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Lehigh Valley

Rich Thompson, 32, .288/.381/.400 in 250 AB’s; 2 HR 13 RBI; 29/33 SB; 10%bb/17% k rates; .244 vs. LH, .308 vs. RH, .276 with RISP; Hitting .328 since June 1.  72 games in the OF (70 in CF) with 1 error .993; 2 OF assists.COntinues doing what he does…hits, steals bases, creates opportunities, and plays great defense.

Brandon Moss, 27, .258/.357/.505 in 287 AB’s; 17 HR 53 RBI; 2/7 SB; 13%bb/24% k rates; .238 vs. LH, .266 vs. RH, .278 with RISP; .273 with 11 HR since June 1. 72 games in the OF (55 in LF); 2 errors (.986); 11 OF assists.  Has been the ‘Pigs best power hitter as of late and has a very good eye at the plate.

Delwyn Young, 29, .241/.279/.386 in 311 AB’s; 8 HR 36 RBI; 0SB; .228 vs. LH, .247 vs. RH, .200 with RISP; .327 in July; 5% bb/25% k rate. 63 games in the OF (55 in RF) with 2 errors, 2 OF assists.  Young’s bat has begun waking up from a season long slumber recently.

Scott Podsednik, 35, remains on the DL.


Steve Susdorf, 25, .336/.401/.484 in 217 AB’s; 6 HR 30 RBI; 6/6 SB; 9%bb/17% k rates; .358 vs. LH, .329 vs. RH, .358 with RISP; .347 since June 1. 57 games in the OF (46 in Rf); 2 errors (.981); 2 OF assists.  Susdorf is finally getting the chance to play almost every day and has been just raking the ball.  I would like to see him get a chance at AAA before year’s end.

Mike SPidale, 29, .316/.359/.361 in 313 AB’s; 2 HR 23 RBI; 13/19 SB; .308 vs. LH, .321 vs. RH, .352 with RISP; .320 since June 1; 5% bb /10% k rate.  83 games in the OF (77 in LF) with 1 error (.993); 4 OF assists. Spidale does everything asked of him with the bat.

Derrick Mitchell, 24, .277/.321/.468 in 325 AB’s; 15 HR 57 RBI; 11/16 SB; 6%bb/22% k rates; .241 vs. LH, .295 vs. RH, .315 with RISP; .298 since June 1.  88 games in the OF (83 in CF) with 3 errors (.986); 3 OF assists. Mitchell has placed himself onto the “prospect screen” with an all around good year at the plate, hitting well for average, power, and speed.

Terry EVans, 29, .184/.255/.367 in 98 AB’s; 4 HR and 11 RBI; 8% bb/35% k rates. 28 games in the OF without an error. 1 assist.




Leandro Castro, 22, .277/.304/.481 in 231 AB’s; 10 HR 31 RBI; 10SB; 2%bb/14% k rates; 51 games in the OF with 3 errors (.975); 3 assists. Has missed the last month of the Disabled List.

Michael Dabbs, 24, .224/.268/.340 in 147 AB’s between Lakewood and CLearwater; 3 HR 13 RBI, 5 SB; Hitting .148 in 61 AB’s with Clearwater.  38 games in the OF with 3 errors (.961); 3 assists; Not pretty since his promotion.

Tyson Gillies, 22, Hit .154 in 3 games after returning from hamstring injuries.  Injured himself.  Very disappointing.

Brian Gump, 24, .232/.296/.348 in 198 AB’s; 4 HR 19 RBI; 6/13 SB; 7%bb/31% k rates; .159 vs. LH, .253 vs RH, .233 with RISP.  57 games in the OF (39 in RF); 1 error (.990); 3 OF assists. Struggling along with a very high K rate and can’t hit lefties.

Jiwan James, 22, .277/.341/.384 in 346 AB’s; 3 HR 17 RBI; 18/25 SB; 7% bb/23% k rates; .263 vs. LH, .283 vs. RH, .246 with RISP. Hitting .316 since June 1.  85 games in the OF (82 in CF); 3 errors (.983); 4 assists. Has taken it up a notch and looked very good as of late.  Should be in Reading late this season or to start next.

D’Arby Myers, 22, .240/.266/.327 in 104 AB’s; 1 HR 6 RBI; 4 SB; .242 vs. LH, .239 vs. RH, .115 with RISP; 4%bb/18% k rates; 31 games in the OF (29 in LF); 1 error (.984); 2 OF assists; Missed 2 weeks on the DL in late June.  Another disappointing year thus far.



Miguel Alvarez, 21, .265/.285/.340 in 200 AB’s; 1 HR 17 RBI; 12/14 SB; .306 vs. LH, .246 vs. RH, 2%bb/23% k rates; .224 with RISP; 51 games in the OF (27 in LF) with 4 errors, (.960), 4 OF assists. A decent season so far for ALvarez but not outstanding. 

Zach Collier, 20, .267/343/.378 in 262 AB’s; 1 HR 19 RBI; 25/35 SB; 10%bb/21% k rates; .313 vs. LH, .251 vs. RH, .197 with RISP; .282 with 13 SB’s since June 1.  68 games in the OF (46 in LF) with 4 errors (.970); 6 OF assists. A good comeback season thus far for Collier.  His work with RISP needs work, but should be part of the Clearwater outfield next season if not sooner.

Anthony Hewitt, 22, .236/.274/.416 in 305 AB’s; 10 HR 38 RBI; 20/23 SB; 4%bb/33% k rates; .274 vs. LH, .222 vs. RH, .230 with RISP; .203 since June 1.  50 games in the OF (46 in RF) with 5 errors (.959); 4 OF assists. After showing signs of advancement early on this season, Hewitt is backpedaling once again with a near astronomical 105 K’s so far this year, after 1100 Low A at bats.

Bill Rice, 22. .275 in 40 AB’s between GCL and Lakewood. 12 games in the OF with 1 error.

Domingo Santana, 18, .262/.340/.432 in 271 AB’s; 7 HR 27 RBI; 3 SB; 7% bb/35% k rates; .197 vs. LH, .285 vs. RH, .222 with RISP; 38 games in RF with 4 errors (.946); 4 OF assists. A decent season thus far for the very young Santana. Concerning K rate.


Aaron Altherr, 20, .211/.272/.272 in 147 AB’s in Lakewood with 1 HR 15 RBI; 12 SB; 7% bb/30% k rate.  .288/.318/.433 in 104 AB’s with Williamsport; 2 HR 13 RBI; 10SB; 4% bb/20% k rate; .409 vs. LH, .256 vs. RH, .241 with RISP. 42 games in CF with 2 errors (.952) and 2 assists; 24 games in LF with 1 error and 2 assists. Playing well with Williamsport, gaining confidence.  Altherr is looking at a progression to a full year in Lakewood next year.

Luis Amaro, 22, .077 in 13 AB’s. 7 games in the OF with 1 error.

Kelly Dugan, 19, .271/325/.336 in 107 AB’s; 1 HR 12 RBI; 4SB; 6% bb/18% k rates; .136 vs. LH, .306 vs. RH, .200 with RISP. Last years 2nd round pick has been hitting fairly well, but needs to hit for more power and occasionally hit a lefty.  23 games in RF with 2 errors (.955) and 2 games at 1B.

Kyrell Hudson, 20, .252/.314/.333 in 111 AB’s; 1 HR 9 RBI; 14/18 SB; 8%bb/25% k rate; .154 vs. LH, .282 vs. RH, .320 with RISP. Awful against lefties but progressing, albeit slowly. 27 games in CF without an error.

Witer Jiminez, 22, .167/.222/.167 in 42 AB’s; 0HR and 2 RBI; 10 games in the OF with 1 error.

Luis Unda, 21, .318 in 22 AB’s. 5 games in the OF without an error.



Jorge Castillo, 20, .222/.260/.333 in 45 AB’s; 1 HR 6 RBI; 4%bb/19% k rate. 10 games in the OF with 2 errors.

Peter Lavin, 23, .300/.323/444 in 90 AB’s; 2HR 13 RBI; 4SB; 4% bb/11% k rate; .179 vs. LH, .355 vs. RH. Probably should be moved up a level. 19 games in the OF without an error.

Jorge Miranda, 20, .091/.167/091 in 33 AB’s; 0HR and 2 RBI; 1SB; 6%bb/37% k rate. 8 games in the OF without an error.

Brian Pointer, 19, .264/.329/.486 in 72 AB’s; 2HR 13RBI; 2SB; 9%bb/24% k rate; .182 vs. LH, .300 vs. RH. 16 games in the OF without an error.

Bernardo Solarte, 19, .174/309/.261 in 46 AB’s; 1 HR 5 RBI; 1SB; 12%bb/31% k rate. 13 games in the OF without an error.

25 thoughts on “Around the System–OF

  1. I feel like that’s an awfully charitable writeup for Alvarez. A 615 OPS from a corner outfielder screams “repeat Low A” to me (though he did have a double today). Santana, on the other hand, hit a triple in today’s action and looks to really be driving the ball the past few days. Continue to think he’s one of the more underrated guys around here . . . he is EIGHTEEN, people.

    1. awfully charitable…I called him :”decent”. Should I have said “He doesn’t suck”?

      1. Dunno, I hate to call out a kid who’s probably trying his best, but . . . there’s a corner OF in Philly with an OPS almost 100 points higher, and I don’t think anybody would describe his season as “decent.”

    2. He is still young for that level or at least on par, and repeating isn’t a terribly bad thing.

    3. Domingo’s K rate is just soooo high though. If he could get that under control, he would be a fantastic/borderline elite prospect.

      That said though, I have lingering concerns that he’s actually older than 18. I have no (as in ZERO) evidence to support that theory, but 18 year olds shouldn’t be able to hit HRs like that, especially in low-A. He just has this “too good to be true” feel about him.

      1. I dunno, they cracked down after 9/11 on that kind of thing, I don’t recall any real problems with that issue since then, does anyone else?

        I like Gillies so much I hope he can just be healthy for a whole year so I can see if there’s any justification for it.

      2. I have seen him before in person and honestly, he looks like he is at least 23. I hope that he is actually 18 though. If he was older, I don’t even think he would be considered a top prospect.

    1. I agree another disappointment for Myers, if he gets more AB’s and consistent playing time I’m sure his stats will catch up with the guys who play everyday. Myers is a very talented player. He is the fastest in the entire organization with excellent defensive skills but he has had very limited playing time. Players who play everyday stats go up and down, Myers did not and is not given that chance.

  2. For Tyson Gillies you said ” he hurt himself”, any chance you can give a little more detail? I have not read any info on his injury other then it is a foot injury.

  3. I’ve been wondering: why hasn’t Spidale ever been given a chance with the big club as a bench guy? What about him says “non-prospect”? Seems to me he has been solid for the organization since I started following this site (sometime during the Phillies’ championship season). Why pick up guys like Pete Orr or Ross Gload and you got guys who, as you put it, ‘do what we ask of them with the bat’?

    1. I looked at his stats and he was actually a decent prospect for the White Sox. He started the year in High A and got double jumped to Triple A midway through the year. Then the Phils got him and put him in Lakewood as a 24 year old where he broke the record for highest batting average in a season with .345. I would like to see him get a shot at Triple A. He was in AAA before and did nothing to deserve being sent back to Reading.

    2. Corner OF’s with zero power have little chance of landing a ML job unless they have elite speed. Spidale has the misfortune of being a singles hitter playing a power position.

        1. Thompson doesn’t hit for enough average and while he has very good speed, I’m not sure he has elite speed.

          When you think of no power corner OF’ers who have ML careers the list is small. Juan Pierre is probably the most successful recent example and he truly has elite speed and was a career .330 hitter in the minors.

          Rich Thompson is the definition of an AAAA player. A talented guy who’s just a tick below where he needs to be. A .280 singles hitter in AAA equates to around a .260 singles hitter in the majors which isn’t good enough.

          1. Actually a good comp for Thompson today is Sam Fuld with TB. Similar #’s in the minors, both good defensive, speed guys.

            I wouldn’t want Fuld to be my everyday LF’er..

    3. Simply lacks big league tools. Virtually no power. Spidale is an organizational guy in that he sits when there’s a legit prospect to play and plays when the prospects are non-existent. Useful player to have, but a AA OBP of .350-360 without power won’t play in the big leagues. And at 29, Spidale is not getting any better.

  4. Hey guys. I was watching R.A. Dickey the other night and I got a great idea. I’m going to teach myself the knuckleball! As a pitcher, I won’t have to use my legs that much. My fastball tops out at 82, so I couldn’t be a traditional guy. Here I come Philly, watch out Kyle Kendrick!

  5. Susdorf’s continued raking makes me wonder why LeMarr and the lot having been demading he play everyday for quite some time.

    On another note – when does Hewitt’s contract expire??? Just absolutely brutal. Can’t sugar coat it anymore….

  6. Its pretty depressing looking over this list. Going into the season, i thought we had a nice group of outfielders. At the mid-point, its hard to find even one guy that has exceeded expectations. Not one age appropriate 300 hitter unless you count Susdorf at age 25 in AA or Unda in 22 ABs. Very sad.

    1. Pointer has looked good so far. Castro, Santana, and James are holding serve. Susdorf, Mitchell, and Collier came out of the wood work and put themselves onto the map. I agree though, I thought for sure one of these outfielders would have a true break out season. A few are having ‘nice’ seasons, but none has really shown that they’ve put it together and are top 100 level type prospects – and I thought for sure that would happen this year. Still a few nice developments. Hopefully a few of these guys (Collier, James?) finish hot and move themselves into that territory…

  7. Derrick Mitchell was ranked 43 top prospect two years ago and is getting looks from all the big wigs. He is absolutely a top 30 prospect.

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