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Open Discussion: Week of March 23rd

Well, so much for the light-hearted speculation that the Phillies might be buyers in June.  They are coming off a 1-5 week in the Grapefruit League.  They have slipped to a 9-10 record.  Their recent level of play is probably what we are more likely to see this season as the starters begin seeing more time and more players are optioned, reassigned, or released.

The Phillies did manage to increase their offensive slash to .229/.286/.325/.611 from the .225/.276/.315/.592 they had posted through March 16th.  They are still the worst in all four categories in the National League.  I don’t expect thinks to get any better since most of the players posting good numbers this spring are likely to be bench players (Rupp .412/474/.647/.1.121) or reassigned/released (Bogusevic .400/.423/.840/.1.263; Phelps .345/.472/.483/.955; McGuiness .308/..500/.308/.808; Danks .280/.357/.480/.837). Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of March 23rd

Open Discussion: Week of March 16th

The Phillies have an 8-5 Grapefruit League record.  They have a .615 winning percentage.  If we could project this into late July, they would be 64-40 with a 6-7 game lead in the division.  That would make them buyers rather than sellers as they approached the trading deadline. Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of March 16th

Open Discussion: Week of March 9th

I’m still tired of the Cole Hamels discussion.  However, if that is what you want to discuss, go ahead.  But first …

Whether you are a long time follower of Phuture Phillies or a new visitor, please take a look at “Are there rules for commenting on an article?” under FAQ on the menu above or the link provided.    Or just read it here, Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of March 9th

Open Discussion: Week of February 23rd

Pitchers and catchers reported Wednesday and took to the field Thursday  for their first official practice.  Position players are scheduled to report Monday and the first full practice will be Tuesday.  A week later the Grapefruit League season begins at home against the Yankees.

Cole Hamels answered honestly that he hopes to play for a team that has a chance to win, and that (as already admitted by upper management) winning wasn’t going to happen here.  This, of course, pissed off Phillies fans.

The rotation is set thru #4 – Hamels, Lee, Harang, Williams – only #5 appears to be up for grabs with Gonzalez, Billingsley, and Buchanan vying for that spot.

Have a go at these or anything else that interests you.

Open Discussion: Week of February 16th

Pitchers and catchers report Wednesday, first practice Thursday.  The equipment truck arrived safely Sunday morning.  My daughter flew down Sunday afternoon with her family.  They sat 2 rows in front of Ruben Amaro on the plane.  The Phillies front office will take up residence in the top floor of the administration building at Bright House Field for the duration of spring training. Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of February 16th

Open Discussion: Week of February 9th

Threw this together real quick when I realized no one else had posted this weekend.

Hamels is still a Phillie.  This is not a bad thing.  While it would be nice to pick up some top prospects, the fact he is still a Phillie means other teams are not offering a fair return.  This is not Amaro’s fault.  It is a case of other GMs trying to make the best deal for their teams.  If we can’t get a “sure thing” prospect in return, there’s no sense settling for a couple of lesser than sure things.  The worse case scenario (other than an injury) is Hamels helps bridge the years until the next playoff team, much the same as 1972 Steve Carlton held the pitching staff together until 1976.   It is not Amaro’s job to provide an ace to a division contender at a bargain price.  The price should hurt a little bit.  He should hold out for the value he thinks he’s worth or keep him.  And we’ll watch teams try to win with Buchholz and Porcello, for example,  as their 1-2.  Haha. Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of February 9th

Open Discussion: Week of January 26th

Starting Pitcher Edition

I wrote this up early in the week as a lead into this week’s open discussion. Sure enough, another site posted a similar story. Oh well, here’s the list of the starting pitchers in the organization and the highest level attained in the minors during the 2014 season (except for Garcia and Pinto, whose games at Williamsport and Lakewood respectively are too small a sample). There are certainly more pitchers than there are starting spots.  But that’s a good thing.  They are listed with my best guess for opening day. What’s yours? Have at it. Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of January 26th

Open Discussion: Week of January 19th

Here’s a recap of some of the recent Phillies news.

A few weeks ago, former Pirates’ left-handed pitcher Wandy Rodriguez (who turned 36 today) agreed to a minor league contract with the Phillies.  Rodriguez (formerly Eny Cabreja), made the Pirates’ opening day roster in 2014 and started 6 games (0-2, 6.75) before being sent to their AA affiliate in Altoona for the rest of the season.  This past week, Rodriguez became this season’s Chad Gaudin when he failed his physical.  Subsequently, he signed a $2M deal with Atlanta.  Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of January 19th