Arizona Fall League is under way

Edgar Garcia picked up the win in the first game of the Scorpions season, allowing 1 ER in 2 innings in relief. Michael Schwimer pitched the 9th allowing 1 ER on 2 hits and a walk and also recording a strikeout. Domonic Brown was 1 for 5 with a HR. There will be a steady stream of games, and MLB is using the Pitch F/X in 2 of stadiums (3 teams total), so we should get velocity readings as the season rolls on. Stay tuned.

29 thoughts on “Arizona Fall League is under way

  1. This kid(Garcia) still has good stuff and may have a nice come back ala Correa but didn’t exactly dominate even repeating clearwater but I will have a hard time getting guys lik him and sampson, Flande etc. into my top 30 this off season w/all the talent we have. He is one of the guys I’m very happy to see going to AFL to make up some work @ a high level. If he does well he’s back on the map.

  2. Also glad Schwimmer is going he is a very important BP piece going forward. I think our systems’ future is bright in the BP, OF, and starting pitching. If we have a couple nice surprises next year ie. Galvis, Mattair, and draft Infielders early and often if they are near their projected slot, we will have most of the peices we need. I have to admit I don’t understand the “we should take the best guy available” mentality. In baseball you see guys like Ryan howard and Mike Piazza get drafted late and become studs and 1st rounders not even catching a glimpse of the majors. Im not at all advocting taking a guy projected to go in the 4th round in the second, just if we pick @ 33 and 66 if we have someone projected @ 20-45 and 50-80 @ a position we need like 3B, 2B, SS, or even 1B, lets take a shot instead of taking another toolsy outfielder with upside.

  3. Marky mark, one of the surest ways to have that high pick not pan out is because you reached for a player because of positional need. For example, let’s go back to the 1999 draft. Let’s say you have the 52nd pick in the draft. The Rays took Carl Crawford with that pick. That pick worked out beautifully, he’s been to three All Star games. But what if you decided that you HAD to have a third baseman? The next one picked was Michael Snyder. In between, such names as Brandon Phillips, Ryan Doumit, Ryan Ludwick, Ben Broussard, and John Lackey were picked. That’s a lot of talent to pass by because you decided you HAD to have a third baseman.

  4. Alan, you’re right to say that a team should never draft for need. That being said, I believe that teams generally slot draft candidates into different hierarchical groups (at least, this is how it works in the NFL), and you don’t pass up a player from Group 1 to take a guy who plays a position of need from Group 2. So the solution is fairly simple: sure, don’t reach for an infielder, but if you have two guys carrying similar grades, it makes a heck of a lot more sense at this point to take the third baseman over the outfielder.

  5. Alan: you also have the benefit of knowing the outcome of that draft. The point i guess i was trying to make was that if it’s a guy within 10-15 slots eiter way, that isn’t a whole lot as far as talent in baseball because there is far more projection than with any of the other sports i think. It’s difficult to measure desire, upside or even distinguish between the different levels of competition each individual has competed against. Golsen was a 1st rounder with superior talent, as was mayberry, and Hewitt had the biggest upside of the whole draft last year, while howard had a whole in his swing, taylors’ swing was messed up by stanford, utley couldn’t field, and rollins was too small. Cole was injury prone and shane was an unwanted rule #5. There are many more examples we could each list in our defense but i’m just saying if it’s not much of a reach get the position of need or start trading some of our surplus for positions of need.

  6. Friar, there are times when we have to slightly overdraft so we don’t have 20 outfielders and no infielders. If we do our homework we can get a guy others aren’t quite as high on for one reason or another such as below avg fielder or past injury or such.

  7. Does anyone know if there are teams that have a surplus of infielders, that need some pitching or outfielders? I would love to trade for a 3d baseman.

  8. PF-I’m confused, first you said a team should never draft for need but then go on to say unless you are not reaching. I thought that was the point i was trying to make that if it’s not a huge reach we should draft a position of need being that the MLB daft is not as exact a science as some other sports and requires a little more projection wich is subjective and is often in the eye of the beholder.

  9. Taylor is having his usual “break-in” period in Mexico. He’s 3-14 (.214) with 7 Ks in 14 ABs. He has 2 BBs for a .296 OBP. Tuffy was in his 1st game and went 2 – 4. Sellers is doing well through 3 games. He’s 4 -10 with a 2B, 3B and HR and 3 RBIs. Rosy is perfect through his 2 innings with a Save.

    Harold Garcia is doin’ the job in Ven. He’s 6 -17 (.353) with a 2B.

    It’s nice to have minor league baseball back.

  10. For the guys that follow, how good is the minor league third baseman for the Padres supposed to be? I forget his name but he was their 2nd round pick last year and hit well in A and AA this year. That’s the kind of guy I would considering trading Taylor for if the Phils decide to sign Werth to an extension. The Padres would start Taylor next year and they don’t really have a place for a third baseman. I see in the stats that Dom followed up his homer in game 1 with 2 doubles in game 2 in the AFL. Nice…

  11. murray- were u refuring to logan forsythe he struck out 111 times and walked 102 times hit 300 with 11 hrs their other 3rd baseman was seth johnson .244 avg 13hrs

  12. Murry may be thinking of James Darnell. I don’t know. But the Padres have a slew of third baseman in the upper levels. But that doesn’t mean the Phillies like any of them.

  13. I was thinking of Darnell but I don’t know much about him other than his stats which look pretty good but at low levels. I’m not saying they should trade Taylor but I think they could get alot for him right now and if they decide to extend Werth, Taylor won’t have a position to play for several years. I see Brown as the guy to replace Raul in 2011 or 2012. If they could get someone who could start at 3B in 2011, get a thriow in with potential, and sign Werth through 2012, trading Tylor might be something they would consider. Its hard for me to see a contending team starting two young players like Taylor and Brown together and winning (the Red Sox with Rice and Lynn were the exception in 1975).

  14. Are Pitch F/X readings available anywhere in the minors? Having that information is invaluable. I would have loved to have seen Drabek and Knapp’s numbers last year.

  15. Bill-
    Did Forsyth really walk 102 times? that’s an amazing amount of walking. I’d want him.

  16. Honestly, I wonder why the Phils don’t seem to like Sellers at least a little bit. He can hit, and anecdotally at least, he can field. I know he’s old-for-level, but they sure don’t have anything else at 3B (Tiffee was on a 1-year deal, right?).

  17. yea he did look him u thats how i found that out he has 108 career bbs 102 came this season great player id want that 3rd baseman on my team

  18. Catch 22 f/k/a H Man: as of now, Pitch/FX is only available in MLB stadiums. That we see it in the AFL is a pleasant surprise, and I’m certainly excited to see what kind of stuff Schwimer and Cisco flash.

    Re: Forsythe/Darnell, either of them would immediately become the Phils’ best infield prospect (d’Arnaud being the lone possible exception). Darnell has better power and Forsythe the better glove — it’s an open question right now if Darnell will stick at third long-term. Given that, I’d prefer Forsythe, but Taylor’s certainly a better (and more MLB-ready) prospect, so I don’t see a match there. It’s definitely a situation worth monitoring though — I love both of their bats.

  19. neil sellers is hitting .400 with 1 hr so far in winter ball is sebastian valle a filler he has yet to play

  20. Oh, and I wanted to add: Mike Cisco’s starting tonight for the Scorpions. He’ll probably toss 2-3 innings, but it’ll be interesting to see if his good-command-of-fringy-stuff approach will have any success against a slew of good hitters.

  21. Given the dearth of talent on the Padres’ big league club, I have a hard time thinking they would part with their prospects unless they were blown away by a deal.

    Also, keep a wary eye on those minor league statistics. The California League is an EXTREME hitters’ league.

  22. so what do u guys think about chase d’arnaud travis brother ss/2nd .293 avg with 7hrs .454 slg% the kid can play. He’s good on the field to .973fld% which is ok

  23. also there is this 1stbaseman for the mets Ike Davis this season .298 with 20hrs for binghamton in AA if we need a first baseman then what about him

  24. not sure it would be a good thing for them since everybody says we need a 1st baseman in the minors in case howard gets hurt and we have a few people they are interested in like brown and taylor and a few others

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