Daily Archives: April 26, 2010

Video of Aumont from yesterday

You can check it out here. The angle isn’t really the best, and its only a few pitches interspersed with the interview (and for English being his second language, he’s picked it up well), but he appears to have removed most of the “hitch” in his delivery. Obviously the results speak for themselves, but I gotta say, I’m extremely encouraged by the early returns. At the time I wrote my Top 30, I was under the impression that Aumont would be used in relief, just as he was with Seattle, and only after my list went to publication was it announced that he was being moved back to the rotation and his mechanics would be cleaned up. Knowing that, I’d have ranked him probably 5th in the system behind Brown, Gillies, May, and Santana, and right ahead of Gose.