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Baseball America Phillies Top 10 Prospects

Today Baseball America released their Top 10 prospects in the Phillies System.  Since the scouting reports are behind the pay wall I will keep the scouting reports to quick paraphrases of Baseball America’s reports.

If you have further questions and are a BA subscriber please go to the chat later today or submit your questions now.

1.  Jesse Biddle – LHP – Age 21 -Biddle has drawn comparisons to Andy Pettitte for his strong left handed frame.  Biddle’s fastball sits 88-93, he follows it up with a curveball which profiles as plus, an average change up, and a added a two-seamer and slider in 2012.    Biddle has a great work ethic and he physically profiles as a workhorse with a clean smooth delivery.  Biddle has a very good chance to be a #3 starter but there is a chance that he could profile better if one of his pitches takes a step forward. Continue reading

I present to you my new statistical toy: the Prospect Power Rating (PPR)

So here’s the thing. I get lots of ideas in my head, and most of them I either discard, or I begin working on it, then give up half way through and move on. The SONAR project, something I started years ago, is somewhere in category 2, because I have a lot of ideas for it, but its incredibly in depth, it takes a ton of time, and its imperfect. Until I figure out the ways to remove most of the imperfections, it will remain dead. But in the meantime, I had an idea that kind of comes out of that semi-failed project. I was thinking it would be fun to have a way to take a quick and dirty look at how our prospects are performing, but without doing a ton of heavy lifting and adjusting. I figured once I built the spreadsheet, I could do a lot of copy/paste work, and it would basically update itself. And I think I was right. Which means I should be able to maintain this with little effort, which means I won’t get bored with it and discard it. Maybe. Anyway, I figured I’d unveil it here, and we’ll see how it goes. Full explanation below the fold, as well as the inaugural rankings

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