Donald Activated, Martinez Bullpen Session

Jason Donald was activated and is starting at SS for Lehigh Valley tonight.  OF Mike Spidale, who has played well in his time with the ‘Pigs was sent down to Reading to make room.  Donald, who hit 2nd all year for Lehigh Valley will be hitting ninth tonight.  More to come from Coca Cola Park including news on Pedro Martinez bullpen session (if there is such a thing as news on a bullpen session).

Martinez threw about 50 pitches in the bullpen under the supervision of Lehigh Valley pitching coach Rod Nichols.  He worked on a couple mechanical issues and seemed to throw the ball well in the session which lasted about 25 minutes. 

A Blue Jays scout is at Coca Cola Park tonight.

15 thoughts on “Donald Activated, Martinez Bullpen Session

  1. If there are any updates on Pedro’s Schwimlocity readings in his BP session it would be much appreciated

  2. I know neither one of these guys are in the Phils long term plans, but why send down Spidale instead of just releasing a guy like Ellison, or Thompson?

    I realize that Ellison has prior major league experience, but it’s not like he was ever a productive major leaguer.

    In any event, Spidale should help Reading’s playoff push.

  3. Both Ellison and Thompson are solid AAA players in their respective organizational type role, which is the same role SPidale is in. Ellison and Thompson both have more speed than Spidale, both are superior fielders and both have better arms. Spidale hit .289 whrn he was up this year but hit just over .22 in an extended AAA look last year.

  4. Donald back is a relief. Pedro is very interesting and a good focal point from the trade talk.

  5. Since this seems to be a Daily Discussion, here’s an organizational note. From the Dominican Summer League-RHP Felix Cespedes- 9 innings pitched -0 hits, 0 walks, 14 strikeouts. DSL Phillies were shut out in the game over 12 innings, and lost , though they got 10 hits.

  6. I saw Savery in Reading last night and came away startlingly unimpressed. Yes, it was an 12-1 beatdown, but the game was close through five, and he didn’t look dominant to me.

    He had good push off his back foot and landed softly with his front foot pointed forward. While it was tough to tell from the third base side, it didn’t look to me like he was concealing his pitches enough. He had runners on in each of his five innings, and threw about 90% fastballs. The first two innings he was sitting 89-92 and even touched 94 on the gun. Innings 3-5 was 86-88 mostly and hit 90 only once.

    He was unable to locate his breaking pitches, which the Seadogs hitters easily layed off and waited for a fastball. He did strike out Sox prospect Lars Anderson on an 88 mph fastball with good downward movement. There was another play when Josh Reddick tried to bunt towards the second baseman, and it got by Savery without much effort. An athletic pitcher would’ve jumped off the mound and made the play. Savery got hit hard early and did better towards the end but not nearly as good as I’d hoped.

    Despite the horrible play all around, I came away impressed with Neil Sellers once again. He had 3 legitimate line drive hits (2 pulled to left, one good piece of hitting and took it to right), which generated the only RBI of the night for the RPhils. From other first hand accounts, I’ve been told his defense is awful at 3rd. Last night, however, he made a barehanded play on a slow roller then gunned it to first to nab the runner. Later in the game he made a similar play where he had to move to his left in front of Chavez at short and just got the out. He’s not going to wow anyone with foot speed, but he’s leading the EL in hits, has decent pop, and is right handed, so I am still baffled why he’s not getting a shot as the RH bat off the bench for the big team. It’s very easy to see how much this team misses Mike Taylor in their lineup.

  7. Also, Quintin Berry looked good in CF and on the bases. He screams pinch runner/defensive replacement. Should see him in September.

  8. Donald got pushed to play last night so the scouts could watch him. He promptly had two hits in his first game back. Taylor has just been ok so far at AAA. We all expect that he’ll pick it up but its probably one of the reasons that Brown is more appealing to most of the the scouts. Michael Cisco did it again last night. He’s been dominant in 6 of his last 9 starts. Not too shabby.

  9. Oh, you know he got pushed to play, huh? Since he has played in the GCL the last week or so, I was figuring it was the natural progression that he would return to the AAA team at some point. So what is the basis of “he was pushed to play”?

    Sellers again. Given the limited appearances he would garner in MLB, he would most likely not even be to the level of John Mayberry Jr., and the talent level would fall off the cliff in that swap. Or if this is another hare-brained scheme to replace Bruntlett, the insertion of Sellers as a defensive replacement at SS,2B, or various other positions late in the game would result in a very likely loss at that point, maybe they should make a rule that such a move should result in a forfeit. Sellers had plenty of experience and numbers to be assigned to AAA this season. They did not do so. so I would say he may not be highly regarded by personnel evaluators. And his body build, I believe if he ate as he wished for a couple weeks and was unable to work out, he would look like King Kong Bundy.

    Berry lacks the experience and such, and would not likely be on the offseason 40 man roster, so the limited appearances he would get in September would not justify placing on the 40 man roster in favor of a more experienced alternative they can outright after the season.

  10. I like the general observations of the daily box scores, as Marfis beat me to the Cespedes comment-what a line for 9 innings, as I guess he was perfect? (no remarks about errors)…
    Also would add that he did this in 90 degree heat, and with no wind, if the temperature info is accurate…has to be the best 0-4 pitcher anywhere in the Minors!

  11. Except for his first two outings in an ironpigs uniform, Taylor has been exceptional. I have watched him 6 times now 4 at home and 2 in Gwinnett. His BA is not representative of how well he has struck the ball as he could EASILY be hitting in the mid 300’s if not for some terrific plays in Gwinnett and other very well hit balls going for outs. Baseball tends to even out in the long run and any small sample can generate a positive or negative tilt, but the way this fellow connects and demonstrates patience at the plate he is going to succeed, and in a big way. I am not so sure that he is really adjusting to AAA as much as it is a long baseball season and it is his time for a respite from what has been a torrid pace. There is a learning curve with the promotion, however, it isn’t that steep from AA to AAA.

  12. “Taylor has just been ok so far at AAA. We all expect that he’ll pick it up but its probably one of the reasons that Brown is more appealing to most of the the scouts.”

    Did you expect more from Taylor after two weeks in AAA?

    As for why he’s less appealing to “most scouts,” I can guarantee you that’s very little/nothing to do with a handful of AAA ABs.

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