Lakewood Weekly Report (5/10-5/16)

Recap: Lakewood went 4-2 on the week, losing the first two, then winning four straight against Greenville and Greensboro.  They are currently 21-16, 1.5 GB of Hickory in the SAL North.  Lots of noteworthy performances this week with  Jonathan Singleton homering in his SAL debut and another pair of great starts by Nick Hernandez, including a near no-no on Sunday afternoon.

Hitters: Lots going on in Lakewood, so I’m going to switch formats a bit and give a straight stat dump followed up with some select tidbits:

  • Jeremy Barnes:  4-19, 3 runs scored, 2 RBI
  • Adam Buschini:  6-19, 2 2B, 3 RBI, 2 SB
  • Leandro Castro:  5-26, 2B, 3B, HR, 8 RBI
  • Anthony Hewitt:  3-17, 2 2B, RBI, 9K/1BB
  • Jiwan James:  8-25, 4 RBI, 2 SB
  • Darin Ruf:  5-8, 3B, HR, 2 RBI (promoted to Clearwater)
  • Domingo Santana:  4-17, 2B, RBI, SB, 6K/2BB
  • Jonathan Singleton:  6-17, 2 HR, 3 RBI
  • Sebastian Valle:  3-24, 4 RBI
  • Jonathan Villar:  11-25, 4 RBI, 4 SB, 2 E

Jonathan Villar hit in all six games this week (10 straight overall), including 7 hits in two days.  He is also up to 11 errors at SS…Castro’s HR was a grand slam that broke a 4-4 tie in Friday’s game…Darin Ruf left the BlueClaws in style, putting up a 5-5 game in his last appearance before being promoted.  He left among the SAL’s Top 10 in Avg., OBP, and SLG, and was second in the league in OPS prior to his promotion…Sebastian Valle has seen his average drop to .203 and Anthony Hewitt is down to .237...Jiwan James made two highlight reel catches in Sunday’s game…’Claws among the league leaders:  Barnes (T-5th BB), Buschini (T-6th R, T-4th 2B, T-5th 3B), Castro (2nd 3B), Hewitt (2nd K), Santana (4th BB, 1st K), Villar (T-10th K).

Pitchers: Solid starts across the board, save for another disaster from Brody Colvin and a six-walk outing by Jon Pettibone.  Hernandez and Cosart were much more than solid.

  • Nick Hernandez:  15 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 12 K, 2 BB, 7.2 hitless on Sunday before allowing solo HR
  • Jarred Cosart:  6 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 10 K, 0 BB
  • Colby Shreve:  5.1 IP (all in relief of Colvin), 2 H, 0 ER, 3 K, 2 BB
  • Brody Colvin:  1.2 IP, 7 H, 7 R, 5 ER, 1K, 1 BB
  • Jon Pettibone:  5 IP, 6 H, 4 ER, 2 K, 6 BB
  • Matt Way:  5 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 3 K, 2 BB
  • Zosh Zeid:  3.1 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 5 K, 2 BB, 2 SV

Hernandez has allowed 2 ER in his last 28 IP over four starts (0.64 ERA).  He ranks 4th in the SAL in ERA, 1st in IP, 2nd in K, and 2nd in WHIP…Jarred Cosart is striking out 11.6 batters per nine innings, and his strikeout-walk ratio is over 7/1.  He’s tied for 2nd in wins, tied for 6th in K, and 8th in WHIP…Brody Colvin has an 8.40 ERA and a 2-5 record.  This was his second start of the season of less than 2 IP and more than 7 R…Josh Zeid is tied for 4th in the league in saves.

18 thoughts on “Lakewood Weekly Report (5/10-5/16)

  1. Singleton has been great so far. Hitting for more power (2 HRs) than I expected. In his 4 games the offense has averaged 7.75 runs. Maybe that’s just a coincidence as it is an incredibly small sample size but I still think it’s noteworthy.

    I am predicting that Singleton will be the top hitting prospect in the system by the end of the year, after Brown of course.

    If Singleton tears it up in Lakewood does anyone think the Phils would consider promoting him to CLW by the end of the year? I say no due to his age and no severe need to have him on the major league roster.

  2. Agree, don’t see Singleton moving as there is no apparent need. Think he needs a very good year this year to start at CW next year.

  3. I expect Singleton to be on the slooooooow track to Philadelphia as we have a first baseman for a little while. If he has to play the OF, that might change things a little, but not much.

  4. I agree – Singleton stays put this year, and goes to Clearwater next year. He’s already at least a year ahead of the curve. Hopefully he continues to show the same plate discipline that he had last year.

    Given how Cosart is performing, the 2008 draft is looking even better for the Phillies.

    Villar is certainly worth following – I’m curious about the high error amount – I wonder if it is a case of him having a lot of range and raw athletic ability. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to a Lakewood game this year so I can find out firsthand – in the meantime, does anyone have any scouting reports of his fielding?

    – Jeff

  5. Jeff O,

    Sometimes its a question of the fields they are playing on. Galvis had 21 errors in 08 at Lakewood and everyone basically agrees that he is a superior defensive SS. Even Ozzie Smith committed 23 errors in 65 games at the age of 22 in Low-A ball.

    I don’t think that Villar is as good defensively as either of those guys but I wouldn’t get too concerned about a higher than normal error rate..

  6. Thanks 3up. I’ve seen plenty of Gold Glove winners start out with high error totals – I always figured that was attributed to them getting to so many more balls – and thus being forced to make more difficult plays – than someone with less defensive skill. Of course, a lot of errors can also mean you are a butcher with the glove. 8^)

    And now that I think about it, I’ve heard reports (and witnessed firsthand myself) that the official scorer at Lakewood is pretty tough, so that could factor in there too.

    – Jeff

  7. More Lakewood reports. Lakewood has as many interesting prospects as Clearwater, Reading and LV combined.

  8. i am friends with cosart on facebook, and he just joined a group called “i hate when i lose my black friend in the dark”

    as he becomes a bigger prospect, he is going to have to watch that kind of stuff with todays society he can get in some trouble for that kind of stuff.

  9. On Cosart: You are absolutely correct!

    That kind of s–t is not only childish, but also a large chink in his character. If he can’t respect his other teammates, he will continue to be trouble in pro ball…no matter how talented he may be.

    Also, this franchise is very short on tolerance for that kind of stuff!

  10. you need to give Cosart a break, its facebook and the point of those groups are to be funny, if a black guy joined a group named “i hate when i lose my white friend in the snow” would we say does that guy not respect his team mates?

  11. Agree with rlsed. We’ve become way to hyper sensative. Who know’s what the reason is for the name of the group.

    I occasionally have posted on other sites using the 3up3kkk name and have more than once had to explain that the K’s are strikeouts and have nothing to do with the Klan…

  12. the errors could also be the result of the 1bman not being very good at scooping out low throws

  13. All of the hitters , excepting Valle, if they were on a downward spiral, have stabilized a bit, and have started a slow creep upward which should continue. Only Barnes and Buschini should be considered for advancement prior to the end of the season among the position players. The younger players will likely remain in Lakewood for the current season.

    The most impressive stats by Nick Hernandez- 8 Games Played, 8 Starts, 56 Innings Pitched.

  14. Minor league errors can also come from lack of experience–not know when and when not to dive, to make a hurried throw, etc. That’s the kind of thing coaching and experience can temper.

  15. Keith Law just released his updated top 25 prospects on ESPN. Brown was #7, but he had this to say about Cosart, who was the only, “honorable mention”

    Jarred Cosart, rhp, Philadelphia. He could also qualify as the player who made the biggest jump. I may be getting slightly ahead of myself here, but Cosart showed up in spring training sitting in the mid-90s, prompting one evaluator to tell me he was “the second-best arm in the minors,” after the guy at the top of the list. And so far, Cosart is lighting up the Sally League, with 33 whiffs and just 6 walks in 28.2 innings. Previous ranking: NR


  16. Didn’t Schwimer say as his bold prediction that Cosart would be a top 25 prospect by year end?

    Guess it could happen.

  17. Below are 2 of the 5 sections excerpted from the Blue Claws Blog:

    2. Jiwan James made two great catches in support of Nick Hernandez on Sunday, catches which Parent described as “Willie Mays-like.” James is 8-21 on the current road trip. “He’s getting better every day, and the defense can really help you relax at the plate,” said Parent.

    On his two catches, Hernandez said: “Really, they were two of the best plays I’ve ever seen a center fielder make.”

    4. Jarred Cosart threw six innings on Saturday, allowing a run on three hits with 10 strikeouts.

    “His last outing,” said Mark Parent, translated into a big league game for me, with his fastball and curveball,” Parent noted. At the beginning of the year, Parent said he judged pitchers based on if he could win with that pitcher in a big league game, if he was catching. This start matched up.

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