Box Score Recap – 7/19/2014

When I started pulling this together for the night I was wide awake, but now I’m about ready to fall asleep. So let me sum up the night really quickly without trying to force any jokes down your throat.

Brad Lincoln and Ryan O’Sullivan pitched really well as LV and REA both swept double headers. MAG got the save in the Reading nightcap (insert drinking joke here), while Kelly Dugan was on base three times and Aaron Altherr was 2-3 with a double. Roman Quinn went deep and Aaron Nola struck out five against zero walks – he hasn’t walked a man since his debut on June 23, (insert debutante joke here).

Carlos Tocci was on base three times, (joke, second quick joke back to back, one of them about how he should eat a snack), Andy Knapp four hits, including two doubles, and Mitch Walding had three hits. He’s been hot (joke – whoa, that was a little racy). We’ll see how it plays out. Rhys Hoskins now has three days in a row with a home run. Jia Tromp and Aaron Brown with two hits a piece (joke in poor taste, oops, offended some folks there – you guess which group of people). And Lewis Alezones struck out four and walked one in four hitless innings in the GCL (thing that seems like it was supposed to be a joke but it’s really me falling asleep).

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Box Score Recap – 7/18/2014

Ethan Martin went 2.2 perfect innings, struck out three, threw 19/26 for strikes and doubled in his only at bat against Nats up-and-comer AJ Cole. Not bad. Aaron “The Rhineland Rocket” Altherr with his eighth home run of the year – he’s OPSing around .900 in June and July. Severino Gonzalez gave up two homers. Guy throws strikes, 74/102 is impressive. Maybe work outsider the zone a little more, though, if you’re not fooling anyone over the plate. Just a thought. Roman Quinn with two steals and Freddy Galvis went yard for CLR in their win, as Lee “Rocket Arm” Ridenhour closed out the game. I can’t believe people just make up these goofy nicknames and think they’ll stick. “Rocket Arm”? I mean, come on…come on…that’s…just a little…little bit silly…I mean…uh…just…THERE’S ONLY ROOM FOR ONE MADE UP ROCKET NICKNAME IN THE PHILLIES SYSTEM. TAKE A HIKE LEE RIDENHOUR PEOPLE!

Two hits a piece for Pullin, Knapp, Cozens and Astudillo, and Sam Hiciano went deep (8), to hopefully seal the deal on the end of his slump. His nine-game July is looking good, OPSing .819 after a .511 in June. Rhys Hoskins with his second home run in as many days (3), while Chris Oliver walked five but somehow managed to only give up one unearned run. Real nice outing from 2014 8th rounder Sam McWilliams, going four scoreless innings, giving up just three hits and striking out three.

Looks like no late signings from the Phils this year, so McWilliams is the only prep signing from the 2014 draft. That’s going to leave a bit of open space in the GCL next year and a lot of competition for spots at Lakewood in the spring and Williamsport in the summer.

Really not sure they thought this whole thing through very well.

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General Discussion – Weekend of 7-18-2014 – Trade Talk Edition

Since I know there’s a lot of trade talk going around and will be for a while, I will try to get a couple open threads per week through the end of the month so we can keep at least the features a little bit free of general discussion. I try not to be a jerk about this, but today I just want to be able to read everyone’s comments on the draft thread without the rest of the daily back and forth. Please bring that stuff here.



Box Score Recap – 7/17/2014

Rough night for Lehigh Valley – the lineup managed just five singles off of Syracuse pitching, while the pitchers, Jeremy Horst excluded, were, not to be hyperbolic, a giant pile of flaming medical waste. You’ll get ‘em next time, boys.

Brock Stassi and Pete Lavin each went deep for Reading, while Aaron Altherr and Kelly Dugan notched doubles. MAG tallied his third save, with reports from Mike Drago (@mldrago) saying his FB was regularly touching 97 on the stadium gun, and he was using his change-up as an out pitch. Conjures up memories of Ryan Madson, (and no, that’s not a comp).

Nice line from Colin Kleven in a losing effort – 5R, 1ER, 4H, 1BB, 5K in 5IP, as the Threshers were shut down by Bucs stud Tyler Glasnow, whose ERA now matches his BAA, 1.77 and .177. Impressive on both counts. And in the night cap, (and yes, I said this on Twitter, but I thought it was pretty good so I’ll just plagiarize myself here), Roman Quinn was just  a Carlos Tocci away from hitting for the cycle. RT please? Oh wait…

Elsewhere, Dylan Cozens with two hits, a walk and a steal (his 17th). Willians Astudillo went deep (4). 2014 19th rounder Joey Denato stranded two Yacksel Rios runners, then pitched three more scoreless innings of his own with a total of four strikeouts. He’s tallied 20K and 6BB in 16.2IP across two levels thus far. The bottom of the WIL lineup tried to carry the club to victory, led by a bomb from Rhys Hoskins, a 3-3 from Emmanuel Marrero and two hits from Drew Stankiewicz, but to no avail Brandon Liebrandt put up a great line that included seven Ks, but Nathan Thornhill let it slip away. In the GCL, Denton Keys gave up just 1H, 2BB, 4K in 4 scoreless IP, while Jose Pujols bashed two solo home runs.

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Draft Signing Day/Draft Critique/Open Thread

Wanted to open up a thread to talk about the draft, as the signing deadline is just about 24 hours away – 5pm EST on Friday. My impression is that the Phils had a decent draft, with their top four picks being pretty intriguing, but lacking the upside that gets one excited about a draft. If three of the four turn into serviceable big league regulars, the draft will be a success, so it’s very hard to judge at this point. Here’s the draft tracker:

Draft Tracker 2014

Aaron Nola may see Reading yet this year, and may see Philly next summer. He seems like he’ll be a solid player, and one who could be hitting his stride in the big leagues the next time this club has any semblance of a chance to contend. Matt Imhof just got bumped up to Lakewood, and should start 2015 at Clearwater. His profile is a fast riser who might take the Adam Morgan career path if he has success, (hopefully without the injuries, of course). I’d peg his big league ETA as between mid-2016 and early 2017, but if he’s good next year, he might just contend for a rotation spot in spring training, 2016.

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Reading Report: At the Break

Going into the 2014 season, there was hope, promise, and some sort of optimism that we could see some great performances and talented players in Reading.

Though the All-Star Game is far past the midway point of the Eastern League season, I figured it was as good a time as any to recap the first “half” of the season (if we can really call it that), and take a look back while looking ahead to the team’s final 49 games.

While the outstanding performances have been few and far between, some great things did happen this year. But, for the most part, the story of the 2014 Reading club has been written over the past month: it’s a flawed team that doesn’t have a ton of talent, and they have scuffled to a 38-55 record. Continue reading


Box Score Recap – 7/16/2014

Add the name Angelo Leclerc to the list of ancillary characters in the history of the Phillies. He gave up what’s sure to be one of several, maybe even one of dozens of, Carlos Tocci professional home runs. Yes, it cleared the fence. By how much, I don’t know. In the DSL, Julsan Kamara was 2-3 to pull his average above the Mendoza line. Good to see.

For WIL, Jan Hernandez was 0-4 with 3Ks. He’s really struggling, with just four hits in his last ten games. He’s struck out 13 times in that span. Mitch Gueller did not have his best stuff, the way it sounds:

He wound up allowing 4R, 7H, 3BB and 4K in 4IP. Another report from Brett Hershey, this one on Manny (nee Manaure) Martinez:


Also, my latest Crashburn Alley piece just went up. It’s on the scorching hot Brian Pointer.   Give it a whirl, if you like.

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The Curious Case of Jiandido Tromp

A huge thank you to Mitch Rupert, who authored the piece.  For those of you who do not know Mitch, he is the WIlliamsport beat writer for the Sun Gazette and simply does an outstanding job of research, analysis, and writing.  Its very clear through his authorship and analysis, this is a guy thats works very hard at his craft.  I encourage all of you to follow Mitch on Twitter (@Mitch_Rupert)and read his work online, and hopefully Mitch will be willing to write an occasional piece or do an occasional Q and A for us.

Maybe no player in the Phillies’ system has started a back and forth banter like Williamsport Crosscutters outfielder Jiandido Tromp has this year. One thing everybody on either side of the discussion can agree on is he doesn’t belong at Williamsport. He came into this week’s road trip to New York OPSing just under .900.

But what has become the usual disagreement about Tromp is where he ranks in the Phillies’ system, and how much of a legitimate prospect he really is. One thing you can’t argue about with the 20-year old Aruban is that all of his individual tools are exciting.

– At just 5-foot-11, 175 pounds, he still packs some of the best power on a Crosscutters team loaded with offensive talent two and three years his senior. The kid is a 5-foot-11 ball of muscle who generate power with quick hands and strong forearms.

– At best the hit tool is average at this point. When he gets going good, as he did to start the Williamsport season, he can tend to get pull happy and start pulling off outside pitches and put himself into funks.

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Just Julsan

The GCL was rained out this afternoon.  The Threshers were rained out tonight.  So, I went looking through the org rosters and happened upon Julsan Kamara.  He’s the young kid we signed out of Germany who started in the DSL after graduating high school.  Kamara went 2-3 today and pulled his average up to .204 for the season.  No big deal until you realize started the season 0-21.  He followed that up with an 11-33 in his last 10 games.

Kamara is 18-years old (he turns 19 in December).  He’s 6’3 and weighs 205 lbs.  His slash is .204/.386/.259/.645.  He has 9 walks and 21 strike outs in 54 at bats, only 2 XBH among his 11 total hits.  He also has 10 RBIs, all in the last 10 games.

Just thought I’d share this info on one of our international signings.



Box Score Recap – 7/15/2014

A light night on the schedule, as GCL was rained out and all the other stateside leagues were on scheduled off-days or All-Star Breaks. What a comeback to the SAL for Yoel Mecias – three walks, two hits and seven strikeouts in five scoreless innings, plus he got five outs on the ground. Dylan Cozens hit two home runs, (12, 13) to make a pretty good night of it himself – he was 4-5. And I guess I’ll recognize that Mitch Walding had three doubles, giving him 10 in this last 10 games. The man’s got it going on right now. Maybe time to push him to CLR and let Zach green get back to playing third every day.

And speaking of Green – this one falls in the “hmm…really” category – Zach Green stole his seventh base, and so did Carlos Tocci. Tocci’s played in almost twice as many games, and been caught nine times. Green’s been caught once.

Hmm…really? Hmm…

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