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Ruben Amaro Jr & Charlie Manuel and the value of the walk

No one will make the argument that either Ruben Amaro Jr or Charlie Manuel were great baseball players, though they did play a combined 14 years in the major leagues. Neither was an everyday player so it is difficult to compare them to other players, and their use as pinch hitters and replacements greatly skew their per/162 game numbers.

Here are their career slash lines:

Amaro – .235/.310/.353

Manuel – .198/.273/.260

But what is more interesting to me is what they were like in their peak year.

Amaro (1992) – 427 PA, 7HR, .219/.303.348, 37 BBs, 54 SOs (though on small sample size his 1996 season line of .316/..380/.453 over 130 plate appearance is pretty good) – Delmon Young’s highest amount of walks in a season is 35

Manuel (1969 – rookie year) – 194 PA, 2 HR .207/.320/.280, 28 BBs, 33 SOs

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