(AAA) Lehigh Valley

(AAA) Lehigh Valley – 25 man roster limit


Sebastian Valle, Koyie Hill


Tyler Henson, Maikel Franco, Reid Brignac, James Murphy,Matt Tolbert, Troy Hanzawa

Leandro Castro,STeve Susdorf, Clete Thomas, Tyson Gillies

Starting Pitchers

 Greg Smith, David Buchanan, Sean O’Sullivan, Barry Enright, Cesar Jiminez

Relief Pitchers,

Philippe Aumont, Kyle Simon, Jeremy Horst,Hector Neris, Brad Lincoln, Justin DeFratus, Seth Rosin, Luis Garcia

DL: Adam Morgan, Chris Bootcheck, Cameron Rupp, Andres Blanco

Temporary Inactive List: Ronny Cedeno

Last Updated: April 20, 2014

3 thoughts on “(AAA) Lehigh Valley

  1. Sandberg has little to work with here. A good bullpen is about it.
    One starter with Major League upside and he still needs to learn. The rest of the starting pitching is terrible, even for the minors.
    With the glut of middle infielders there is not one power bat worth mentioning. Bozied is out, Young might be a power guy, then Kratz maybe? I think Sullivan will be good but the lineup is uninspiring again.

  2. Kratz is a power bat. Jeff Larish has pop. Young can slug. Brandon Moss has power. This Ironpigs team has far better bats than last year’s group, honestly.

    1. Yeah, it’s actually a pretty decent AAA team. However, aside from a few bright spots in the bullpen and in the rotation, it’s just not a team with many big league prospects.

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