We are the writers and various contributors here, if you have any questions contact us on Twitter or by email.

Gregg @PhuturePhilz - Email - Articles

Gregg has been a long time contributor to Phuture Phillies, reporting on Reading and Lehigh Valley.  When James moved on in 2012, Gregg took over the running of the site.  Gregg runs the day to day operations of the site, continues to report on Lehigh Valley as well as overarching trends across the Phillies system.

Brad Engler@bxe1234 - EmailArticles

Brad joined the site to post box score recaps when Gregg took over in 2012. Now based in the D.C. Suburbs, he also covers the AFL and maintains the Draft Tracker each June.  Brad is a daily key contributor to the site.

Jim Peyton - Articles–Jim joined the site in the Spring of 2014 and has been writing regularly on Clearwater and the “goings on” at Extended SPring Training.

Victor Filoromo - @victorfiloromoArticles

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