4 Phillies make the GCL Top 20

I’ll be doing something similar to what BA does, highlighting the 20 best prospects in each league, but they beat me to the punch on the GCL list. Which is ok, because mine is likely to look much different. Anyway, today is the GCL, and the Phillies are well represented.

4. Jason Knapp
7. Sebastian Valle
8. Zach Collier
13. Anthony Hewitt

17 thoughts on “4 Phillies make the GCL Top 20

  1. Interesting that Hewitt made the list. He really scuffled. His potential must be really HUGE

    I think it’s also interesting that nothing was mentioned about Collier’s plate discipline – which IMO seemed very advanced for a 17 year old. He’s definitely worth watching.

    By the way, has there been any mention anywhere of why Gose was shut down? I know it’s been asked tons of times here, but I don’t believe it’s ever been answered.

    – Jeff

  2. 1. BA Article says Gose was shut down because of a back injury.

    2. Have to be pleased with Valle making the list since he came into the league without either a high draft slot or a high FA bonus which I suspect weigh heavily in compiling these lists.

    3. I would have preferred if the comments about the Phillies came from someone other than the Phillies manager.

    4. Most pleased with Knapp’s #4 ranking who seemingly jumped the most from his draft slot.

    5. Not surprised to see Hewitt listed as Casey Kelly was even worse and ranked higher.

  3. To be fair to Kelly, he did hit .215 if you include the 11-32 stint he had with their short season team. And his K rate was nowhere near Hewitt and he plays a tougher defensive position (SS).

    That being said, this list is very heavily based on tools, draft status, and international bonuses. To be included based on performance (as Valle earned) is pretty impressive for a player without the pedigree of other prospects.

  4. Collier’s plate patience is huge. If he projects as a corner outfielder with only 15-20 HR pop (guessing on the latter), he’s going to need to get on base at .370+ to be valuable.

  5. I saw Collier play a little. The one think that impressed me the most was that he really could fly. Very quick. Not Golson quick but fast. I also like his approach at the plate. Very balanced and quick throught the zone. He’s going to fill out and I suspect his power numbers will rise, also.

  6. It’s probably most encouraging to see Knapp on that list. Obviously the numbers were pretty good, but to hear the scouting reports come in as generally positive as well is a really good thing. Hopefully as he smooths his mechanics, he’ll be able to repeat his delivery better — and hence command his pitches better.

    As for Collier… I’m a big fan, and I think the plate discipline is definitely there. A 17:28 K:BB and a 12.2% BB as a 17-year old is pretty impressive. For comparison’s sake, check out Dominic Brown’s (a Top 5 player in the system at this point) numbers in the GCL as an 18-year old — 12:30 BB:K and 9.2% BB. I’ve seen his swing mechanics compared to Garrett Anderson, but he’s already flashed better plate discipline than Garrett has ever had.

    Congrats to all 4 of these guys.

  7. I’m not sure if this was going to be brought up in PP’s review but it is a 16 team league, as a point of reference to how well the Phillies were represented.

    Not to beat a dead horse but they must LOVE Hewitt’s potential to have him listed.

  8. padraic –

    why does collier only have 15-20 HR power? Not disputing really, just wondering about the reasoning behind that.

  9. Hweitt’s inclusion shows that they are selecting based more on guys looking like they have ML talent vs. the numbers they produced..

  10. Andrew –

    Give it up already, we traded Fabio! Oh wait…

    As for padraic, I interpreted what he said about Collier as a variation of “with his plate discipline, even if he doesn’t have that much power, his on base percentage will compensate for that.” Since I’m a believer in plate discipline being something you either have or you don’t have, there is a lot of reason to be excited about Collier. Does anyone think there is a chance he skips Williamsport next year and goes right to Lakewood? Given how young he is, I say that he takes it one step at a time.

    – Jeff

  11. ——————————————————————————–
    Andrew(Philly): 4 GCL Phils in the top 20. Thats a nice suprise. Any of those 4 make the phils top 10 and of the top of your head, how many phils make the top 100?

    John Manuel: (2:48 PM ET ) I’m actually doing the Phillies’ Top 30 for the first time this offseason, extending my BA record for most organizations, I believe I now go to 11. So that’s fun. I’m most bullish on Zach Collier, loved him pre-draft, thought he was an absolute steal in the supplemental round; in fact, I thought he might have been the better prospect than Aaron Hicks going into the draft before BA’s Dave Perkin talked me out of that. Glad we listened to Dave. Collier and Jason Knapp certainly could be top 10; I might be more patient with Anthony Hewitt and wait until he hits the ball but let’s see what happens in instructional league. Sebastian Valle gives the Phils three catchers in the top 10 with Lou Marson and Travis d’Arnaud, quite the organizational strength. I’d guess 3 to 4 Phils in the Top 100 with Carrasco, Marson and Collier for me, with one other possible such as Greg Golson (possible No. 100 guy, high-risk, high-reward) or one of the other C’s such as d’Arnaud.

  12. I saw Andrew post that over on the Draft Review thread, but I thought it’d make sense to keep discussion over here.

    I like to think I’m one of the drivers of the Collier bandwagon around here, but I’ve got him as a fringe Top 10 guy in our system right now (mostly due to having only a small sample size to go on). To hear an outlet like BA consider him for their Top 100 is high praise indeed, and it’s very encouraging.

    I am a bit surprised that Manuel would mention Golson, even after the decent season he just had. Donald, d’Arnaud, Brown, or Taylor would make much more sense as outside shots for the Top 100.

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