2011 Futures Game Liveblog

The Futures Game is one of my favorite events of the year. Though you won’t see the top 50 prospects in baseball, you will see plenty of elite prospects mixed in with a few interesting guys. The Phillies are sending Jarred Cosart and Sebastian Valle, and it should be a chance for both to shine. I expect Cosart will air things out in a 1 inning stint, and you may see a few 97s and 98s, which should be fun to watch. I will post my thoughts on the entire game, assuming I get to see the entire game, below the fold. Feel free to follow along. The game starts at 6PM ET and will be shown on ESPN2.

Pre-Game: Here is a nice preview article about the event and here are the full rosters.

1st Inning: Gotta love Jose Altuve. Like 5’5, and has impressed at every single stop. Nice AB from Kipnis, taking Julio Teheran deep. Teheran comes back and carves up Bryce Harper.
2nd Inning: Peacock has a bit of effort in his delivery, but showed solid stuff. Rick Sutcliffe loves everyone and everything.
3rd Inning: Everyone loves Shelby Miller, I like his fastball, but I didn’t really think his curve/change looked like anything special. Of course, its only 1 inning. James Paxton is an Andy Pettitte clone.
4th Inning: Matt Moore throws extremely hard, and it looks effortless. Command has always been his issue. Carlos Martinez. Mercy. Little Pedro.
5th Inning: Tyler Thornberg comes straight over the top. Looked more impressive than I thought, based on what I’d read about him prior to the game. Grant Green, not only a great jazz guitarist, but also a solid hitter.
6th Inning: Pomeranz’s delivery looks off a bit to me, not sure why, just one of those weird things. Like his changeup. And he gives up a home run to Silverio. Hey, its Sebastian Valle! Nice piece of hitting by Valle doubling down the LF and gets to third on the throw! Sebastian! Impressive stuff from Profar as well. World domination. Bryce Harper = bust! Henderson Alvarez is a great example of how quickly things can change for a prospect’s status. 2 years ago, his fastball was 91-93. He’s now hitting 95-98 consistently.
7th Inning: Valle looks fine behind the plate, very quiet target behind the plate.
8th Inning: Cosart time. 98s early. TV gun is reportedly 2 mph fast, so solid 96. Nasty curveball as he slays a Mets prospect. There’s a 99. He gets a second strikeout on an 85 mph changeup. That’s about as good an inning as you could have asked for!

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  1. Matt Szczur–local kid, south NJ and Villanova football and baseball stand-out. Playing lights out—MLB OF within two years. Cubs 5th round pick—Phillies could have drafted him in the 4th(2010)—instead went with Bryan Morgado—who they could have taken anyway in the 5th. Frazier does not even sign as our 5th round pick. Go figure!

      1. Matt——–As a 5th rounder he received a $100,000 signing bonus, with an additional $500,000 if he declined to attend the NFL combine and made a written commitment to baseball, at that time, before February 10, 2011. You are correct in that the Phillies would have probably low-balled the kid—-but he was a local guy and may have given a ‘home-discount’ like JRoll is going to do. (tic)

        1. You’re right Ron – He received 100K, but then they actually tore up his contract and gave him 1.5M because he backed out of the NFL draft.

          I have a friend who is actually friends with him, and he was dead serious about playing in the NFL, where he would have been a WR3 “Wes Welker” type of player. I think if the Cubs didn’t give him the 1.5M, he would have went to the NFL. He’s talking up a big game now, how football wasn’t a consideration, etc, but everyone I talked to said that football was/is his first love. He did the smart thing, and took the money – and he’s a real character guy, so he’ll be fine.

          As for his actual baseball playing ability, I saw a few of his games at Villanova, and while he’s a raw athlete, he needs a lot of work defensively. He also needs to start to hit for some gap power. I think he’ll end up making the Show, but in order for him to be even as good as Victorino, he’s going to have to develop his game a little – but hey, that’s what the minors are for. I wouldn’t bet against the kid.

  2. Szczur got over a million to turn down going to the NFL, this past season at Villanova he got hurt in the 1st game, missed more than half the season and was never himself……having that million+ sitting on the table waiting for him was too hard to resist knowing that his stock dropped in the NFL because of the injury, plus the fact how short a NFL career can be……made the correct decision….also, was just bumped up to Daytona in the FSL so we may see him in the 2nd half against Clearwater……Trout & Szczur both played in South Jersey down by the shore(Millville & Lower Cape May).

  3. Szczur has a .796 OPS in the FSL and he turns 22 later this month. Lets not make him out to be an otherworldly prospect the Phillies once again disregarded.

    When he was drafted, the consensus was that he was going to play football.

    1. Agree, lets wait and see. He probably does have the Cubs attention currently seated in Jon Mayo’s Cubs’ Top Ten Prospects Watch at numnber 8.

  4. Alonso is really impressive today 2 walks and a great play at first.

    Agreed on Miller, he looks like he needs 1-2 more years on secondary pitches

  5. Nice hit by Valle!!! Has that “Pudge” Rodriguez “look”. We could only hope. What was Bryce Harper thinking? Great arm but you need to hit the cut off man.

    1. I was so stunned of how good of a throw it was that I didn’t realize how dumb if was not to hit the cut-off man until Boone said it. Harper’s got plenty of hot dog in him.

      1. I was waiting for him to blow a kiss. He does have a gun but he will be the enemy for many years with the Nationals.

  6. great inning by cosart. also, keith law ranks the phillies’ farm system fifth overall, just behind the braves. wow!

  7. if you account for the fast TV gun (2mph) he was 95-97 and located it. Hammer curve for a strikeout, and he also got a strikeout with his changeup (83/84)

    Excellent inning, though his delivery still looks a bit messy

  8. To the naked eye (I am not an expert either), Cosart looked really, really good. PP, what are your thoughts?

    1. Cosart is a little stiff on the mound and his mechanics need refining, but the raw stuff is top shelf. Wow! Has a chance to be the first real power arm in the rotation since Schilling.

      Valle also looks very good. Strong athlete with a fine swing and who stays on pitches quite well. Really impressive.

      1. Catch: “Valle also looks very good. Strong athlete with a fine swing and who stays on pitches quite well. Really impressive.”

        That’s a key point and one of the reasons he does not take walks IMO. He has mad eye-hand coordination, contact skills, like a Pudge or a Manny Sanguillen. As he advances, he will have to learn to lay off the tougher, better located pitches outside the zone, but you can’t teach his ability to make contact.

        Valle: Most advanced prospect over 2010?

  9. Cosart reminds me of oswalt. His ball has more movement but his delivery is the thing and the way his ball pops the catchers mitt is the things that remind me the most of him.

  10. Cosart looked impressive. for the most part looked fluid and painted a couple of those fastballs. threw what looked like a changup that dived away pretty nicely.

  11. Did anyone else see the poetry of who Cosart faced? Fanned a Mets prospect, got a Dodgers prospect to pop up on one pitch, then struck out a BoSox prospect. Almost brought a tear to my eye.

  12. After watching Bryce Harper today and during his interview, I am looking forward to hating him for many years.

  13. Besides the Phillies prospects, I was most impressed with Matt Moore and Arodys Vizcaino. Damn, Moore has a nice relaxed delivery, and the ball explodes out of his hand. The numbers don’t show it, but I think Vizcaino could be better than Teheran. That offspeed pitch was pure nastiness.

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