May, Biddle and Colvin land on the Top 100 list

You can view the list in its entirety here. May came in at #54, Biddle at #78 and Colvin at #80. I’m not going to go in to specifics about my love/hate for the list. Everyone is entitled to create their lists, and everyone has different opinions of players. I think there are a number of weird placements on this particular list, and I’m not sure Colvin is a Top 100 prospect right now, but I won’t complain about any hype/positive reports he generates. The blurbs are free for all to read, so I’ll post them here. But go check out the full list if you’re curious

Scouting report: May is starting to develop into a more complete pitcher and not just a thrower. The fastball is up to 95 mph and it has plenty of sink. May has no trouble maintaining velocity deep into his starts. He complements his fastball with an above-average curve and a changeup that shows glimpses of being above-average as well. While he still walks a good number of hitters, he lowered his walk rate considerably and showed better overall command.

Upside potential: He’ll keep refining his stuff and command, eventually settling in as a very durable No. 2 or 3 starter.

Scouting report: A strong and durable southpaw, Biddle has the makings of three above-average to plus pitches in his arsenal. He’s shown the ability to run his fastball in the low 90s. He has a changeup that could be plus when all is said and done, and although his curve is inconsistent, it’s tighter and has a harder break than when he was in high school. He needs to improve his command, not rare for such a young arm, but he did lower his walk rate in the second half of 2011.

Upside potential: Even if he moves one station at a time, Biddle profiles as a sturdy, innings-eating lefty who will have a long career in the middle of a big league rotation.

Scouting report: Despite the rough 2011 season, Colvin still has pure stuff, and a projectable pitcher’s body, that would be the envy of many a pitching prospect. His fastball is plus at times, up into the mid-90s with good sink that generates ground balls. Both his curve and his changeup have the chance to be very good secondary pitches, and he’s shown a better feel for the offspeed pitch in the past then many his age. His command suffered in 2011, something that will have to improve for him to move forward.

Upside potential: He has the stuff to pitch near the top of a rotation. If the command doesn’t bounce back, his stuff would play well in the bullpen.

20 thoughts on “May, Biddle and Colvin land on the Top 100 list

  1. These judgments/evaluations on the 3 guys could have been written by a lot of the posters here. Nothing surprising. Still, the placement of them amidst the supposedly best prospects is a good sign that the future staff has promise beyond the two greybeards and that change-up guy.

  2. The Phils own this list considering they haven’t had a top 20 draft choice forever. In addition to the 3 guys mentioned Travis d’Arnaud (25), Jon Singleton (44), Anthony Gose (57) and Jarrod Cosart (61) are also on the list. If you’re picking in the top 20 of the draft every year, you’d expect a bunch of guys on the list. If you rarely even have a #1, you have to savvy with your choices. The Phils have done that. The 2011 draft looks to be another of those savvy drafts. Good coaching in the minors goes a long way too.

    1. Not only that but non-contenders are able to flip the guys they wouldn’t re-sign for more prospects. Think A’s this off-season. Like in ’10 if our team sucked we would have flipped Werth for a top 50 prospect like the Mets did with Beltran last season.

      To have been ‘in it’ and buyers for 5 straight years and still landing 3 in the top 100 is not too shabby.

        1. I’d bet there is a good chance KLaw rates Cosart higher than May. He generally rates upside ability higher than the others.

        2. Keith Law had them in a virtual deadlock (May 76, Cosart 78). Kevin Goldstein ranked Cosart slightly higher (48 to 51) and Baseball America ranked Cosart much higher (50 to 69). Cosart’s average ranking in, KLAW, Goldstein and BA was 59.25, May’s was 62.5.

  3. I’ve never heard someone say May has sink on his fastball. His groundball/flyball numbers do not support that. But it would definitely be a good thing for him to have.

  4. While it’s great to see 3 phillies prospects on ANY top 100 prospect list, I think i’d be pleasantly surprised if i’d see even ONE of our current prospects on any of the other top 100′s at this point. That may sound like i’m really down on the Phillies system, but it’s just that we’ve traded away so many of our top prospects already and nobody has really stepped up to replace them yet.

    1. I’m willing to bet at least May cracks just about all, if not all, top 100 lists. Biddle seems like a decent bet to make it on some of them, too.

  5. people keep complaining about prospects given up. but think about it. Who has had success, Drabek has control issues
    Cardenas was just DFA
    Outman got hurt and now traded
    Cosart k/9 and whip and injury history dont look good
    Gose cant make contact
    Michael Taylor..enough said

    the only ones that seem to be doing well
    D’arnaud and Singleton.
    so only two of the bunch we have traded have done well. and thats not even at the MAJOR LEAGUE LEVEL. so people please complain about the past trades when our former prospects become star players

      1. tommy john enough said. plus his work ethic had made him fall out of favor with the organization

  6. I think Trevor May is the prospect with the best chance of cracking some Top 100 lists right now, although Biddle isn’t too far behind him. Don’t get the wrong idea about me though, I LIKE a lot of the Phillies remaining prospects… it’s just that i’m not sure how many of them would rank in the Top 100 AT THIS POINT IN TIME. That could very easily change drastically by the time mid-season prospect lists get released. There is a ton of prospects in the system with potential to impress, it’s just that some of them need more time before you start seeing them on Top 100 lists.

  7. Ironically our pitching has been the systems strenght over the last few years, compared to years of nothing. It,s time to concentrate solely on infielder s as demonstrated somewhat last year. Please NO more toolsy outfielders.

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