Fall League Update

Scottsdale has been struggling having lost their last five games and are currently 6-9 on the season. Tuesday night’s game, a 10-9 loss, featured a 2-5 effort from Domonic Brown, while Scott Mathieson continued his dominance, going 1.2 innings, giving up just a hit and a walk, while striking out 3.  Mike Cisco also threw fairly well, going 3 innings, and giving up 2 runs (both unearned) on 2 hits.  He walked 2 and struck out 2.

The game on Wednesday, a 12-5 loss, featured the 2nd homer of the Fall League season for Steve Susdorf, a two run shot.  Susdorf was 1-2, with 2 walks, a homer, and 2 RBI’s.  Domonic Brown took a difficult 0-5, while Edgar Garcia was hit around, going 2 innings and giving up 3 runs on 5 hits.  Thursday featured a start for Tuffy Gosewisch, who went 1-3 in the 3-0 Scottsdale loss.  Domonic Brown took his second consecutive “ofer”, going 0-4 out of the cleanup spot.

Hitters: Domonic Brown: .268/.338/.500 in 56 AB’s.  2 HR 10 RBI, .213 vs. RHP; .176 with RISP. Tuffy Gosewisch: .350/.381/.350 in 20 AB’s.  0 HR and 2 RBI. Steve Susdorf: .231/.333/.500 in 26 AB’s.  2 HR and 5 RBI.  Troy Hanzawa remains 0-5 with a stolen base.

Pitchers: Mike Cisco, 0-1 with a 5.14 ERA. 7IP, 9H 4ER 5BB 7K, 2.00 WHIP; Edgar Garcia, 2-1 with a 6.30 ERA. 10IP, 13H 7ER 4BB 7K, 1.70 WHIP; Michael Schwimer, 0-0 with a 5.40 ERA; 6.2 IP 8H 4ER 4BB 5K; 1.80 WHIP. Scott Mathieson, 5 games, 0-0 with a 0.00 ERA; 6.2IP, 3H 0ER 3BB 8K; 0.91 WHIP.

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  1. its good to c mathieson dominaiting also i really hope this power put up by valle is wat we can expect in 10

  2. Can we talk about Mathieson? What can we expect from this guy? I keep reading great things about him but he seems pretty old for the AFL

  3. Mathieson is old because he has recovered from not one, but two, separate Tommy John surgeries. He was a young major leaguer on a fast track before he blew out his elbow.

    The good news is that, although his elbow is re-built, his shoulder has taken very little pounding and he is now at the age where pitcher injuries are less frequent. He could easily end up being Brad Lidge or Ryan Madson’s long-term replacement – a very high ceiling player and, by all accounts, a truly nice guy.

  4. If Scott Mathieson isn’t pitching in Philadelphia at some point next year I’ll be shocked. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is an adage that certainly applies to him. Mental toughness combined with outstanding stuff will put him in the back end of most team’s bullpen.

  5. Have seen Mathieson twice here in the AFL and he is by far the most dominant pitcher I have seen. Hit 100 3 times, a couple of 98s but made some pretty good hitters look silly with the slider. Throws it hard with late break, sort of like Smoltzs old slider. He is listed at 6’3 190 but has to be 6’5 240. The Phillys could use him now. On another note, Dom Brown has struggled with offspeed pitches here lately. Is a rail but flashes some serious power from the left side and has a gun from rf.

  6. Please let me add a winter’s rest should help Mathieson get even stronger. He and Bastardo will exciting in relief. As long as Charlie get over his “old coot” complex (Happ is again getting screwed . It only takes half a brain to know he should of pitched the seventh and more last night)
    It will be up to Ruben to force Charlie to use younger players and build a future.
    Please know more Jenkins,Garcia So-so and Bruntlett types.
    I’ll have a Schwimmer with that.

  7. Sorry NoWheels can’t let this one go by…
    Charlie’s “old coot” complex? He doesn’t play inexperienced players??? Let’s see, on his watch Howard, Victorino and Ruiz, Happ developed, Utley and Werth became stars. Madson and Hamels developed into weapons… Charlie Manuel is the best Philadelphia sports leader since Fred Shero. A good manager puts his players in position to succeed. That’s what Charlie does. He’s got one World Chamionship under his belt and needs 3 more wins to get another. Charlie is a good manager. Nit pickers who want to examine every move will always find faults, but after 20 years of misery, this guy has produced the best teams in franchise history.
    How about we hire an “old coot” for the Flyers, Sixers and Eagles? Anybody else with me on this?

  8. On a separate topic, can we get Tim McCarver off the air?
    Did anyone doubt the Yankees would get that home run call?

  9. Anybody know what happened to Rosenberg? He got shelled on the 22nd and hasn’t pitched since.

  10. Jumpin’ Says:

    On a separate topic, can we get Tim McCarver off the air?
    Did anyone doubt the Yankees would get that home run call?

    You have to wonder why Tommy Hutton doesn’t get more national airtime. He is an easy listen. I would love to see him here.

  11. i know i,m contradicting myself but i was wrong. if the phillies can still deal drabek, brown, and happ for halliday they would be insane not to. thats what this series has ultimately shown, no number 1-a or 2. drabek and brown are still question marks happ is good but will never be halliday and the phils are set for the next 5 years. with lee and halliday they would be unbeatible.

  12. dear John from the NE..I am in shock. I never thought I would hear you endorse trading away the farm. I realize that Cole’s collapse has rendered us “minor league mavens”
    doubing our scouting abilities, but truth be told we cant always see what is inside the heart of some of these guys. Granted Cole’s talent is immense but we couldn’t see the other intangibles that have detoured him to become an average pitcher. Please keep the faith in the farm

  13. what’s hurting cole now isn’t his heart, its his location. his pitches are moving like crazy, people are swinging and missing at his changeup 25% of the time. nothing is wrong with his stuff or his demeanor. he’s in the strike zone a ton, and as a result peopple make contact against him. its really always been this way. its just that this year balls have been finding holes in the defense. his FIP this season was 3.72, which is not bad. he’s striking people out and he’s not walking people.

  14. John, I hope I am proven wrong, but I can’t imagine the Phils signing both Lee and Halliday to long term deals. In fact, I would be surprised even they even manage to resign Lee, given the financial realities and the expectation of long term contracts. The financial realities are what drive the need to get players from the farm system. Interestingly, it has been pointed out that, despite the Yankees enornmous payroll and reputation for signing free agents, that about half of their roster is home-grown talent as opposed to only 50% for the Phillies.

  15. quick question bout mike durant if put in the rule 5 draft does he have a shot at getting picked up by someone else

  16. There is almost no chance whatsoever Durant is picked up in the Rule 5 draft. Teams only carry five position bench players anymore. Can you see a team using one on a .221 hitter who can only play first base and carries a horrific minor league strikeout rate? No disrespect to Durant. The only real players to worry about in the Rule 5 are usually either utility infielders or high upside relievers. Especially pitchers who had their progress delayed for some reason.

  17. I chose to belief that Hamels problems stem from the Verducci Effect. Last year, he pitched a ton of innings and he’s been extremely inconsistent and often down-right terrible this year.

    I’m hoping that he’ll be back next year or possibly if the Phils get to a 7th game.

  18. Agree on the cause of Hamels problems — too many IP last season, although reasonable exchange for WC. Also optimistic he’ll be back in better form next season. However, if we get to a 7th game, I don’t want Hamels touching a baseball.

  19. my desire to trade for halliday is not based on hamels. i remember a lefty in 1970 who was dissatisfied and traded. his name was carlton ( 1971). hamels will be great again. but i also remember too many too many hitters and pitchers who were the next great thing turning out to be nothing. if you can get one of the best pitchers in bb for 2 guys who may be good you have to do it. this team for the next 5 years without ibanez and feliz WILL BE WITHIN THE PHILLIES AFFORDABILITY. howard 22 mil utley 15 mil rollins 15 mil ruiz 7 mil vic 10 mil werth 10 mil halliday 20 mil lee 20 mil hamels 10 mil blanton 7 mil left field taylor 3rd minors bullpen 15 mil bench 5 mil. approximate cost 150 mil. easily affordable with the phillies revenues. RIGHT NOW SEASONAL TICKET REVENUES ARE 160. MIL.

  20. Ugh, I’d hate to see Hamels pitch a possible game 7. Might as well give the Yankee’s their rings now. I think Happ should get the start.

    And I could see the Verducci effect taking a role in Hamels inconsistency- I remember last year his fastball was consistently touching 94-95 in October after he had the season to get his arm stretched out and build strength- this year he’s more like 89-90. That’s significant.

    I feel like his other shortcoming may be his meteoric ascent through the minor league system. He never had the opportunity to really establish a 3rd and 4th pitch for his arsenal in games that don’t matter. He has zero confidence in his curveball and as soon as it gets hit he just stops throwing it.

  21. since it is game of the series i hope these mlb comments are not ” hijacking the thread”. a hypothetical the phillies are ahead big early, take out lee for game 7.

  22. I don’t think Hamels’ problems, at least right now, stem from overuse. I don’t know what games people are watching, but Hamels was throwing in the mid to high 90s this September and is now often in the low to mid 90s, typically sitting at between 89-93. It’s the same as it’s always been. Hamels problem is that he’s a young pitcher who is still learning and he does not quite have the command he had last year. It happens to most young pitchers – two steps forward, one step back, etc. . . . He needs to develop a cutter or other moving fastball and he needs to know precisely when to use his curveball. Regardless of what happens for the rest of the post-season, I’m not worried about Hamels.

  23. The Phillies will NEVER have Hallday AND Lee. You can write about it, dream about it, blog about it, write your Senator about it, parade up and down Pattison Avenue about it, but it’s not going to happen. I would be thrilled if they just kept Lee and continued to keep their other options open. Folks, the starting rotation is not the reason they’re behind in this series, it’s their bullpen, their poor situational hitting, their inexplicably mediocre fielding, the quality of their opponent, and an awful lot of bad breaks and Hamels just not being “on” right now (not an excuse mind you, but a reasonable explanation). If everything went a little differently, the series could be tied right now. But, having gotten over the horrible hangover of last night (I was there, I sat about 25 feet from where Feliz hit his homer), I still think this team could do something. If nothing else, they are resilient and mentally tough. But, for the love of God, Charlie, please don’t bet the entire season on Brad Lidge!

  24. catch their bullpen next year will be different with mathieson imo having a big future, plus a number of other guys from the ststem who can fortify the pen. i agree the baseball gods have not been with the phils this ws SO FAR. but the one thing they can change next season is halliday. as i wrote above they most definately can afford both lee and halliday and in playoff bb you need 2 aces. btw i stand in section 103 everygame.

  25. Anyone hear Montgomery on WIP’s midday show today? When asked about off-season contract decisions (I know–I don’t want to think about it just yet either) he made a few pointed comments about wanting to be aggressive with moving people up through the system.

    I’d have to think he’s talking about the pitching staff–I’d be shocked if they brought Pedro back. Is Drabek ready to take his place? Or could Drabek or Mathieson step into the bullpen right out of ST? They seem to value Bastardo pretty highly.. I’d imagine he starts out of the pen next year..

  26. @ m2_217:

    I agree — he’s probably talking about the pitching staff, unless the organization does something crazy like trading one of the starting outfielders to clear room for Taylor. Bastardo should start the season in the MLB pen, and I wouldn’t be totally shocked if Mathieson did as well (though I think it would benefit him to get a bit more minor league time under his belt first). Phuturephillies has advocated for Drabek starting in the MLB pen next year; I’m expecting him to start in Lehigh Valley’s rotation, but I certainly wouldn’t rule out the Phils’ pen as a possibility, especially given those Montgomery comments.

  27. Hamels fastball velo is the same as last year. check it out on fangraphs. Velocity loss isn’t his problem.

  28. I don’t know what dream world people are living in where Hamel’s is consistently throwing 93-95? He has never sat at that velocity. The problem is that Hamels was convinced by the media that he is a legitimate 3 pitch pitcher. Which he IS NOT.

  29. To cole hamels….throw the change then the change then a change, then the fast ball on the corners, problem solved. scrap the curve. now onto the system. I think mathieson will make the team, just for the fact that were losing eyre, probably durbin, don’t know if bastardo is ready yet. plus on the rotation say goodbye to pedro and myers..possibly moyer. i don’t see them spending money on a bigtime reliever. also expect rosenberg to be up next year. i dont live in philly anymore but if what giles said was true do i dare say that drabek would be up for a substantial amount of time ala… tommy hansen. i would like to see him pitch some more in AA and AAA but hey if he can do it who is the next wunderkind sp prospect we can drool about…colvin?

  30. Its just been s strange year for Hamels. I believe he needs to
    do things his way and stop thinking about other people ideas.
    The year just started wrong, previous year’s inning talk, (I am about to catch hell again),not leaving him in Florida after all the” its a 162 games” b.s., family issues hurt also. Lets face it
    he is a unusual guy who is also very young and on a fast
    merrygoround. A winter off playing with the baby and a little
    more maturing and 2010 will be the medicine he needs.

  31. I also think Hamels will be a good pitcher for several years. I am seeing a changeup that is not quite as crisp and on a dime as it has been in the past and he is not commanding his FB as well. Also, when he is going well, he gets a lot of swings and misses off chest- and shoulder-high FBs, much like Happ. I am not seeing that lately. The comment on the fangraph is intersting. Id on’t think he has lost a lot of velo, but I don’t see his FB as electric as it has been at times. Before, at 92-94 (his best FBs), hitters looked like they the ball was on them too quick and they could not get around. Now, many pitches at 89-92, but hitters seem to be on it.

  32. Cole Hamels is still going to be a big star – he’s just in the process of figuring everything out. Let’s hope he can get a head start on that process in a WS Game 7.

  33. I have to speculate that Montgomery was talking about cost saving opportunities with youth on the pitching staff. I think Bastardo, Mathieson, Drabek would seem good candidates to challenge for roster spots.

    Which makes me wonder where/if he would potentially spend savings… hopefully it’s on prospects…

  34. Cole will be fine. He has never struggled before in his life so this is new to him and after last year’s postseaosn success, he put lots of pressure on himself. Does anyone remember how Carlton did the year after his monster year of 1972? He lost 20 games and stopped talking to the press because of what they said. Obviously, he rebounded to have many more good years and Hamels will also.
    I’m pretty sure the Phils will try to extend Lee for two more years after next year and it will be interesting to see if Lee takes the sure thing or holds out for more after next year. However, this is a minor league site and I’ll focus there. Matheson is certainly making a case for himself and Bastardo is downright nasty at times and if these two don’t make the club out of ST, they’ll definitely be called up at some point. I would be very surprised to see Taylor or Drabek make the team initially. The big club should be able to retool the bullpen and the bench with solid veterans who want to play on a winning team. The Phillies are an attractive destination now for free agents and that certainly hasn’t always been the case.
    Lastly, does Pedro have one more gem left in his terriric career??

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