Mayberry Going Down

Multiple sources are reporting that John Mayberry has been sent back to Lehigh Valley after just 2 at bats with the big club.  Though not confirmed, the same sources are speculating that it will be a pitcher called up to take his spot on the Phillies roster.  If so, the obvious candidates are Scott Mathieson and Antonio Bastardo, with Bastardo being the more likely candidate because of his success and the struggles of JC Romero.

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  1. Send down JC Romero, also, to work out his command issues and bring up both Bastardo and Mathieson.

  2. makes sense to me…you now have Sweeney as a RH batter off the bench, Francisco & Brown platooning are both way better than AAAA John, your only LH in the pen is struggling big time, and Bastardo has been lights out all year as long as he is healthy……

  3. Agreed. It has to be Bastardo. Well deserved.
    Romero will need to have his confidence come back slowly. It is very bad when the ‘confidence building appearance’ results in the one batter hitting a 3-run HR!

  4. I bet Bastardo and then as soon as Victorino comes back, Dobbs goes. Then the bench is Fransisco, Schineder, Gload, Brown and Valdez. Then when Howard comes back, Brown will go down for a week or so then come back up. That is my guess.

  5. Wait, no, that is not right because Valdez is starting still. So when Vic comes back, one of the pitchers will need to go back down and Dobbs stays until Howard gets back, then he goes.

    Which pitcher (JC to the DL…I would love to see Baez or Herndon with a mysterious injury and land on the DL.

  6. Roster shuffling should be very interesting. Brown and Bastardo can be optioned but Dobbs or Sweeney would need to be DFA’d assuming Victorino, Howard, and Utley return before Sept 1. I wonder if another team would just claim them to hurt the Phillies? Of course someone else could hit the DL (Baez maybe?) before then.

  7. Sweeney will not be DFA’ed. I believe the Phils will use him the same way they used Matt Stairs. Come the playoffs they will use 11 pitchers and keep Sweeney as an extra bat.

  8. With the September roster expansion coming soon, I bet they send Brown back down when Victorino is ready. He’d likely only be away a week and he would get to bat everyday. No need to expose Dobbs (their only backup 3rd baseman) to waivers this late.

  9. Brown will most likely go down, no reason to send dobbs down or outright him with expanded roster september 1st, he is a experience hitter, even though he is not hitting this season, he could get hot and help

  10. Nick , no you still got it wrong, Dobbs can’t go until Utley returns. Otherwise you have no backup at SS or 2b(Dobbs can play 3rd so Polanco 2d and Valdez ss if something happens to Rollins etc.)So we’ll have to wait until Sept. to jettison Dobbs.

  11. GKit…you are right. Dobbs would go when Utley returns but that is looking like it won’t be until after Sept 1st, so with expanded rosters, he stays all year. Either way, I would like to see Bastardo and Mathison get some innings with the Phils. It would be convenient for Baez and/or Herndon to go to the 15 day DL.

  12. Looks like Victorino will be back next friday. I think they will send Brown down for two weeks. It’s really the only move they can make since I don’t think they want to lose Sweeney

  13. I had the impression that since Dobbs has already been exposed to waivers once this season, He would be exposed if they sent him down again.

  14. Stupid question, but if Brown goes down and doesn’t return until September 1st, he’s not playoff eligible, correct?

  15. I am amazed with the constant references on the site to the DL being used as a place to hide players you don’t want to be exposed. It doesn’t work that way.

    In any event, I think the team is going to go with the upside of Brown over Dobbs. They have their lefty (Gload)/righty(Sweeney) bench tandem now and, truthfully, do not need Dobbs. I think they would also be wise to keep Brown for the postseason. What a waste if they cannot put him in games.

  16. I’m with Catch.. Dobbs hasn’t done anything for the big club since 2008. I think it’s pretty clear that 2008 was a one year aberration in Dobbs’s career. He’s shown no signs of being able to recapture that magic. I say just put him on waivers. If someone else claims him, no big deal.

  17. See that Rizzotti lined a pinch hit single to center in tonight’s game. Now hitting .444 in AAA. He is alternating starts with Andy Tracy against NL teams. Can only guess that which one has the best numbers in August at AAA might get a call up in September as middle inning left handed bat off the bench as Tracy did last season. Still hard to believe you call up a guy to AAA who has the third highest batting average and fourth highest OPS in all of minor league baseball and do not start him every game. In any event Tracy is a good role model for Rizzo to work with as he continues to have his break out season.

  18. Why is it so hard to understand that they will not expose Dobbs? They do not have any backup infielders, because Valdez is starting. Dobbs isn’t going anywhere. Brown will be sent down if Victorino gets back before Utley.
    And yes, the DL is used to hide players. Sweeney said the Mariners did it with him this year.

  19. Definitely Bastardo…bullpen needs a 2nd lefty and that’s been fairly evident of late.

    Damn shame Herndon can’t trip and go on the DL.

    Its ashame they can’t/won’t dump Dobbs. He’s been pretty worthless this year outside of a short hotstreak in July. .188 AVG on the year now.

    It’d be nice to have Worley up as a long reliever too. (in addition to Bastardo as the 2nd LOOGY)

  20. ****Stupid question, but if Brown goes down and doesn’t return until September 1st, he’s not playoff eligible, correct?****

    That’s not really an issue. Brown can be used to replace someone on the DL on the playoff roster. Its not a major issue to get a guy on the playoff roster if they really need to do it. Anyone on the DL as of 1 Sept (Moyer?) can be replaced with a player who wasn’t on the 25 man and that new player is thus eligible for the playoff roster.

  21. Mike77 – You make a good point about needing a backup IF, even though he can’t play SS/2B. Really is a shame he needs to be on this club. Guess that’s what happens when you don’t develop any 3B prospects, practically ever, in your system.

  22. Nepp is right. Anyone in the organization as of August 31, 11:59pm is eligible for the playoff roster. Jaime Moyer can be replaced by anyone for the 25 man playoff roster.

  23. Seattle was able to “hide” Sweeney only because he was coming back from an injury, nobody gives a damn about Mike Sweeney (cleared waivers) and they could contend that he needed longer to rehab. There’s no such rationale to hide David Herndon as he is NOT injured and if the Phillies try to “hide” him in plain sight on the DL, the Angels are going to raise holy hell and they are going to get their pitcher back. Absent a real injury, David Herndon is not going on the DL.

    On Dobbs, having thought about it, you may be right. It’s amazing that he is their second back-up infielder, but so he is.

  24. The Phillies don’t seem to do this “hiding someone on the DL thing”. I can’t think of any Phillie who went on the DL and wasn’t injured. There is also no evidence that the pitchers everyone wants to bring up after they DL Herndon are any better than he is at the major league level. (See recent outings by Worley and Mathieson at AAA). If they’ve kept Herndon around this long, I think it is clear that they will keep him around all year. It is annoying to constantly read that someone should step on his foot or something. As for Dobbs, why would you release him in after September, as per Nick, if rosters have already expanded?

  25. ****There’s no such rationale to hide David Herndon as he is NOT injured and if the Phillies try to “hide” him in plain sight on the DL, the Angels are going to raise holy hell and they are going to get their pitcher back. Absent a real injury, David Herndon is not going on the DL.****

    It kinda happens all the time with Rule 5 guys…even minor bumps/bruises are used to DL them. Hard to disprove “sore elbow” or “strained back”, etc.

  26. Before Brown got called up David Herndon was the youngest player on the big league team. He can be a decent bullpen option, he is young and under team control (I assume) for a few years, and will provide affordable production throughout the next few years in which the Phils have a lot of money tied up. I guess they will keep Herndon.

    Send down Romero? That’s not really an option. JC gets outs.

    Who are they going to keep when the starters get back healthy. who is the bench going to be and does Dom Brown fit in there? a bench of 5 might be Schneider, Gload, Francisco, Sweeney, and then one of Valdez, Brown, or Dobbs. I agree I think it’s time we allow Dobbs to go if he gets claimed.

    Who do you think will get that last bench spot?

    NEPP – nice answer on the Dom Brown question earlier – very interesting.

  27. Given Mathiesson’s troubles of late, and Bastardo’s 0.00 ERA and good peripherals, I think Bastardo.

  28. @mike77…you’re almost right. If they move Moyer to the 60-day DL, then he can be replaced by anybody in the organization on August 31st. If he remains on the 15-day DL, then he has to be replaced by somebody on the 40-man roster.

    @Jimmy…I don’t think it’s much of a choice in that situation. It HAS to be Valdez as your last bench option because he’s the only one that can play the middle infield positions. As the team is currently constructed, assuming health (BIG assumption) there is no chance that Brown is on the post-season roster. In all honesty, his performance doesn’t warrant it either.

  29. They Don’t need 11 pitchers in the post season, if they get there, so they would use Brown in addition to Gload, Francisco, Valdez, Sweeney, and Schneider. 2 main LH pinch Hitters in Gload and D. Brown, 2 main RH pinch hitters in Francisco and Sweeney, and Middle INfield Back-up in Valdez (R) and Schneider (L). Emergency 2nd IF could be Sweeney who also plays 3B and has done so this season, and with either Sweeney or Dobbs at 3B, that’s what it would be. Bounced from the playoff roster could be the 5th stater Kendrick or maybe even Blanton or a reliever, I suppose Herndon or Baez, as Rule 5 does not apply in playoffs. They are fine till September 1, barring more injuries or performance disasters.

    Relief call-up now, should be Bastardo, as Mathieson has even been ineffecive in AAA lately and is not a priority. This is believed to replace Mayberry now.

  30. marfis, they may not need 11 pitchers in the post-season, but history tells us that is how the roster will be constructed. There is plenty of history over the last few years on which to draw from.

  31. Okay, yeah they probably need 11, but they usually carry 12, and that’s what I should have typed, but the extra bench player will be likely when they go from 12 to 11 in the playoffs. Because they don’t need 12 in the playoffs.

  32. What is the time limit before recalling a player back to the 25-man roster if sent to minors?
    Since rosters expand on 9/1 it will not affect Brown’s return and the Moyer DL would allow Brown a playoff spot if applicable.
    My Guess:
    Brown down with Vic’s return. Either Dobbs or Bastardo with Howard’s return and the other with Utley’s return. Would the Phils actually keep Utley on DL and out of couple games to ‘save’ Dobbs’ roster spot?
    I’d be even more scared with Sweeney at 3B than Dobbs I think. Being an ex-catcher I would guess his arm would be okay.

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