberry: last 10 games in AAA: .250/.238/.475. Sorry, decent power does not make up for a sub .250 OBP. Last 4 games, .067/.067/.267. Not that that means anything, small samples and so on, but again, it just confirms that people see what they want to see. He did not “bear down and raise his stats in all areas.” Didn’t happen.

              Pretentious? How so? My comments about the narratives people construct, maybe? Spot on analysis IMO. Am I wrong? Aren’t your retrospective comments about Mayberry proof of the truth of what I’m saying?

              Brown hitting: let’s see. You agree about the positives. And seem to – albeit grudgingly – concede that the power issue is likely connected with the injury. How to square this with your comments and tone throughout this thread? I can’t do it, maybe you can. Oh, and minor point, but a .148 ISO in the majors, and a .109 ISO in AA, certainly does qualify as disapointing, but is hardly “dismal.” Especially in light of the injury.

              And “a handicapped level OF?” Really? And you wonder why I call you a hater?

            11. B/c you’re quite hostile to anyone who disagrees with you.
              Although I think we’ve established that agree with you on almost every point. I guess its just your cheery disposition that still has you going on proving how smart you are??

            12. Wow Rick, wow. I can understand people reacting to past posts and reputations, but please point to ANYTHING in the recent string of comments on my part that qualifies as hostile? If anybody is getting a little testy, it’s you.

              And as for “still has you going on proving how smart you are,” I’m not trying to prove anything, except that my original point about Mayberry was correct. Which it is. If anyone is going on and on, it’s you. You made a comment about Mayberry that was wrong. Objectively worng, not open to serious dispute. Instead of graciously conceding same, you go on and on, shifting positions – to positions that also are wrong. And now that it’s pointed out to you, YOU’RE the one getting hostile. Mind you, I am not going to criticize you for it – pot/kettle, after all – but let’s at least acknowledge what is going on.

              The real irony is that there IS a position critical of promoting Brown that, while still IMO wrong, is at least reasonable. One could say, “look, his hitting isn’t the problem, his defense is. And it is really bad. Maybe not as bad as Ibanez’ but that’s damning with faint praise. Worse, in the last couple of weeks, it seems to have effected his confidence and maybe bled over to his hitting. He’s better off taking some time off and starting fresh next year.” Now I don’t buy that, but at least it’s reasonable. And it doesn’t depend upon exagerated criticisms or personal attacks (though to be fair the latter mainly came from other people, not you).

            13. Honestly don’t think I’m being hostile even in the least bit. Nor do I think I’m being unreasonable in my assessment of Brown. I also think in the end Mayberry has proven me right but that’s another argument all together.

              I think we can both agree that with an off-season to heal and come back next March 100%, Brown can (and must) come back next year ready to go.

            14. Rick,

              You were wrong, specifically, about Mayberry’s AAA performance. His subsequent major league performance doesn’t retroactively raise his AAA stats. His subsequent major league performance certainly does justify the promotion. But that was my point – I wasn’t saying that Mayberry shouldn’t have been promoted. On the contrary, I was using the fact that his promotion WAS justified to argue that the logic of those opposing the Brown promotion was flawed. One can argue that Brown’s fielding was a crucial distinguising factor, but the mere notion that poor performance in AAA precludes a promotion is just wrong.

          2. Except that Brown actually played decently in the majors, considering he was coming off an injury that takes awhile to bounce back from.

        3. It’s not Brown hating, it’s calling it what it is, he is a player who needs to work more in the minor league. His offensive skills need more work and he has no defensive skills so why not give left field or any outfield position to someone more deserving. There are other good minor league players in the farm system that are better than D Brown, other players that have defensive skills, but all you hear about is D Brown, there are other players who put in there time, unfair to the other players. True players come up not fully formed but they do have defensive skills, Utley, Pence Howard not Brown. He’s had his chance they should let someone else get a chance. So it’s not hating Brown, it’s giving another player a chance.

          1. This is wrong on many levels, but I don’t have the time or energy for a long response (just spent my time or energy on the long response to nowheels). But in brief, (1) the fairness argument makes no sense – call ups to the majors are based 100% on the needs ot the team, short term or long term, and zero percent on “fairness,” and that is how it should be, and (2) There are no passed over players in the upper minors better than Brown, or even close to his ability. Believing so represents either massive ignorance about evaluating baseball prospects, or an irrational bias against Brown.

            Oh, others players put in their time? So what?

            You are a hater, admit that much please. You think (wrongly) that you have reasons for that hatred, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t a hater.

            1. Not sure if people are so much Brown-haters as more Brown-disillusionists. If you look back just 15 months ago on this site, you will see most people wanting Brown to be brought up to the big club, claimimg he has nothing left to prove in the minors. Nay a negative word on the kid. But now… ..boy, how the worm has tuned!
              Nevertheless, look how great Jason Heyward was going to be last year. Now look what had happened to him.
              Here is a comment this afternoon from a Brave fan from the Atlanta-Journal-Constit.
              ‘phil – September 18th, 2011 1:49 pm……Fire the Braves PA announcer…His voice is as annoying as a Heyward grounder to second…’

            2. You don’t have to be a hater to think Dom Brown needs more seasoning, particularly in the field, where he was shockingly bad on his routes to balls. On the other hand, putting him on the bench for the stretch run won’t hurt him and might help; leaving him off wouldn’t help him and might hurt.

            3. Here’s the thing (or things) Ron – and I don’t include you in this, as you are more balanced, if a little more pessimistic than I am:

              (1) Setting aside for a moment disagreements about where Brown is as a prospect, what bothers me the most is the … anger … that seems directed at him. Part and parcel of this: (a) remarks about his attitude, (b) comments about not “derserving” to be called up.

              (2) Regarding the hitting, the criticism is pretty much wholly irrational, a combination of not recognizing the strengths of Brown’s play (BB%, K%), not recognizing the fact that not every player adjusts to the majors at the same rate, lack of understanding of the perils of relying on small samples, and ignoring the injury (which was likely the cause – that, or even random chance – of his only real deficiency, his somewhat dissappointing power).

              (3) Defense was a real problem, but even there the haters are particularly irrational in terms of the level of distain for his defense. No, he wasn’t worse than Ibanez, which is I suppose somewhat damning with faint praise, but even though it is a real problem, some people around here are exagerating it massively.

              Now, 2 and 3 are annoying, but it is only 1 that affirmatively angers me.

              Combine some of the above, and you get people like anon who have …completely given up on him, and are upset that the Phillies haven’t!! Apply that standard routinely, and there are at least a dozen HOFers, and hundreds of solid, even star, regulars, who would have had no careers because of rocky starts. Mike Schmidt batted .196 in over 400 PA as a rookie. Cliff Lee had a 6.29 ERA in 20 games (16 starts) in 2007. And I could go on, and on, and on.

            4. A – true enough. But that wasn’t anons point. You clearly don’t agree with him. In fact, as to the issue under discussion, you agree with me.

            5. I agree with your assesment on the Domonic Browm situation. While it bothers me that his actual play in the majors has been unfairly judged by many of the usual dim reactionaries around here, I don’t feel the need to give rebuttals. You will never convince the ‘haters’ because either: 1. They hate him because he didn’t meet their ridiculous expectations of a rookie player, 2. They hate him because they are part of the ridiculous ‘Derrick Mitchell, Overbeck, Rizzotti are major leaguers, but don’t get the chance over Brown’ club’ or 3. They have no clue how to interpret K%, BB%, wOBA or OPS+ for a Major League rookie.
              No need to give yourself ulcers, trying to reason with the unreasonable.

          1. I just wanted to be nice to the people who think these guys are every day mlb players who haven’t gotten their fair chance.

  8. I’m really happy for guys they called up. Some of these players have worked through disappointments and past failures, but they have maintained faith in themselves and worked hard to improve. I wish great success to all of them,
    The promotions of Kratz, Moss and Savery are especially satisfying. Frankly, at the beginning of the year, I thought all three were career minor leaguers. I’m very happy they proved me wrong.

  9. But, I do feel for Drew Naylor. I have no idea if he would have had a major league career, but the injury certainly can’t help.
    I hope he recovers and shows up once again in our system.

  10. Having Sandberg in the dugout. Could he possibly be in line to be the bench coach next year and if (when) the Phils win another World Series do you think when Charlie is ready to hang them up that you just move Sandberg up from bench coach?

    1. I wish. Would love to have a Joe Torre/Don Mattingly situation.

      I think he’s going to get offered a managerial job (Cubs, White Sox, Marlins, Nationals, etc). I can’t see him turning that kind of opportunity down.

      1. The Nats sure they lhave players as do the Marlin but mid management is a large problem in Florida. The Cubs are also a management trap. The White Sox have a history of failure. If it were me there is only one manager job I would even consider.

  11. Maybe Sandberg can talk Cholly out of those fits of silliness e.g. pitching Bastardo 3 games in a row.

  12. I would assume Sandberg gets ana MLB job managing and if not the Phils will make him a member of Charlie’s staff. Either way, will be interesting to see if they move Parent to AAA or leave him at AA. I think with the key pitchers and Valle moving to AA, he will stay in Reading.

  13. Big day for all the call ups. Congrats to all the Phils and management (except Wheeler)(unless he is considering retirement. Pence sound like he was having some real fun. Not being with the Astros and winning can do that to ya.

  14. A little help…

    They RECALLED Brown and DeFratus but SELECTED Kratz, Moss and Savery.

    Is the distiction due to the first two already being on the 40-man roster?


    1. Exactly. It’s a little convoluted, but having a player on a minor league roster means that the Phillies own a purchase right on that player. Thus, when they promote him they SELECT his contract from the minor league team.

      1. Always funny how such quaint terminology arises in most industries, functioning as private languages. Not as bad as legal or military, but baseball has its own obfuscation lexicon.

  15. NLCS Game 6, Bottom of 9th, 2 on 2 out, down a run, pitcher spot due, pinch hitter coming up, Savery or Bowker? Who u got?

    1. Since neither player will be on the post season roster I expect it will be Mayberry against the lefty and Gload vs. the righty.

    2. For real? Bowker has been a reasonably successful big league pinch hitter. Savery had a great April in high A ball ball.

      1. I am wrong but hasn’t Bowker struck out a lot here. I am sure Savery can at least tie that record or maybe do a little better.

  16. Those that want to do a little research may want to investigate the career of Larry Hisle relative to the future performance of Dom Brown. Hisle was a 5 tool outfield prospect in the late 60’s who stumbled in his early years with the Phils (probably due to being rushed) before becoming a top DH in the AL in the first years of the position. With Mayberry likely to be starting most games in LF next year they will have the opportunity to bring Brown along more slowly.
    I am still a believer in his talent.

  17. Brown’s OBP/SLG: 335/393
    Greg Luzinski Age 23: 330/394

    Brown’s OPS+ this season was 98. There are dozens of players who hit worse than that at this age who had All Star careers. Matt Williams, George Bell, Roberto Clemente, Roger Maris, Carlos Lee, Mike Schmidt, Bobby Abreu. Not to suggest Brown will be an All Time great, but the peak of a Carlos Lee is certainly reasonable.

    1. A minor issue – obviously I agree with your point, but to further amplify it – his wRC+, which is scaled like OPS+ but much more accurate – was 101 – and was rising, 119 in July.

      His overall AAA wRC+ was 121, not as good as previous years, but not bad (much better than, for example, Mayberry’s AAA numbers). His problem there, as it was in the majors, was relative lack of power – a common and predictable (but usually temporary) result of his injury.

    1. Yes, but . . . . .

      His fastball sat in the 90-92 range, hitting 93 only once. It was his debut and it’s been a long year, so it’s hard to know what to make of this, but, IMO, you generally want your late inning relievers to sit in at least the 94-95 range. I think one of the major problems the Phillies have had with their bullpen recently is that there is nobody who can come in and just blow hard heat past the opposition. Stutes and Bastardo are close to being in that range, but not quite.

      1. Stutes was not throwing badly last game. Two outs, two balls hit infield leather, a good bitter and a decent hit. His ball was moving. It seems the umps are far from helping the Phils especially border call by the youngster.

      2. One inning , No hits and No runs, only 13 pitches in his first appearance ever on a big league mound. Hard not to to be positive about that especially facing Berkman, Molina, Furcal and Jay. JDF has consistently thrown 93-95 this year, hitting 96 occasionally. He was visibly nervous and handled it well, kept his FB under control. Give him some credit.

        1. I’m not burying him or building him up. I am just observing what I saw. It would be nice to see the FB sitting in the 93-95 range – that’s a big difference from what he was throwing last night. He seems to have an endearing personality, however. I loved the reaction after the Victorino catch and his overall conduct in the dugout.

      3. It’s not like he’s a 4 seam fireballer….

        He throws a pretty hard sinker and slider. Velo isn’t as important

        1. You mean like David Herndon and Mike Schwimer? With all due respect to those guys (either or both of whom may become very good middle relievers), we are not in need of a guy like that for the back of the bullpen.

        2. Velocity is important for a guy like him, because he doesn’t have any plus secondary pitches. He seemed to have a live arm, so maybe there is more in there.
          Right now, watching him pitch, reminds me of Ryan Madson without the Change-up. Which is kind of… eh.

  18. In a “by the way” comment, Trevor May landed a spot on Baseball America’s 2011 Minor League All-Star Second Team. No pitchers who finished the year in Single-A made the First Team. Travis d’Arnaud also made the second team.

  19. I like what I saw out of De Fratus last night. He seems to have good movement on his fastball and has a decent slider. I’d like to see a little bit better velocity but there’s time for that. Seemed to me he was throwing mostly sinkers.

  20. Moss was the only batter who couldn’t hit Motte tonight (Ruiz double, Moss K/2, Rollins double, Vic-hard grounder to short) I missed Utley’s at-bat, but I know he was on base. This is a great test for the call-ups with the Cardinals trying desperately to stay in the playoff picture. It makes DeFratus’ effort all the more impressive.

    1. Moss came off the bench and took some good hacks at mid nineties fastballs. He will win many of those battles but does have trouble with slow breaking stuff.

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