MiLB Spring Training 2015; March 17th vs. the Blue Jays

I arrived at the Carpenter Complex as the teams took the field. I was drawn to Ashburn Field, traditionally the AAA field, when I thought I saw Carlos Alonso at shortstop, not a normal position for Carlos. Turns out it was free agent signee Tyler Greene. But since Ethan Martin was on the mound, I chose to stay. I recognized Aaron Brown, Cameron Perkins, and Roman Quinn in the outfield and was satisfied with my game selection.

Ethan Martin started and retired 3 of 4 batters fairly easily. The only base runner reached on a softly hit flare to shallow left field. There were no scouts around the cage, so I don’t have any velocity on his fast ball. Continue reading MiLB Spring Training 2015; March 17th vs. the Blue Jays

Phillies First Roster Moves, 3/16

Todd Zolecki has reported the Phillies first roster moves.  Left-hander Jesse Biddle, right-hander Ethan Martin, left-hander Adam Morgan, and outfielder Aaron Altherr have been optioned to the minor league camp.  Right-hander Sean O’Sullivan and catcher John Hester have been reassigned to the minor league camp.


All these moves would be characterized as expected, but I am mildly surprised that O’Sullivan as a healthy starter would have been reassigned this early.

Open Discussion: Week of March 16th

The Phillies have an 8-5 Grapefruit League record.  They have a .615 winning percentage.  If we could project this into late July, they would be 64-40 with a 6-7 game lead in the division.  That would make them buyers rather than sellers as they approached the trading deadline. Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of March 16th

2015 MiLB Spring Training: March 15th

Finally.  We’ve reached the intrasquad games.  No more batting practice off coaches.  No more pitching machines.  No more wondering what the pitchers are doing on the hidden mounds.  Well, they’ll still do that stuff in the morning.  But today, live pitching to live hitters during a live game with real umpires.

I was almost lured over to the game on Robin Roberts Field where a young Phillies team played the 18 and under team from Puerto Rico.  Saturday, aa young Phillies team shut out the Canadian team in St. Pete.  Today, a more age appropriate team faced the amateur team.  Most of the guys who beat the team from Canada were over on Ashburn Field.  There would be 40 players and about 25 pitchers making up the 4 teams playing on Schmidt and Ashburn Fields.  My plan was to focus on the pitchers on those 2 fields. Continue reading 2015 MiLB Spring Training: March 15th

2015 MiLB Spring Training: March 10th

I got to  the Carpenter Compex just before 10:00AM.  Once again, they had started early and were just completing their long toss on Carlton Field, the coaches were beginning to run PFPs, on Roberts and Schmidt, the major league team was running drills in Ashburn’s left field, and Chad Billingsley was throwing pitches off the mound on Ashburn Field.  Continue reading 2015 MiLB Spring Training: March 10th

2015 MiLB Spring Training: March 9th

Today was photo day. The photographer arrived at 6:00AM. He must have run ahead of schedule because when I arrived just before 10:00AM, the kids had been on the field for about an hour. They were just finishing up their long toss.

Not only were they active on all 4 fields at the Carpenter Complex, but they had a large contingent working out across the street on Joe DiMaggio Field. Continue reading 2015 MiLB Spring Training: March 9th

Open Discussion: Week of March 9th

I’m still tired of the Cole Hamels discussion.  However, if that is what you want to discuss, go ahead.  But first …

Whether you are a long time follower of Phuture Phillies or a new visitor, please take a look at “Are there rules for commenting on an article?” under FAQ on the menu above or the link provided.    Or just read it here, Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of March 9th

2015 MiLB Training Groups

Here’s the early list of work groups for the Phillies’ minor leaguers at the Carpenter Complex.  Later on there will be 5 groups as non roster invitees leave the major league camp and force the downward movement of players to lower groups.

2015 Phillies MiLB Workgroups

Things of note – Continue reading 2015 MiLB Training Groups

Sunday notes – March 8th

Hello, its me. Now that we have spring training games happening, there are more things to talk about. The college baseball season is under way, there will be draft things to discuss, and so I hope to begin writing this notes column on a weekly basis, and then I might also throw in a few other random writings depending on my free time available. I’ll share some thoughts on our prospects and the draft, and some other random stuff. So, lets get started.

Continue reading Sunday notes – March 8th