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  1. Harold Garcia not only gets a hit every night, he gets multiple bases every night. I can’t remember the last time he didn’t either get multiple hits or an extra base hit in a game. Closing in on .900 OPS.

  2. Somebody yesterday was dishing out invective on a couple of pitching draft choices, so they might save a little for a couple of Williamsport position players not off to great starts:
    Cameron Rupp 4 games played 12 AB with 6 strikeouts , yesterday’s game- 3 errors- opponents stole 6 bases in game.
    Jake Smith- 27 AB’s- 12 k’s .074 BA.

    Above is an offshoot on what I found interesting in the Williamsport boxscore as they were held to 1 hit (Kyrell Hudson) so maybe yesterday’s lack of offense has good basis.

    GCL- Geancarlo Mendez doing well as seems to be starting in LF now and a leading team hitter, has also started at 2B, 1B, and DH. Although spending around 3 years in DSL, is younger than recent draftees Matthew Payton ( about 1 yr. younger), Chris Duffy ( about 2 years younger) and Patrick Murray (about 3 years younger).

  3. Clearwater pitchers got 16 K’s yesterday. Hyatt started , but went only 1 inning with 2 K’s.

  4. Here’s a little something some folks have asked about:
    From BA transactions: to Suspended list RHP Felix Cespedes, also Justin Long.
    Also report Phillies signed 19 year old Catcher, Angel Chavarin from Moncalva in the Mexican League. .273/.429/.364 in 11 games.

  5. ***Note that LV LOST 3-2 as Vogelsong blew the save…***

    We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

  6. Welcome back to the DSL Rudney Balentien. A long strange journey from Curacao to the DSL for 2 seasons, 1 dominant VSL season, extended spring, and then apparently back to the DSL. GCL could use another OF who can hit so he must either be a non-prospect or had VISA issues.

    No idea about the Cespedes suspension though if it is drugs then we’ll probably hear about it shortly. 50 games would cost him all but the last week or two of the GCL season.

  7. Law has Brown as the overall #1 prospect after Heyward, Strasburg, Santana, Posey, and the rest going to the bigs. He also says he thinks that Brown comes up this year to relieve Ibanez

  8. And Cosart at 22. Taylor is gone from the list. Singleton has too short of a track record. Wallace at 12.

  9. Brown is just sick and could POTENTIALLY be the best out of the Heyward/Stanton/Brown group. Heyward really has been horrible since that hot start, thankfully the Braves might have ruined him unless they realize he should be sent down for more practice.

  10. Mr Pants
    Heywood has been fighting a hand injury and is now on the DL after a MRI which was probably due a month ago.
    The new broke today so you might not of known. Another management cover up. JASONGATE???

  11. Agreed with Max a link would be nice, also Singleton not being ranked is ridiculous the guy could be top 10 if he heats up and hits .400 on the year.

  12. It is an Insider article. To be fair, I am not sure it is really possible for any A ball 1B to be a top 25 prospect no matter how amazing they are. The fact that he got a mention at all is pretty meaningful.

  13. Gulf Coast Phils atop the GCL North. Biddle assigned there. I like short season-also the idea of split season. I think it’s fairer than 2nd place teams in playoffs.

  14. It is interesting to note that cosart is in the top 25 and drabek isn’t even mentioned. Also I’m worried that if Werth leaves and Brown comes up, the phillies lineup will lean way too much to the left. Werth is our power Right handed bat and we could possibly have 4 of the middle of the lineup guys all lefties.

  15. the reason jason heyward is doin so bad is cuz he is hurt but yeah everyone is sayin Dom is guna be next years jason Heyward.

  16. The lineup is going to lean left for a while. Howard and Brown are going nowhere. Utley is likely to finish his career in Philly. Our top CF prospects, Gose and Gillies, are both LH hitters. If Singleton gets moved to LF, he’s a lefty.

  17. Drabek is still a solid prospect. His K/9 is a bit of a bummer this year and he is walking too many guys though which is why he lost some hype.

  18. **** also Singleton not being ranked is ridiculous the guy could be top 10 if he heats up and hits .400 on the year.****

    He’ll definitely be a Top 10 guy…on the Phillies. Overall, probably Top 100 if he keeps it up. Try to have at least a modicum of objectivity when looking at our system.

  19. Does anyone think that Naylor should go up to LHV and then potentially compete for a BP spot on the big club? Him and Worley are two I’d like to see get a chance.

  20. I can’t express how happy it makes me that Brown is atop K-Law’s prospect list. This is thrilling. Can’t wait to see this kid develop.

  21. I gained a good measure of respect for KLaw when he had the courage to come on here and actually debate/explain his reasoning on several prospects (K. Drabek specifically). You might not always agree with his ratings but he does back it up with solid reasoning most of the time and he’s willing to defend it.

  22. I for one don’t agree with his (Klaw) current ranking of Cosart. That is way too high for a guy that had some arm trouble, in what is really his first year back. I’d think additional caution is needed. I just seems like a stretch to me that a guy in low A is the 22nd best prospect in all the minors…

  23. The GCL Braves must be one of the worst teams in rookie short season ball. The very mediocre GCL Phils have scored 21 runs on 29 hits in the last two games against them. No. 1 draft pick Jesse Biddle should take to the mound for them on Weds. if he is pitching every 5th day.

  24. I’ve always respect Law’s opinion. He doesn’t sugar coat things, and is straight up with his opinion. Far too often, you see only the positives about prospects…Law isn’t afraid to be a jerk about prospects and he calls it how he sees it.

    It’s also one of the main reasons you see “Keith, why do you always hate on the *insert your team here*?”

    Also, major props to him for coming on here and debating with us in the beginning of the year…hopefully he does it again sometime. He is the ONLY reason I would even think about buying Insider on ESPN…and his chats are one of the only reasons I even visit that site.

  25. Hey y’all, I am heading to Penn State thursday night to take in the crosscutter game there.

    Who should I pay extra attention to?

  26. I know the phils have been linked to guthrie of the o’s. I’m curious what some think we would have to give up to get him. Would Kendrick, Gose, Rizzotti be fair market? I think I’d rather wait on KK till late July first as he hasn’t been bad outside of April.
    This is a pipe dream as the rube would probably never re-acquire him but what would it take to get Lee back? I think more than we got him for. May, Gillies, Happ, Rizzotti?

  27. Linked to Guthrie? God I hope that is not true.
    Guthrie in CBP will just be another Kendrick except he will make 10x more. Unless we could send Baez back nothing about that trade could help the Phils.

  28. You want to give up Kendrick, Gose, and Rizzoti for Guthrie??

    Guthrie is 31…he is 30-43 lifetime with a 4.27 ERA….he allowed 35hrs last year…no thanks..he won’t cost you that much

  29. With the Utley and Polanco injuries, the Phillies might have to be aggressive and creative. If am them, I am looking to acquire Alex Gordon. Gordon has struggled as a major leaguer, but whenever he hits AAA, he rakes. Historically, players like that do break through, sooner or later. Sometimes it takes a new environment to put the bad feelings of the old situation in the past. If I’m the Phillies, given the situation, I would take a risk and, you know what, the worst thing that happens, is that Gordon is just okay and can hold his own. But the best case scenario is that, out of nowhere, you have a very good player for the end of the year and beyond. If you asked me if I’d trade Rizzotti for Gordon, the answer would be yes. Rizzotti is a the peak of his perceived value and Gordon is at a low, but the reality is that Gordon could still end up being a super player at a key defensive position. Something to chew on.

  30. And, by the way, this is not a slam on Rizzotti – I think a lot of him. But he is blocked and we need projectable infielders more than anything right now, with the possible exception of a no. 2 starter who we cannot afford without emptying the prospect cupboard for the third time in a year.

  31. I would be highly skeptical of any talk you hear about getting Lee back. The phils greatest needs are IF position players and reliable bullpen arms.

    Lee obviously helps but he will be very hard to acquire. Wiggington would be much easier to acquire and even though he is not as good as Lee, he would be replacing some combination of Bocock/Valdez until the infield heals up.

    The Lee talk I am sure is just to assist the Mariners in fleecing the Mets for Lee.

  32. Catch I believe Gordon has been converted to outfield.

    If we do add a starter I think Ted Lilly would be the best idea.

    As for Wiggington, I dont want to get fleeced by the Orioles with them dumping contracts. The guy got hot and he no longer is hitting. Ill take Valdez.

  33. The Mets are not in position to get Lee. At least 3 teams, (Yankees, Twins and Rangers) could top a package headlined by Fernando Martinez. In order to get Lee, the Mets would have to give up Mejia and Martinez. They’re not going to do that for half a year of Lee.
    The way Burnett is pitching, I would’nt bet against the Yankees giving up on Jesus Montero.

  34. And what about the Marlins. They have the prospect and have to at least put up a show (maybe sign Lee long term). New stadium new attitude albeit bull.

  35. ya Mike you do make a point. Burnett has been awful, Hughes innings are being limited and actually has been getting worse.

    With the talent they have behind the plate already and Monteros glove being no where near ready… It makes sense.

  36. Gose to me is untouchable. Simply because you have no idea how high his ceiling is. Vic has a lot of holes in his game.

    Trade Riz sort of the same idea. How good is he?????

  37. Is anyone else a little ticked off that the package Lee is going to command for half a year will be significantly greater than the one we received. If we had to trade him they needed to do their due dilligence and get the best package possible and cause bidding wars but rube needed to unload lee on the same day, thinking people would either think lee was part of the trade or be so awe struck with Halladay that we wouldn’t even notice we gve up one of the best pitchers in the game making only 9 mil.

  38. Catch22 teams tried to trade for gordon even after he was sent down the royals won’t even listen to offers. It takes two to tango. I would of loved to trade for him before the polanco signing though

  39. And where WAS the evidence of the great hitting prowess of Alex Gordon? In college, with Aluminum bats? He only spent but a brief time in the minors after signing out of the Amateur Draft , and after some initial success in the MLB, he began to bottom out eventually, and was given the demotion to the minors after something like a .120 average against LHP’s last season, and not much better overall. Even Kansas City did not keep him at 3B, favoring over him players like Mark Teahen and Alberto Callaspo at 3B. He is now a LF at 26 years old at AAA, similar to John Mayberry. If Philly got him, that is what he would likely be, if they unloaded Ibanez (which is strongly doubted) Gordon and Mayberry could form a L-R platoon in LF, with very similar expected results from each against their respective LHP or RHP. Specialty on here- handing the 3B job to players even their own teams don’t see as 3B.

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