Monday quick hits

Just some random tidbits to start off your Monday

* Antonio Bastardo made his AA debut this weekend, and the results weren’t bad; 5.2 IP — 1 ER — 5 H — 3 BB — 4 K.

* Josh Outman’s first bullpen experience didn’t go quite as well; 3.1 IP — 2 ER — 4 H — 2 BB — 2 K

* Lou Marson is 7 for his last 17, and for the season is hitting .329. Marson is clearly the best catching prospect we’ve had since Mike Lieberthal, and frankly, is the first guy I check on every morning in the box scores. If he continues to hit, we’re looking at a special prospect here.

* Drew Naylor had arguably his best professional appearance yesterday, going 8 innings and allowing 1 ER on 5 hits, while walking 1 and striking out 11. Naylor has pitched well at Lakewood and probably should be moved up to Clearwater in the next month or so, as he is 21 going on 22 (May 31st) and needs to pitch against more advanced competition. But so far so good.

* Travis Mattair,  who hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts at Lakewood, now has 5 hits in his last 13 AB’s. This might not seem significant, but he’s been in the high .100’s all season, and is now hitting .212. He still isn’t showing power, but if he begins to hit a little bit, he’ll start making adjustments and the power should come. He’s very young for Lakewood, so holding his head above water is the big thing. His last 3 games are a pretty good sign, as far as I’m concerned.

30 thoughts on “Monday quick hits

  1. I think that Marson plate discipline has really gotten my attention – does he still have more walks than strikeouts? From what I understand, he is really terrific at handling a pitching staff. Does anyone have a scouting report on his defensive abilities?

    – Jeff

  2. I just looked at the minor league box scores – Golson had a rough day yesterday, 0-4 with 4k. It will be an interesting test to see how he reacts in tonight’s game. If he can shake it off, that’s a sign that he might have turned the corner.

    Okay, I need to get some work done now

    – Jeff

  3. Like the fact that Lakewood is the youngest team in the Sally at 21 yrs. 4 mo. At 14-16 so far they will only get better. Also like the Phils minor league pitching philosophy of stretching out the starters. Naylor was a “horse” yesterday throwing 110 pitches in 8 innings.

    Readings pitching coach Tom Filer was raving about the “top prospect” status of Bastardo yesterday on the Reading Podcast. Said he was throwing 91-92 with good life on his fastball, a “developing” slider and change up. According to Filer that’s why most of his 10 fly ball outs were pop ups to the infield.

    Filer also shed some light as to why Carpenter has been a bust so far at AA . He said his velocity is down and he has lacked “fastball command”. And he is working with him on his mechanics to correct the problems.

  4. very excited about marson. very excited. a top catching prospect is worth his weight in gold. first, we actually could use him on our team. ruiz isn’t exactly raking. but even if they want to stay with ruiz, a top catching prospect is a great trade chip. actually, probably the most rare and valuable trade chips. more so than a top pitching prospect. the big club needs a starting pitcher in the worst way. they need a #1 guy badly. a bunch of them were traded in the offseason and we couldn’t even sniff at an offer. marson’s value might get us there.

    but also, i wouldn’t mind him being the phillies catcher for the next 15 years. as mentioned on this blog, he has a very good eye and is very athletic. he has a very, very good on base %. his limited power will fill out with time, although he won’t be a 35+ hr guy. productive catchers are just so hard to find.

  5. I am waiting for Sebastian Valle to arrive. And off topic, but does anyone know when the VSL season begins and if the Phillies have a team there for this summer? Thanks

  6. If they trade Marson…I may kill someone or at least hurt somebody…He’s gonna be a great player and Ruiz is already in his peak years. In 2 years we’re gonna need a good starting catcher and it ain’t gonna be Jaromillo. He’s one we HAVE to keep.

  7. James is spot on in all his weekend evaluations. I would like to add that Reading closer Pat Overholt, except for one outing when he gave up 2 runson April 15, is perfect this season.

  8. I’d love for someone that goes to Reading games to give me a report on Overholt’s velocity/fastball movement. Those were strengths pitching in relief prior to last season, and if he gets them back, he can definitely be an asset to the major league bullpen next season.

  9. VSL season starts May 12th, a week from today. It should be our first look at Carlos Valenzuela (unless he gets a late promotion to GCL). DSL season starts the first weekend in June if they repeat last year’s schedule.

  10. BP is pretty high on Marson as well. PECOTA has him with a 71% improve/46% breakout percentage for this year. The only question they had was his hitting which seems to be building on last years’s strong showing in Clearwater.

  11. Just to note: JA Happ had another good outing last night. Maybe he really is getting back on track.

  12. I am happy to see Overholt get some positive attention. He has been more highly thought of by the organization (his promotions and Arizona appearance) then our evaluation (not on top 30 prospects) would indicate

  13. Happ has a 2.97 ERA and is close to the league lead in strikeouts. With the Stink Pigs, of course, his record is 0-4. At some point you wonder if the Phils would consider a mercy promotion.

  14. So I just looked up Marson, and one thing about his numbers concerns me. His OBP is ridiculous (.432), but his SLG is only .405 (6 2B, 0 3B, 0 HR). Is his power still developing as a 21 year old at Reading, or is he just going to be a pure OBP guy? Also, does he have at least average speed, or is he the typical plodding catcher?

  15. He’s got below average power (career high slugging was .407 last year)…and he probably won’t ever be a slugger…from what I understand. He might be more of a Jason Kendall type hitter. I have no idea on his speed though.

  16. His speed, from what Ive seen, is average or a tick below, but above average for a catcher. I think the power will come. He obviously has a discerning eye, and I think he might sacrifice power for plate discipline. For a guy who would likely hit 7th or 8th in our lineup, I don’t have a problem with that. As Kevin Goldstein pointed out, he might be an ideal #2 hitter, simply because getting on base is his thing.

  17. I’d rather he have a near .400 OBP than chip in 15-20 HRs…especially in the Phillies lineup. No Ks is a good thing considering who he’d be hitting with. Am I wrong to be very excited about Marson? I have been since he performance last year. #2 spot would be good if he keeps up the OBP.

  18. I remember that when Marson was first drafted, the speculation was that he’d add power as he filled out. At age 21 or 22, I don’t think we’re seeing the final product yet. But even if this is it, so long as he has at least “doubles power,” as it seems he does–enough juice in his bat that pitchers can’t just fire it in there without fear–he should be able to sustain above-average on-base numbers.

  19. I’ve seen Marson play and you would never know he’s a catcher from his body type. He looks like an infielder and runs like one. Think Craig Biggio. He does however have a terrific arm and he likes to use it as he’ll throw to any base to pick someone off. Doubles power is all you’ll get for now but he’ll get stronger and smarter and learn when he can turn on a fastball as he gets older. He’s the real deal.

  20. So here’s hoping that Ruiz picks it up for the rest of the year so we can package CHOOCH, Carassco, and anyone else for a frontline starter. I say if that’s possible give Sweet Lou the job NEXT year.

  21. Marson is the man, he is the best catching prospect we’ve had in awhile, he is finally making that completely evident…. It’s nice to see something you have wanted to happen for a while finally come to fruition… GO Lou Marson!

  22. As for Lou Marson, it is far easier to teach a guy to jump on pitches that he can turn on than it is to teach increased plate discipline (Golson and many other young players). A good eye is rarely taught- increased power can be. I have read some mixed reports about his defense but I am very excited that he is really establishing himself in AA at a young age (particularly for a catcher).

    As for Overholt (and any other reliever) I find it ironic that they are generally the most likely to receive a callup and be promoted aggressively, yet they really receive relatively little discussion. Throw guys like Schlitter, Walls etc. in there and there is a crop of potential phuture-phils who lack real attention. If anybody has seen these guys live and can give an eyeball scouting report that would be great.

  23. I saw Overholt against the Ct. Defenders in Reading. He had good velocity. He was consistently 93 and touched 95. From where I was I couldn’t detect movement or location but the opponents weren’t catching up to him. 1 game doesn’t mean much but there’s my 2 cents.

    I got to see a lot of Marson that day and I was impressed. He handled a couple of foul popups very well. He had 2 hits. Knocked in the first run and scored on Slayden’s game winning homer. After every walk, he visited the mound or at least stepped out from behind the plate and hollered some encouragement. As a pitcher, I hated when my catcher came out to talk to me and tell me I did something stupid. I knew it better than anyone. But Marson was showing leadership.

  24. ****I have read some mixed reports about his defense but I am very excited that he is really establishing himself in AA at a young age (particularly for a catcher).****

    He was a plus on defense in his last 2 seasons in the minors according to BP. That’s something I suppose.

  25. Mattair went 3-4 last night. Definitely a good sign.

    In fact, all of the minor league teams (I didn’t even bother checking Lehigh, they don’t count) had nice wins yesterday

  26. The Swami sees Marson hitting .280, .365 OBP, w 10 HR, 25 2B, 75 RBI in 2-3 years (he will find his power stroke, but hopefully not at the expense of consitent line drive contact). His career year: .305, .390 OBP, 15 HR, 90 RBI at age 28. I see 2-3 AS appearances in his future. That’s good eneough for me.

    I see Marson, Ruiz and even Jaramillo all having good careers. Jaramillo, will hit .260, .350 OBP, 8 HR somewhere or be a solid backup who starts 50 games and gets in 100 games a year.

  27. I know it’s a week later, but I wanted to add to phuturephillies’ point about Mattair: after a 2-for-4 outing tonight, he’s now hitting .341 for the month of May with a couple of RBI’s. The power hasn’t quite come around yet (still slugging only .385 this month), but maybe we can chalk that up to the transition to wood bats. Whatever the case, he’s got his average up to .244, so as James says, if he can hold his head above water as a 19 year old in the Sally league, we may be on to something here.

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