Lakewood Game Report: July 28

Intimidators 3, Blue Claws 1


RANFI CASIMIRO  started and pitched into the 7th inning.  His fastball was mostly 91-92 on the stadium gun and he topped out at 93.  His off-speed stuff was usually 81-84, but on a couple of occasions, he threw almost an eephus pitch that was 76 (he got bad swings and misses both times).

1st:  3 easy outs surrounded by a slow grounder that was right at where the SS would have been except LW had an extreme shift on for the Kannapolis #3 hitter (a lefty hitter named Lechich ).  The ball went into LF for a single.

2nd: Two Deep Flyouts (one which followed a foul ball scalded down the LF line), and a routine 6-3 groundout.

3rd:  Here is where things went awry.  The leadoff batter reached on a hard grounder that went right through Kingery at 2B (E-4).  The next batter walked.  The third hitter bunted to move the runners up, but put it perfectly down the 3Bline and beat it out.  With the bases loaded, Ranfi K’d the next guy swinging (92 mph FB).  On a 3-2 pitch the next batter reached out and poked a pitch over the outside corner right up the middle (it was close to both 2B and SS, but squirted through) to plate 2 runs.  The inning ended on a nice 4-6-3 DP.

4th: Two swinging K’s, and lazy flyout to CF along with a BB.  One thing that bothered me at different times (especially in the 4th inning) was Casimiro’s ability to get ahead of hitters, and then let them get back to either 3-2 or even a walk.  The first K went from 0-2 to 3-2, and the walk went from 1-2 to ball 4.

5th: Infield Single (Marerro at SS made a very nice backhand diving pickup and threw in the dirt, but Martin couldn’t make the scoop)/Hard lineout to Tomscha (3B)/Double down the RF line- Martin dove and got a little piece if it, but it still went to the corner and left runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out/Swinging K (huge drop, missed it by a wide margin)/Slow 4-3 groundout.

6th:  5-3 (nice diving play by Tomscha)/Walk (again from 1-2 count)/5-4-3 DP.  Casi seemed to be tiring but he came out for another inning which I had a bad feeling wouldn’t go so well…

7th: Flyout to RF/K (pitch in the dirt)/HBP/Ground 1B into RF/RBI Single into RF.  With two on and two outs, Casi was removed, and relieved by Jairo Munoz


7th: threw one pitch and ended the threat with a routine 6-3

8th: Foul Pop up to Catcher/Hard line single to LF/6-4-3 DP.  Munoz hit 95 a number of times, and his offspeed stuff was 79.


9th: 1-3 Comebacker/E-6 under Marrero’s glove on backhand side/Soft Lineout to 2B/easy 6-3 GO.  Rayburn was consistently 92-93 and topped out once at 94.  He either didn’t throw anything offspeed or I missed it.


(I only tracked players who would be considered some form of a prospect.  Chase Harris did lead off the bottom of the 1st with a double and scored what turned out to be the Claws only run.  I didn’t get to see Grullon who had the day off though Jose Mayorga did get 2 hits.  Tromp went 0-3 with a HBP and no hard hit balls.  Emmanuel Marrero went 1-3 with a single)

HERLIS RODRIGUEZ:  2-3 (but a very strange 2 for 3).  He reached in the first when he laid a nice bunt down the 3rd baseline to move over Harris.  The pitcher bobbled it and didn’t make a throw.  It could easily have been an error or a Sac FC but it was scored a single. After a 5 pitch walk, he reached on  another lucky bunt single (literally blooped just over the 1st basemen’s head and landed behind him in the infield).  Ironically, his only well-hit ball was a hard lineout to RF in his final AB.

SCOTT KINGERY: RBI 6-4 weak groundout/Hard ground single between SS and 3B/Swinging K at a ball in the dirt/Hard 5-3 Groundout  He also stole a base without a throw as the pitch was way outside.

KYLE MARTIN:  Foul Popout to 3B (after fouling off 4 pitches)/Hard lineout to deep LC (moved a runner to 3rd)/Hard lineout to CF/Topped a slow 4-3 roller

DAMEK TOMSCHA:  5-3 Chopper/5-4-3 DP/Line Single up the Middle/High Flyout to Medium RF

CORD SANDBERG: 3-1 groundout(rolled over an outside pitch)/5 pitch walk/swinging K/Topped a 4-3 grounder

Leaving my hotel now to attend the R-Phils game tonight.

Leaving my hotel in Reading now to attend the Fightin Phils game tonight.


Open Discussion–Trade Deadline Edition

With the deadline in 72 hours and almost 250 comments already in this weeks Open Discussion post, this is somewhere to start fresh in discussing the latest news.

The latest news is that Cole Hamels start has been moved from Thursday to Friday (Post Deadline), a “no brainer” move that assures his value is at its peak and there is no threat of injury.  The Rangers, Cubs, Astros, Giants, Yankees and Red Sox continue to be mentioned as potential trade partners.

Strong rumors have Jonathan Papelbon moving to the Nationals.  As of 430 this afternoon, Papelbon has yet to appear in the Phillies clubhouse, which could be for a variety of reasons with the most likely being a trade is imminent.

Box Score Recap – 7/27/2015

Lehigh Valley (47-56) beat the Scranton RailRiders 3-1.  Anthony Vasquez (7-3, 3.73) went 8 innings and gave up 1 run on 5 hits and 2 walks.  Dustin McGowan picked up his 7th save.

Aaron Judge was held to 0-3 with a walk.  Gary Sanchez went 1-4 but was thrown out at second trying to stretch his single by Aaron Altherr to end the game.  Jordan Danks also picked up an outfield assist. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 7/27/2015

Open Discussion: Week of July 27th

Here’s an open discussion thread so the minor league posts don’t get cluttered with Phillies’ talk and other topics.

Of primary interest at his point in the season is that the Phillies haven’t moved any of their veterans, yet.  A deal for Hamels seems imminent, certainly by the end of the week.  The Cueto deal shouldn’t negatively affect the Phillies since the Royals were never in the picture and Cueto is one less attractive rental available for Hamels’ suitors.  Papelbon’s market seems to be shrinking.  But has Francoeur become a possible addition for a team looking for a right-handed bat off the bench?

The Phillies continue to struggle as they leave the All Star break in their wake.  They went into the break with a 5-game losing streak.  They had completed a 1-6 West Coast trip and 2-8 road trip.  They had gone 3-15 since reaching a 26-47 record after taking the first two games in a series against the Yankees on June 23rd.  Their 29-62 record at the break gave them a seemingly insurmountable 9.5 game lead over Milwaukee.

The Phillies 8-1 start after the break has not only allowed the streaking Marlins to pull within 5.5 games, but has allowed other teams to creep back into the race.  The #1 pick that so many fans were counting on to justify the season they are suffering through is now in doubt.





Box Score Recap – 7/26/2015

Clearwater (57-44) lost to the Bradenton Marauders 6-4.  David Whitehead left after 6 inings having given up 4 runs on 6 hits.  The Threshers had fought back twice to tie the game after 7 innings.  But, Harold Guerrero loaded the bases in the eighth with 2 outs when the skies opened up and brought about a 2-hour delay.  Miguel Nunez took the mound when play resumed and surrendered a 2-run single to the first batter he faced.   The Threshers got two men on base in the ninth, but couldn’t come back again. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 7/26/2015

Organizational Leaders, Hitting

Runs: Rhys Hoskins (59); Carlos Tocci (57); Malquin Canelo (56); Chase D’Arnaud (54); Aaron Altherr (51); Andy Knapp (50); JP Crawford (48);  Roman Quinn (44); Herlis Rodriguez (43); Damek Tomscha (43)

Hits: Carlos Tocci (116);  Rhys Hoskins (112); Malquin Canelo (107); Brock Stassi (103); Aaron Altherr (103); Andrew Pullin (100); Brian Bogusevic (94); Willians Astudillo (92); Cord Sandberg (91); CHase D’Arnaud (89);

2B: Rhys Hoskins (25); Aaron Altherr (25); Malquin Canelo (25); Andy Knapp (23); Cameron Perkins (21); Brock Stassi (21); Damek Tomscha (21); Carlos Tocci (20); Russ Canzler (20);Jordan Danks (20)

HR:Rhys Hoskins (13);  Aaron Altherr (12); Andrew Pullin (10);Cameron Perkins (9); Brian Pointer (9); Brock Stassi (9); Herlis Roriguez (8); Russ Canzler (7); Art Charles (7); Aaron Brown (7)

RBI: Rhys Hoskins (66); Brock Stassi (65); Andrew Pullin (60); Aaron Altherr (53); Andy Knapp (50); Herlis Rodriguez (47); Willians Astudillo (42); Cameron Perkins (41); Tyler Henson (40); Art Charles (39)

SB: Roman Quinn (29); Tyler Henson (22); Carlos Tocci (17); Chase Harris (17); Chase D’Arnaud (17); Brian Bogusevic (16); Aaron Altherr (14); Grenny Cumana (14); Malquin Canelo (13); Dylan Cozens (12); Herlis Rodriguez (12); Zach Coppola (12)

AVG: (Min 200 AB’s); Carlos Tocci (.316); Willians Astudillo (.311); Rhys Hoskins (.309); Roman Quinn (.306); JP Crawford (.305); Angelo Mora (.301); Aaron Altherr (.297); Brian Bogusevic (.296); Herlis Rodriguez (.296); Andy Knapp (.279)

Box Score Recap – 7/25/2015

The big news Saturday was Cole Hamels’ no hitter in Chicago.  The possibility that the game might be his last start for the Phillies, made following the game’s progress mandatory over social media.  I was following on Game Day, and the Threshers’ broadcasters were giving periodic updates.

As the no-no became the story, I became less attentive to the game in front of me.  Then the weather gods stepped in and the field in Clearwater was covered as a light rain suddenly increased in volume.  The field had taken a lot of water over the previous 24 hours, so this was a prudent decision.

With every fan seeking protection from the rain up on the concourse, GM John Timberlake put the MLB feed of the Phillies’ game up on the big screen.  So, we all got to see Hamels get the final three outs live during our rain delay.

I don’t think this will increase the return in any trade that may develop over the next week, but I’m sure it alleviated any worries over Hamels’ last two starts (which should not have decreased the return in any trade).  Of note should be that Hamels FB averaged 94 MPH. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 7/25/2015

Box Score Recap – 7/24/2015

GCL Phillies (20-8) postponed, rain. Double header v. Yankees1 Saturday at 10:00AM.

Clearwater (56-42) postponed, rain. Double header v. Hammerheads Saturday at 5:00PM.

That’s a lot of baseball.  The morning games are at the Carpenter Complex.  The evening games are at Bright House Field.  Thankfully, they’ll be seven inning games.

Lehigh Valley (45-55) beat the Syracuse Chiefs 3-2 in 11 innings.  Seve Gonzalez went 6 innings and allowed 2 runs on 7 hits and a walk.  Dalier Hinojosa, Adam Loewen (2.45), and Juan Gutierrez (1.71) held the Chiefs to one hit and struck out 6 over the last 5 innings.  They faced a line up that included some familiar names – Darin mastroianni, Jayson Werth, and Tony Gwynn. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 7/24/2015

Box Score Recap – 7/23/2015

The big news out of Florida is a possible injury suffered by Cornelius Randolph.  The Phillies first round pick was helped from the field after a collision at second base in the first game of a double header against the GCL Blue Jays.

With the game tied 3-3, Randolph walked with one out in the seventh.  Luis Encarnacion grounded to short and Randolph reached second safely with a hard slide into the fielder at the bag.  One pitch later he limped from the field with assistance.  He did not dress for the second game although he was seen walking around the Complex. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 7/23/2015

Lehigh Valley Report

The ‘Pigs have won 2 of three on this 7 game home and continue at home with one more against Toledo tonight, followed by a weekend series at home against Syracuse.  Since their low water mark of 22-42 in mid June, the ‘Pigs have gone 22-12 including wins in 15 of their last 22 games.  With six weeks left in the season, Lehigh Valley sits at 44-54, in 4th place of the Northern Division of the International League, 8 games behind division leading Rochester.  Next week starts on the road for two in Scranton.

News and Notes: Fan Favorite Erik Kratz returned to Lehigh Valley with a 3-4, 2RS, 2 double effort in his first game back in an IronPig uniform.

–Over his last two starts, Pitcher Anthony Vasquez has allowed just one earned run on 9 hits, spanning 14 innings.

–RP Adam Loewen has been perfect over his last six outings, retiring all 18 batters he has faced. Since returning from AA just over a month ago, Loewen has help the opposition scoreless in 17 of 18 outings, earned 8 saves, and struck out an astounding 35 in 21.1 innings of work.   Continue reading Lehigh Valley Report