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General Discussion – Week of 7-28-2014 – This Trade Deadline’s Really Dragging On Edition

Mets series and Trade Deadline this week. Seems like waiting on the trade deadline gets harder and harder the more we hear that Amaro may not be looking to move pieces as liberally as many of us would like. I start thinking it’s going to be like the boring year we had last year and I get a case of the sads. Why Rube? *sobs* Why won’t you move veterans for the good of the future? Eat the money, Rube! *wipes nose* Come on and make some trades already *takes pacifier, sits in corner, refreshing MLBTR*.

General Discussion – Weekend of 7-18-2014 – Trade Talk Edition

Since I know there’s a lot of trade talk going around and will be for a while, I will try to get a couple open threads per week through the end of the month so we can keep at least the features a little bit free of general discussion. I try not to be a jerk about this, but today I just want to be able to read everyone’s comments on the draft thread without the rest of the daily back and forth. Please bring that stuff here.


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General Discussion – Week of 6-30-2014 – Nautical Edition

On the road with the Marlins and Pirates this week.

Here’s a question: Do Pirates fish? I mean, they probably do, right? Plunder is one thing, but fishing means never having to steal food from someone, and instead focusing on all the treasure. Imagine being the pirate left behind when the gang leaves because you were in the kitchen looking for a snack. That’d be super embarrassing.

Also, I wonder if Barkhad Abdi likes baseball. Strikes me as a soccer fan, but maybe that’s just me stereotyping.


General Discussion – Week of 6-23-2014 – Sixth Starter Edition

The Marlins comes to town tonight for four in a row at 7:05, and the Braves are in on Friday for a four-gamer that includes a day/night double header on Saturday (2:05pm and 7:15pm start times). Seems as though they have Brad Lincoln lined up to pitch that day if they want. I would assume that Lincoln not being the guy means it’s Sean O’Sullivan on an extra day of rest. Greg Smith is set to throw Wednesday, so he’d be way off turn if they held him out until Saturday.

There is no one on the full 40-man roster right now who would make sense as the starter, so anyone will need a roster spot. Who goes? Jon Pettibone to the 60-day DL seems easiest, as he has had or is about to have exploratory shoulder surgery, which would put him well off of a return.


General Discussion – Week of 6-2-2014 – OH MY GOD IT’S STILL THE METS SERIES Edition

This has to be in the running for the worst series in the history of the league, just by sheer volume of bad baseball.

Also, I got around to posting the graphic and some notes in the Box Score Recap for today, so feel free to discuss that stuff over in that thread.